Puppy Dog Pals | Close Encounters of a Pug Kind | Episode 1 – Purple Hedgehog

Thank you very much! jingo and rolling
fuckin jizz at you see you later pups beatdown another successful mission I am at the
tourist destination Roy’s peak where people throughout the years claimed to
have seen UFOs unidentified flying objects spaceships that travel in outer
space this scientist has been speaking today
at Roy’s peak about the possibility of alien life and other outer space
travelers oh it’s a possibility outer space is quite a large place hey I wish
I could meet someone who’s traveled in outer space I’d love to know what it’s
like up there like an alien yeah next space travelers well I’m off to work I
left you guys extra food because I’m gonna be working late have fun and let
me know if you see any UFOs o bobl excited when you heard there could be
alien life and other space travelers we should help we’ll meet someone who has
traveled into outer space where are we going to find one of those so if you’re
hoping to catch a glimpse of a space traveling alien or UFO our mission is to
find a space traveler for Bob to me this mission is going to be out of this world
now let’s find our space traveler looks like we’ve come to the right place maybe that’s the biggest Blinky’s dog
dish I’ve ever seen oh we just found oh you have oh there’s gotta be space
travel on side of that that UFO burger was galactically good
Frank best on this side of the Milky Way back
there this looked like a UFO but it’s just a restaurant shaped like one they
may not be a UFO but it sure smells delicious
let’s keep looking Roley bingo look this is not like anything I’ve seen on earth
before it might be an alien take me to your leader
you’re so silly Todd alien looks like a boy that’s because he is a boy Roley he
was just wearing an alien mask oh I thought we just found our space
traveling alien for Bob there’s a lot of people here wearing masks if everyone
who’s human find snow from outer space you provoked me welcome humans to
another intergalactic adventure with space news space sure is Buffy a Jensen
if there’s anything Buffy I sure don’t want to know about it but that’s life in
a rocket for you

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