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PERROS CANIS PANTHER | Labrador negro + Dogo aleman + American staffordshire terrier

The Canis Panther is a dog breed protection
very strong and well muscled. They have a chest broad and very strong jaw. His ears
and tail are typically trimmed. they have a short, bushy hair that exists in several
Solid colors like chocolate, black, beige and bluish gray. History.
The Canis Panther was created in the decade 1970 in the United States. The men
responsible for the development of the race were the Mr. Cleotha “Scorpio” Jones, Mr Michael
Stratten and Mr. Lucas López. taxpayers race include black Labrador, the Dogo
German black, the Doberman Pinscher and American Staffordshire Terrier. Have settled
bloodlines for Canis Panther, and Today the Canis Panther is a reality. Short-haired breed that has given rise
a remarkable watchdog, is not recognized by any association or club CINOLOGICA
major hatcheries. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Medium to large size,
strong and muscular, a large chest and poseee a powerful jaw. The structure of your
body, the attitude of vigilance, nature temperamental and expression of a dog
decided, They correspond to the image of a dog of great
functionality. His ears are cut like tail. Temperament and behavior.
The Canis Panther is a protection dog very sensitive and loving with members
of his family. They are very intelligent, easy to train and extremely loyal.
They excel in obedience, agility and protection personal. They are very good watchdogs.
They are always very alert and defend their territory. Should be well socialized, preferably
when young with other dogs and people, especially with children, as the breed tends
to be naturally wary of strangers, although it is very friendly with those he knows.
To maintain a successful Canis Panther, a member of the family must make
the role of pack leader. That’s the only how your relationship with your dog can
be a complete success. SKIN: On body skin is well
pigmented and tight. MANTLE
Hair should be short, hard and dense, lying close smooth, uniformly distributed over the entire
the body surface. Color: Canis Panther breeds in colors
They include chocolate, black, beige and gray bluish. HEIGHT AND WEIGHT.
Withers. Males (68-77 cm).
Females (62-68 cm). In both cases an intermediate size desired.
Weight: males (54-63 kg). Female (38-48 kg). CARE AND HEALTH. Health problems featured on other
no known races. This breed should be kept inside the house or indoors in the garden
because their short coat does not provide greater protection against the cold.
The Canis Panther must have a large area to run, and must make at least one
daily walk. The smooth coat and short hair Canis Panther
It is easy to fix and care, enough with daily brushing to keep it clean
and healthy. LIFE EXPECTANCY.
10 to 11 years.


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