Pugs 101: Tips to Get Your Pug Puppy to Stop Biting You

Hello out there in Pugland, and welcome back! Has your Pug gone from sweet little pug
puppy to terrorizing pug piranha? Do you feel that you need to have a glove on
when you hold your Pug? Are you tired of having to go through a bunch of
band-aids? If so, then you’re in the right place because today we’re going to give you
some tips on how to get your pug puppy to stop biting you. Today, to
demonstrate is Mr. King. Before we do, let’s cue the intro. [Music] The very first thing you want to do when you have a pug puppy is to understand that chewing is natural
and normal because the little teeth are growing. Your Pug may be biting you
because it’s just excited to see you and it needs something to do. The first tip
to get your puppy to stop biting you is to make sure you always have a good
substitute for him to chew on. We like to use soft toys. These make it very easy
for the puppy to sit in your lap and also chew. As you can see, King loves them.
This will keep your Pug entertained and preoccupied. The second tip is when your
Pug chews on your fingers, you want to let him know that it hurts. But you want
to do it in a way that he understands. It seems to us that the words “ow” our “ouch”
must translate into “bite me more” in pug. Our tip for that is to use a simple
command that makes it easy for the pug to understand that the behavior is
unacceptable. Have you ever watched a game show where
the contestant is asked a question, and the response is
given, and then the host asks if the answer is correct, and when the answer is
incorrect, there’s a buzzer sound like this: [buzzer sound]. That’s right, and you didn’t even do
anything, huh? The sound is very easy and it is not mistaken for “bite me” or “keep
doing it” in pug. That’s the same sound we use when we’re correcting our pug to
tell them that whatever behavior they just did is inappropriate and we want
them to stop. When a pug bites us, we like to use the sound “Ah”. The other thing is
to let your pug know when they bite it really hurts. Sometimes they don’t
understand that their playfulness is actually causing you pain. To help them
understand that we like to use the same language that their siblings would use. When a puppy bites us, thank you right on cue. When a puppy bites us and
it hurts we give them a sound to show that it hurts like this: [Squeal]. That tells King
that that hurt. He’s very concerned. He wants to give me kisses because he’s very sorry. He did not meant to hurt. It’s okay, King, we’re just pretending today. That lets him know that we don’t want him to bite. Pugs want to please you. So what you want to do is to capitalize on that
desire to please you. When you correct your pug–stop them from a negative
behavior–immediately give them a substitute behavior that is acceptable. For example, when the pug bites you, give them the sound “Ah”, tell them “No, bite!”, and
immediately give them a toy so that they understand that this is a good behavior
and that this is what you want instead. I’m going to put a link down below to
where we get our cute, little soft toys. I highly recommend you have at least 5 or
6. When they get all dirty, just throw them right in the washing machine, they come
out nice and clean. And when they start to get a little ratty, then just replace them. We
have these lying around the house all over the place. Makes it very easy for us
when the dog is doing something we don’t want them to do just to grab one of
those and redirect it so that it has good behavior. Huh? Very good. Good boy, King. That’s a good boy. Just like that. Makes it very easy for them to do
the right thing and to please you. Rope toys are a great choice for your puppy
to chew on. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to hold your rope toy for your puppy
to chew on, but avoid pulling on it. Pulling puts you on the same level as
the puppy. In fact, if you allow your puppy to pull and win, then that shows
that he has dominance over you. By just simply holding it for your puppy,
you’re allowing them to have a safe chewing toy, and an acceptable behavior. Now
we’re going to show you some of these tips in action.
Oscar is also going to help us today. Oscar loves to bite us on our fingers. “Ah!” No bite. Good boy. This. Good boy. Good puppy, Oscar. [Human squeals]. Good puppy.
Good boy. Another tip, is to keep your dog so busy by learning tricks and constantly keep
that little mind busy that the mouth doesn’t have time to bite you. Here
to demonstrate that is King’s sister, Rebelle, in a video submitted by doctors
Donna and Paul Jansak doing some clicker training. Rebelle! Sit. Good girl. Down. Good. Good girl. Sit. Yes! Good girl. Down. Yes! Good job. Sit. Yes! Good girl. Touch. Good girl. Touch. Yes. Good girl. Down. Thank you so much to Doctors Paul and
Donna Jansak for submitting that excellent video of Rebelle in action. Just
got to love that little girl doing all that great clicker training. If you like that
clicker training and want to learn more, check out our description section below. I’m
going to give you some links to some clicker training videos right here on
YouTube. This is a booklet that I highly recommend. This is “Super Puppy” by Peter J.
Vollmer. It is a great read. It gives you some very valuable tips. It’s quick and
easy to read, talks about all kinds of cool little things you can do to teach
you how to raise the best dog you’ll ever have. I highly recommend it. I’m going
to put a link down below for Amazon where you can purchase it right online,
it’ll come to you for a few bucks. It is a great purchase. This “Super Puppy” booklet
coincides with the other super dog training that we do with our litters.
Check above for a link to our super dog training, it will give you more information
about that. I will put a link down below in the description section for a handout of
today’s information. Thank you so much for watching our video today. We hope
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Thanks a lot! Bye-bye!

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