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Ray Helsing Bulldog Invitational 9-8-18

how’d you feel about your team’s race today awesome our our girls were very young went up against a
very tough Northern Michigan team who is usually nationally ranked and very high
in the regional ranking so we’re excited first one course was pretty wet and
soggy so just good to get one in and kind of shake the rust off and we’re
excited with with that being our first race results so what do you think you
can improve upon for the next race for our guys team up maybe we bunch up a
little bit more we were a little bit more spread out than typically we’d like
to be again first one pretty young have a lot of guys who’ve never run an 8k
before so kind of hoping to bunch it up a little bit a little bit more on on the
guys side and be able to get our times a little bit closer for both teams was
there anyone in particular that surprised you or you’re proud of today
for the women’s team I would say Paige Deitering she’s a true freshman and she
ended up was second on our team and I think fourth overall so she’s she’s been
great the last couple of weeks and workouts but definitely thought she was
a little higher up today than we had maybe expected her to be so very very
happy with how she did today how’d you feel about your performance in todays race
I was really happy with it I’ve been battling through some little injuries
here and there so I didn’t have a lot of bad pain today so that was the that was
the goal I feel pretty good overall so that’s good how did it feel to race at
home it always feels nice to race here we always have like the basketball team
volleyball team that come and I’m kind of familiar with the course my third
time or fourth time running it now so I just like being home it’s nice

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