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Pugs 101: How We Cope with Shedding

Hello out there in Pugland, and welcome
back! How do you deal with the shedding? If you’re like most pug lovers, you
love the dogs and you hate the shedding. So what do you do for that? There are ways to help
deal with this shedding. Some people like to brush their dogs. Some people like to
vacuum their dogs. But what we’ve found after many years is we like to deal with
shedding from the inside out, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you
today. So stay tuned. We are going to roll the intro.So today, our topic is
shedding. Thanks to Nirmala for giving us the topic. Do you have a
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future video. For us, we found the best practice for our dogs is frequent
bathing and feeding them good high-quality food
and supplements so that’s exactly what we’re gonna show you today. Be sure to
check the description box below because we’re gonna give you some handouts on
what we’ve talked about today. To cope with shedding, what we actually do is try to
treat it from the inside out. Besides feeding a very good quality dog food, we add
supplements to help the hair and the skin grow very healthy. Once a day,
we give our dogs some Barlean’s Flax Oil. It’s organic, non-GMO. We keep this in the refrigerator. We give them approximately one teaspoon in their food once a day. So we just add that to their bowl. Besides using the flax oil, we give them
half a teaspoon of Dr. Goodpet’s vitamins and minerals. We’ve been using
this for about 20 years now and have wonderful success with this. It provides
them the nutrition they need and the dogs love to eat it. It smells
good and they’d like to have that. So we just sprinkle that right into their bowl. The other thing that we always add for our dogs is Solid Gold SeaMeal. This is a great supplement for overall health and
wellness of our dogs. It keeps our black coat shiny, keeps the red out of our black
coats, keeps the pigment nice and dark and shiny the way it’s supposed to be, and
our dogs love this. This is seaweed-based. Our girls and boys get this from the
time they’re about nine weeks old. We use a quarter-teaspoon
every day. Again, we just put that right into their silver bowl. SeaMeal is fantastic. Of course,
the other thing we do and is we use Dr. GoodPet’s digestive enzymes. We have had wonderful luck with this over the years.
Everybody gets a quarter-teaspoon of that once a day. We add dry kibble. We add 1/2 a cup, twice a day. With a spoon, mix it all in there. It sticks to itself. The dogs will just eat that up. They enjoy it very, very
much. That’s it. We feed twice a day. We give our supplements once a day. These help with controlling shedding from the inside out.That’s it. We hope you enjoyed this video. If it was of any value today, go ahead and hit that like button down below. Give
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We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much! See you next time!


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