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Pugs 101: Feeding Tips – Treats

Hello out there in Pugland, and welcome
back! We’re so excited to have you join us today. With me is Mel’s little baby girl, Gaga. She’s two weeks old. She’s just opened her little eyes. She’s going to help us with this segment. Today, we’re going to talk about treats. We have a lot of questions from people asking “What can I treat my dog with?” “What kind of treats do you use when you train your dogs?” So sit back and relax. We’re going to roll the intro!>The other question we always get is “What kind of treats can I give my pug?” Don’t give them treats. Not treats you would go out and purchase as treats. Let me explain this. One, you never want to overfeed your pug. You want to keep them
as healthy as possible. And, just like for us, when we have our little treats
it adds calories. Now treats for your pug does exactly the same thing. Even
though I say don’t give your dog “treats”, that doesn’t mean you can’t “treat” your dog. Let me show you how. Instead of getting dog treats per se, when you bring your new puppy
home, you’re gonna be training it almost in every moment of its life. And the
easiest way to train a puggy–a puggy– The easiest way to train a puppy is by rewarding it. Measure out what you think is your dog’s morning food and then get yourself a Ziploc bag, and just put it
in there. Now, as you go through the day, you can put this in your pocket, and as you
go through the day, when your puppy goes potty, you want to reward it. Give it a
couple of pieces of its regular food. You’ve treated your dog without having to get treats. And this way, your dog was gonna get fed this anyway so now you’ve actually
rewarded it by using your dog’s own daily ration so you’re not gonna tack on the
extra calories he doesn’t need. Now people still say, “But I want to give my dog a
treat, please. What do you recommend?” Okay. for those of you diehards that
really want to give your dog a special treat, we do recommend a couple of things. We recommend using a little bit of the dinner patties. I want to caution you. These are
freeze-dried raw. Treat these as you would normally treat raw meat. Use a couple of those crumbled on the food. A little sprinkle of those. Some people will say, “But I want to give my dog something special on the holidays or on its birthday.” Okay. You can use the dinner patties or you can use a tablespoon or so of canned food. Just adding that to the dog’s food is going to be a treat in and of itself. If you still want to treat, then the other thing we recommend is freeze-dried beef liver. This is one brand. There are other brands out there. I do want to caution you that
these are kind of large little cubes. They can be a choke hazard so you want to get the
smaller pieces or at least break it down before you give it to your dog. That way
you prevent any choking. If your dog is like a typical pug>it’s gonna inhale the food
and not even gonna chew it. Same thing with the dinner patties. Always crumble these up. Dogs can choke on
these very easy ‘cuz they just want to get them down, and they’re so excited
they don’t even bother to chew them. so that’s a tip. Make sure you crumble these up. We put these right into the blender, and Zoom, zoom, zoom! Blend it up and sprinkle it on our dog’s food, mix it
in with their kibble and no choking hazard whatsoever. Just be careful with
that. Now down below in the PDF, you’re going to see a whole list of things we
tell you avoid feeding. And that’s: rawhide, no pig’s, cows’, or bulls’ hooves, no
animal bones of any kind, no plastic bones meant for chewing or controlling
bad breath, no corn meal-based bones meant for chewing or controlling bad
breath, no pig’s ears even though they love them, no products that contain wheat,
corn, or soy because those are the number one, two, and three allergens for your dog,
and no salmon. Now that’s a very unusual thing to say because there are a lot of dog foods that contain salmon or salmon oil. But we have found that some pugs can
have really severe allergic reactions to salmon. So, to be on the safe side, we
don’t recommend it at all. If we had a dollar for every time we
heard how a dog choked to death, or how a piece of one of the items that we just
mentioned on our no feed list got lodged or poked through a dog’s intestines, you
know we’d be very, very rich. So, please avoid those things on the do not
feed list so that your dog and you don’t have to experience something that might
hurt them or cause them an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Welcome back! I hope you really enjoyed that video. If you did, do us a favor? Hit that “Like” button to let us know that we did a good job, and that also let’s YouTube know that we’ve done a good job. And, if you haven’t already done so, go ahead and hit that “subscribe” button. By subscribing to our channel, that will help ensure that we continue to bring you these videos on a weekly basis. By hitting that bell icon it will notify you of when one of our videos comes out. So you’ll never have to miss an episode of Pugs 101 Informational Series or Mel’s Pug Puppies. Our goal is to bring you new videos
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