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My Best Friend The Grizzly Bear

MARK: Billy is a year and four month old grizzly bear, and he weighs right now around 250 to
300 pounds. MARK: We got Billy when he was six months old, he was a nice socialised bear already,
so it was really fun to just have him around as a cub, he just had to learn some un, different
rules than he would be used to. MARK: Billy loves to swim, he’s got a pond in his pen that he plays in but here once
he got his security, when he first started out in the shower and he worked his way, he
just had an absolute blast. MARK: “Good boy! What a good boy.” MARK: I don’t recommend a bear as a pet. It’s my passion, I love training bears, I spend
my time with bears. but most people don’t know how to handle them and would be hurt,
or have someone get hurt because of their lack of knowledge.


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