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Pug Bakes A Meat Pie – The Tom Cote Show

So, you’ve got a new recipe Buddy? What’s
it called? (Buddy Pie..?) alright, should i preheat the oven? (yeah…) what temperature? (500..) 500? Buddy that’s really hot 500… alright….500 it is so what is Buddy Pie?? (chicken…) so do i need a pie plate? (yeah…) okay here we go a pie plate…. so you want me to put chicken in this (yeah) alright let me put some of this chicken in there… okay what else (meatballs…) meatballs on top of the chicken? (yeah..) alright, I’ll put the meatballs in… right on top of the chicken do do do do do…..(sing songy) OK Buddy – should we add some
seasoning to this? (bacon…) Buddy! Bacon is not a seasoning! (bacon..) ok, I guess bacon is a seasoning.
You’re the chef here okay buddy what else? (oven…) That’s it? It’s ready to go into the
oven? (yeah…) how long should I bake it? (twenty eight ..?) twenty eight minutes? (yeah…) alright, it’s going into the oven… here goes… (okay..) (done..) Buddy! It’s only been twenty eight
seconds. You want it out of the oven now? (yeah..) alright Buddy….it’s your recipe…it looks
awful….you’re a bad chef… (me have now..?) alright Buddy, you would eat anything wouldn’t
you? yuck e-coli pie!! Folks I don’t recommend you
try this at home… I think only dogs would understand this
recipe……(Buddy says…Mmmmm)


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