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Playing Tennessee makes for a ‘very physical’ game, UGA’s Mark Webb Jr. says

Memories of Tennessee last year, and what’s your thoughts going
into this year’s game?>>It’s a very physical game. That’s what I know for sure. Last year,
it was definitely a physical game. We knew what we was getting
ourselves into, and this year we know what we’re
getting ourselves into. We just know that it’s a physical game. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>Going up against Dominic in playoff
in practice, what’s that sorta like, and what’s impressed you so far about it? [BLANK_AUDIO]>>Going against Dom, he’s very fast. And he has a great understanding of
the game, and he knows where to be. And kinda like passing concepts,
he always knows where to be. You think you got him guarded,
he moves somewhere else. Good target for Jake. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>What do you think about when you think
of the receiver corps for Tennessee?>>They’re very tall and very lanky. And number 15, he’s, I always say
he stretches down the field a lot. Him and number 1,
they really get down the field a lot.

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