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Opening Chubby Puppy Rare Surprise Puppies with Lavender Labrador Toys

– [Little Girl] Family fun for everyone – [Woman] Hey everyone, guess what it’s Chubby Puppies! These are our cute little
Chubby Puppies friends in our cool dog park. Well, today we have a
special surprise for you! Wooooh! Look at that puppy go! Sit! Good boy! Okay, well in our special
PAW Patrol lunchbox, we have a surprise! Are you ready ? Check it out, it’s a new Chubby Puppies! That’s right, we have the
new Boston Terrier puppy to play with. Awww, he’s so cute. I can’t wait to open him up and get to play with him some more. And just when you thought this surprise could not get any better, check this out. Alright we’re gonna close our lunchbox and we’re gonna do a trick. (knocking) Here we go! We don’t only have one
new surprise pup for ya but we have two! That’s right we have the Lavender Labrador to play with today! Oh my goodness this is gonna be awesome! Alright let’s get thee
new pups out to play. I love getting to play with our puppies from the Chubby Puppies but now this is so
exciting because we have one, two new dogs to play with. That’s right, we have
the Lavender Labrador and the Boston Terrier! Ohhh and they’re so cute! Let’s see what other
toys they both come with. Well, it’s time to get
these puppies out of the box so we can let them play in the
dog park with all the other little Chubby Puppies we have. (whistling) Okay puppies, gather around! It’s time to meet our two
new Chubby Puppies friends! Here’s our new Boston Terrier friend and Lavender Labrador. And they each came with their own chew toy ducklings. Now, you guys, these aren’t
your every day ordinary puppies, in our presence we have the super rare secret puppy! That’s right it’s our Lavender Labrador! It’s super rare and so cool because, normal Labradors are either
yellow or white or black, or chocolate, but this one, this one’s pink! And it’s got some purple on it’s back, look at the giant paw print,
oh yeah, that means it’s super cool! And look, you know how our
Boston Terrier’s duckling is yellow, well this one’s green! Wow, this pup is so cool! And it’s so rare! I’m so glad we finally got one. I’ll put this puppy back right here. And another cute thing
about these puppies, is that you can make them run or you can make them waddle by how you maneuver their feet, so, woooooh okay that puppy’s on the run! You can make him run like this, and hop around, or you can can turn him off, and you can set his legs so that one is in front of the other and then, he can waddle. Just like that! Okay, go play! Oh, be nice to you puppy friends. Alrighty, you two crazy pups, welcome to the dog park. Now you can go and play! (barking) There they go ! Making new friends. It looks like our Lavender Labrador is gonna go down the slide! Oh, and, there he goes ! Oh, wow, this is the most dogs
we’ve had in this puppy park. Oh, runaway to his ball, I got it! There you go, wooh! Go fetch, alrighty, I think
it’s time for these puppies to get a treat! (whistling) Come on puppies! (barking) Good dogs, you all are
all such good listeners, okay, now let’s get out the
treats we have for the dogs. Here we go! Here’s some chocolate. Oh, hmm, now is chocolate a
good thing to give to puppies? I don’t think so, it’ll
give ’em a bellyache , so no chocolates for you puppies. Oh, I think I have an idea,
how about we give them some of these
scrumdiddlyumptious doggy treats. Oh I bet they’d really like that Everybody’s starting at
them, they look pretty tasty! Okay, puppy! Let’s see if we can get him to learn how to do a trick. Hmmm, alright, come here puppy! Oh, good boy! Wow, our super rare secret
puppy sure does know its tricks. Here you go little guy. Oh, you gotta eat the
treat, eat up, there ya go! Good dog! Come on puppies I’ll get you treats too. Hmm, now for the Boston Terrier, we’ll give him a treat if
he can retrieve the ducky. Okay puppy, go fetch! Good boy! Oh, almost there! Okay, bring it back! Good boy! You’re did such a good job, good boy! Okay, you know what that
means, lil’ Boston Terrier, you get a treat too! Taa-daa, in it goes, perfect. Oh, go puppies go! Playing a little tag I see. Oh it’s a crazy dog park now! All the dogs are barking
and running loose. It looks like our Labrador, oooh, successfully went down the slide! Oh, it’s okay pup, let me help you up. There we go. And our Boston Terrier’s
running around with his ducky. And through the tunnel they go, good dogs. Alright puppies (whistling) Come here! Good dogs, alrighty, is everyone, uh-oh, are we missing a pup? Oh, silly Beagles, I
think he’s stuck up there in the swing. (barking) Here let me help you down buddy. There we go put you with your friends. Perfect, good dogs, these are so cute. And I just love getting to play with them and train with them, and
give them all their toys. It’s definitely been a lot of fun. And I can’t even believe that we have one of the super rare secret puppies! Finally here to play with us, good boy! Hmm, I guess we should
get these puppies names, now that they’re part of our
Chubby Puppy Park family. Hmm, our Boston Terrier,
and our Lavender Labrador. Hmmm, I don’t know. What do you think we should name them? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to
subscribe, right up here, to The Engineering Family
channel, that way you can see more Chubby Puppies videos. And watch all of them
play in the dog park. Who knows what adventures
these puppies might go on. And now that we have our
super rare secret puppy with us, there’s nothing we can’t do! I’m so excited to keep on
adopting more Chubby Puppies. I wonder what type of
dog breed we’ll get next! Maybe it’ll be a Goldendoodle or a Husky, I don’t know, maybe even a Maltese. We’ll have to see! But I don’t think anything will beat our super rare secret puppy. Our Lavender Labrador, good puppy. And today’s spelling word, because we have the super
rare secret puppy now, how about we make it rare. R-A-R-E, that means something so special and so cool to have,
like our new puppy dogs. Both are very important. But now we have the
super rare secret puppy, it’s not a secret anymore, it’s our Lavender Labrador. Do you love playing with puppy dogs? Do you like to train them
and teach them new tricks? We really hope you liked this video, and we were so glad when we found our super rare secret puppy, we were so excited and wanted
to tell all of our friends from the engineering family. Bye everyone! Oh, look at his little heart on the nose. I bet you he loves you, And so do we here at
The Engineering Family so don’t forget to subscribe
and become one of our 2 million subscribers. Thanks for hanging out at the dog park. Bye everyone, thanks for watching! – [Man] Hey there everyone! Thanks for watching our video, now make sure that you subscribe
to the engineering family and see lots of cool videos! In fact, there’s another
cool video right there! You can select and watch it, I think you’re really gonna like it. Is it Team Umizoomi, PAW Patrol, Surprise eggs, Frozen, Blaze, Masha? There are so many videos to watch, bye! (upbeat music)

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