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Pugs 101: Tips for Flying With Your Pug – Safety & Heat Control

Hello out there in Pugland, and welcome
back! Lady Gaga and I are so excited you could be here with us today. We’re proud
to present you this Pugs 101 Informational Video series. Today’s
episode is part two of our traveling tips. Last time, we brought you tips for
traveling with your dog in a car and keeping them safe and comfortable from
the heat. And, in today’s video, we’re going to do the same thing only with
airplanes. So, without further ado, let’s roll the intro.Pugs are very good to travel in the airplane. You always want to make sure you take your dog inside the cabin of the airplane so that he’s always under your control, and the
temperature is comfortable and safe for him. When you go to travel with your pug
in an airplane, the first tip is to call the airline you plan to use and make
sure that you get their specific requirements for traveling in the cabin
with your pet. Many airlines have a lot of restrictions and they limit the
number of pets that can be in the cabin. The last thing you want to do is book
without talking to your airline first because getting to the airline only to find out that you can fly but your pet cannot is extremely inconvenient and causes a lot
of stress for everybody involved. When you travel with your pet inside the
airline cabin, you’ll need to get a soft-sided carrier or a carrier that
fits the dimensions that your airline approves. We use the Sherpa Bag. The
Sherpa Bag was designed by an airline stewardess for people to travel with
their pets inside the cabin. There are many different sizes. This size
here is perfect for a puppy under 12 weeks of age. They have larger ones and a pug 15 to 20 pounds can fit easily into it and still be able to turn around.
We’ve traveled multiple times with our adult pugs using the large Sherpa Bag.
I’ll put a link below in the description box on where you can purchase Sherpa
Bags online. The Sherpa Bag has many features. The first one is that it has
these great mesh sides so that your dog gets nice airflow from any direction. It
also has the ability for your dog to be loaded in the front or through the side
with these convenient side doors. They also have these handles which make
walking through the airport very convenient and easy to carry your pug, as well as this shoulder strap. Before we put our pugs in, there are a few things that we do to make traveling much more convenient and easy
for the pug as well as the passengers. The first thing we do is we take a whole
roll of paper towels and tear them apart and we put them on the bottom of the
Sherpa Bag. We use the entire roll so that it can fill up the bottom.You can see the paper towels inside
there, and also from the top. Now, as the dog lies down here, these will be pressed
down so it will be very comfortable. These paper towels will provide comfort and an
absorbable material for your pug without providing excess heat, which is important.
After we put the paper towels in, there are a few extra things that we add to
the side pocket of the Sherpa Bag. We add nitrile gloves and we add Ziploc bags.
Now, if your pug should have an accident mid-flight, the easiest way to take care
of it is to put on one of your nitrile gloves, get one your Ziploc baggies ready.
Now you can unzip the top, reach in and grab the soiled paper towels, and put
them inside the Ziploc bag, zip up the mess, and there you go. You’ve got a
self-contained area to dispose of your dog’s waste with minimal mess and minimal smell for your fellow passengers. And they will appreciate that very much. Heat’s always a concern when traveling with pugs because of their short noses.
For our pugs, we always have a a blue frozen ice pack that is designed to go inside
lunch pails. You put it in the side pocket or you can place it on the bottom
of the Sherpa Bag so that your pug has the ability to find a cool spot while
lying in the Sherpa Bag but he’s not going to be directly touching it, which
could cause discomfort. You want to check with your airline and make sure that
it’s okay to bring that onboard. The other thing you can do is, with your extra Ziploc baggies, once you get seated on the plane, ask your stewardess for
several cups of ice. Then you can place those into your Ziploc baggie and do the
same thing, so that you placed the baggie underneath the Sherpa Bag, so that your
dog has access to a cool spot. Now if you’re using the Sherpa Bag
inside your car to travel, you can always freeze a bottle of water beforehand and
do the same thing. It can either go in the side pocket or you can put it
directly inside your crate since it’s small enough that your dog can lay on it,
and chew on it, and can have access to it. We use these all the time and our dogs love
it. You can recycle it again and again just by making sure that the cap remains
closed and putting it in the freezer over and over again. Of course, if you’ve
got an active chewer who manages to make hole in it, then you’ll have to use a new
bottle. Be sure to remove the label for safety reasons for your pug. We’re excited that you are able to join us today. We hope that you found some value in this video. If so, go ahead and hit that LIKE button, give us a thumbs up.
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seeing you next time. Bye-bye!

  • Love these tips! Especially the tip of using paper towels instead of a blanket! Lady Gaga is a great model ; )

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