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Puppy Dog Pals Luck of the Pug-ish | Memorable Moments Part 48 – Green Monkey

So we’ll have to untie lit tool it does work First my pajamas rip when I got out of bed and now I can’t find my car keys Who’s with the drawings for the new dog house I was designing since I can’t find my car keys. I’ll have to walk tour We know someone who does So we don’t know exactly what it is We should bring Bob that’ll bring him go up and we have a load of a good luck charm bingo Ham we ever would have a good luck truck. Well the good luck charm Special little sort of magic trinket or shoe or a Lucky Penny that works fine for some folks I’ll call a plumber when you do you’ll be the Now all we have to do is go find one. Mm-hmm, I know exactly where you should go Wonderful, Frank historic castle was good might find a four-leaf clover in one of those fields Okay, so we came to the right place and what yeah lucky four-leaf clovers should come big on rolling leaves hey Rolly that only has three leaves nah You counted the first leaf twice. Oh you sure it’s a 70 of clover lucky Let’s just keep looking looks like they’re playing some sort of game with that ball But I think we’re gonna have to look in a different field won’t help people who think you’re a ball that this ancient Castle was abandoned hundreds of years ago and that path leading to the motors overgrown with clovers There has to be a poison clove in there for bob somewhere One two three Yes, I’m coming how many times I counted one? two three I guess there’s a time to hide bought and a time not too high paw So that just happened look I Can flow this guy to forever me, too Okay, we can put it in my collar For everything How are we gonna get out? Hmm. Well, how about we use a little baggie drawbridges? Let’s do it. I Guess the whole thing is stuck Hmm and only needs someone who was really fast to run on that wheel, which means it’s time for some big Rolly power These dogs gonna walk right out here ARP is getting closer. Do you really think though kids you? Yeah, but I don’t think RF understands that we’re just going around and around what island and found this. Oh Those are supposed to bring good luck, right, but this day turn out great Right past a TV storm that started working after hundreds of years and that’s way Better than the one I spilled paint on this morning. It’s got these cool castle walls need to get that out from under there you’re under the couch this whole time and I’ll tell you what makes me feel even luckier

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    Puppy Dog Pals Luck of the Pug-ish | Memorable Moments Part 48 – Green Monkey

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