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Puppy Dog Pals Winter Wonder-Pug | Memorable Moments Part 43 – Green Monkey

Wonderful Hmm what are we looking for bingo? I don’t know I was only looking up because you were looking up Yes and boy Do I like to slide down on hills right after the very first? Snowfall Oh hanging on to the sides of my sled while wearing my no gloves I wish I can find that first smells like a winner for Bob All right whole bunch of snowflakes like when it snows of the park and the place gets old slowly Roley. That’s a great idea Eh, what? Oh, that’s a good one Analyzing environmental conditions to determine appropriate doggy threats up Stay warm puppies who Artspace is a little chilly, but Bob made art with a built-in face warmer. Ooh That is nice keep your eyes on the skies Roley Hey, what’s up double pups? Hello. They are single squirrel even think about barring any nuts We could help you if you want I’m listening double dog, sorry About to lie it around again Oh Hey If you see any I never realized how big the sky is until I was watching her snow flip to fall out of it Well, we’re just gonna have to keep looking up until we see Hello, no, that’s my name bunny bunny bunny And we’re looking for snow so we can say there it is Oh, no, I was supposed to find a home before winter got here, but I was too busy thinking up ways to be funny This is the perfect place. Did they got a home for a bunny named foot? Custom built just for me. Yeah, could you watch for snowflakes while we dig it? Come on Roley we have to keep looking for that snowflake. So Bob can go. Whoosh whoosh Have you seen any snowflakes around here? No And I hope I don’t that’d mean it’s winter and I’m supposed to fly south with the other birds before it gets wintery and cold This is where I last saw my friends, but they’re not here and neither was that first snowflake They’re just feathers Roley Hey, keep it down out there. Some of us are trying to sleep Who is that? Are you talking us? That depends? Were you the loud ones going blah blah blah How can they not know winter is on the way? That’s why I’m down here getting ready to start hibernating getting laid Piper what huh? hibernating means If you wanted to sing I’d probably listen Mac a soft place and all the lights out. I think we can get you out three Hey there doggie Tiggers, I haven’t seen that first snowflake yet, but I’m Did you find that first snowflake of winter yet No for right now We’re looking for the perfect Rock that’ll fit perfect a mouth full of these should be just right Here we go a bedtime snack, oh it might be nice to hear that lullaby again. I thought it was kind of pretty Sleep is the best That is one high balloon Hedgehog Is it a snowflake the first one of winter then? Let’s find off and get on the tail Bob we found it Is that it’s a snowflake oh and another snowflake Winter is here. Oh keep on falling snow because I’m ready to sled Hey who’s ready to sleep with me? You

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