Meet The Bald And Beautiful Skinny Pig | CUTE AS FLUFF

COMM: For anyone not familiar with this unusual but adorable animal, this is a Skinny Pig. COMM: This is Pim. COMM: This bold but beautiful guinea pig lives with his owner Jessica in the southern part of the Netherlands. COMM: This peculiar breed of guinea pig is pretty much the same as a normal one aside from being hairless. These quirky looking
pets do need to be kept warm due to the fact that they lack a furry coat. So, Pim has been living inside Jessica’s home since she got him just under a year ago. COMM: Pim’s owner knows that he is prone to getting cold, so they have made sure he has plenty of jumpers to keep him warm. COMM: He also loves to snuggle-up under the covers and make friends with lots of other animals. COMM: But most of all, Pim loves to eat. COMM: This happy pet has proved a hit on social media but even more of a star to his adoring owner.

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