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Nicole Northway Art Reception (Bulldog Bites)

Hey, this is Noah with Bulldog Bites.
I’m here at the Dorothea Thiel Gallery checking out the artist reception for Nicole Northway.
I’m here with a student, Eric. Eric, how are you? Eric: Good. Noah: Eric, what’s your major here at SSC? Eric: Graphic Design. Noah: What brings you out the event today? Eric: Just like the whole art, the concept,
the abstract, meditational type of pieces. Noah: Did you go to Nicole’s speech earlier
today? Eric: Yes. Noah: What did she have to say? Eric: She just talked about the struggles
of dealing with the pressures of getting her Master’s degree and finding work during the
recession. She talked about how she came up with the
meditational pieces and how long it took. Noah: Does that inspire you in any way in
you work? Eric: Yeah, it inspires me a lot.
I like abstract art. I like art that has a purpose and a narrative
about it. Noah: Is that what you’re going into after
you leave here? Eric: I like graphic design. I want to be
like a graphic novelist. Noah: That’s awesome, Eric. Thanks for your
time. Eric: Cool. Noah: For Bulldog Bites, I’m Noah.
We will see you next time.

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