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Well, as you know, a few months ago I moved to a house to take for ass of humanity Leave me alone, fuck!! This is the entrance to my house, I still have to decorate it a little Here is the cat number 1, Raspy, the crazy pussy This is the entrance table Here I leave the things that I carry with me when I leave home This is one of my WOW characters printed in 3D This is a gift from a subscriber, my subscribers are very funny This is the guest bathroom It’s also the cat bathroom, and where they eat and drink That’s a food dispenser that they use when I go on a trip to “work” That over there is cat shit This is the guest room But as I never have guests because I live to take for ass, of society, is the room to keep shit In this room there are many shits, too many shits This is the living room It was already furnished and less badly because otherwise it would remain empty These are my things from Fallout, from Ubisoft games And many other beautiful things that my subscribers and YouTube have given me Thank you very much handsome This is the Diamond button And this… This better not show it because it is a Christian channel This is an exclusive Cuphead xbox, That is pretty cool This is my Waifu blanket, it’s very hot I also have an absurdly large collection of amiibos in the living room And a few comics too to sign In the living room I also have a fireplace I do not know how to light it This is my bed, it’s giant The culprits of this are my cats, especially this Motherfucker This is the number 2 cat, Wilson, The one who eats the most in the house This is me when I was a Fetus I always have my knife next to my bed Against thieves / rapists / murderers / psychopaths / Otakus Just in case What I like about my bed, is that I have Led lights And I can change them with my phone I do not have neighbors so I can sing beautiful songs in the shower I would show you the garden, is beautiful But if I do that, I would have 800 subscribers out of my house the next day, But it is very beautiful This is my kitchen, and this is my fryer, Thanks to her, I eat and I’m still alive I put everything in the fryer, chips Nuggets Apples mmm Apples This is my toaster, it also keeps me alive, Thanks toaster I have a lot of jars that came with the house I have never used them in my life Remember when I told you I wanted to order all my cables and wanted a super-ordered studio? Well, this is my study now, it’s still the same This is my Katana, the Nier Automatac katana It’s my Katana against thieves / rapists / murderers / psychopaths / Otakus Just in case If we go down here, we will find the virgin cave 2.0, It’s the basement As you can see, the lights sometimes fail, so I have to lower them a little bit so they do not blink much Better I have a Ping pong table, But I do not have friends to play Ping pong Here I have thought about setting up a home theater one day That or a Sex Dungeon In case of putting a cinema, I would put these pictures of iconic cars of movies and classic series At night, I went down here to take advantage of the echo And beg the almighty lord to deign to get a new Halo for Pc This is my study, I spend 80% of my life here When the WOW Classic comes out, Surely spend 95% of my life here This is an overrated piece of furniture that cost me a lot of money The drawers do not close well Thank you very much motherfuckers The drawers so full of cables The life of a Youtuber / Streamer is full of cables Here I keep all my cameras and lenses The life of a Youtuber / Streamer is full of cameras These are the characters of Virtual Hero in the form of Burritos This is my second collection of amiibos, as you can see I like Nintendo too This is my collection of some discs and games that I have Some of these games are still in the move box As you can see, I love the figures, I am almost 30 years old and they are still following the toys Sure I will be the envy of all the virgins who are watching this video Wait a minute… This… Sorry Christian channel Did you see Advenger End Game already? What did you think when… At home I have another friend besides cats This is my robot, clean everything His name is Wall-E It cleans everything, although sometimes it’s a bit silly and it gets stuck Come on, fuck This is my shoe collection, as you can see, I do not like Jordan too much Partner’s money goes on geeky things and basically Slippers I’m sick And well guys, this has been my home, I hope you liked it I am very fortunate to be able to live in such a nice and cosy house Thank you very much for the love and support you always give me I appreciate them. Leave a Like to the video if you liked it And Rubiuh code with h in the Fortnite store If you do not do it, I’ll upload to Mangel See you in the next video, Chao!


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