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Dogumentary TV producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube My name is Sheena, and this is Pepper Pepper was a rescue- my friend found her and her brother wandering on the street in Echo Park when they were puppies I happen to be on the phone with her And she said she was trying to figure out what to do with the pitbull puppy and I said I’ll babysit that dog for you and Now it’s three years later Pepper still lives with me I feed pepper a prey model raw diet which is raw meat and bone and some organs I feed her that because Immediately after I had her with the pink skin and the itching and it wasn’t even hot spots It was just she would claw her whole chin she would bite and lick her paws until they bled They would get raw. They would get infected so it took me a lot of Vets before I finally arrived to an allergy specialist vet and that vet Prescribed me a science diet food that She said would help the itching high-grade kibble if you really read the ingredients and From all my research you still find that they’re made with a lot of filler and a lot of stuff like bonding stuff like potatoes whether it’s sweet potato or regular potato or lentils there’s always some sort of veggie in there that’s almost always the main ingredient that bonds all the the material together and There’s a whole bunch of chemicals added like Phosphates and stuff that that They put in to simulate sort of a carnivore type of diet It didn’t make sense to me that I was feeding my dog that And you know her skin was so bad or allergies were so bad. She I spent thousands of dollars getting her tested I figured if we’re gonna Get down to the heart of it Why even bother to feed her kibble at a hundred dollars a bag? When it isn’t helping and all the things that are in kibble are the things that I’m told dogs have allergies, too So no matter how high up the food chain I went for high quality kibble It was still full of fillers and high carb stuff, which isn’t really natural for dogs to eat So I figured I would just do the complete protein diet I actually asked my vet, and she said it’s fine so prep for pepper’s food is Not as bad as it was when I first started. I sort of didn’t really know what I was doing And now I’ve come up with sort of a system. Oh every night I take some meat whatever she’s gonna eat and put it in the sink. Let it defrost to my own little system of weight beef or beef So today pepper will be eating a chicken thigh and Some pork I’m gonna be opening this up, so We’re gonna I feed pork with the skin on as you can see the bones are in those are no problems. She just crunches through them and People say that dogs choking on chicken bones is a real danger Actually, it’s cooked chicken bones because they get brittle and hard and they splinter She has never had any sort of choking problem We’re just doing it for this So another thing people say about feeding raw meat is it makes it blood thirsty Which I’ve heard, and I don’t find that to be the case As you can see I can just reach in and hold it she’ll just drop it, there’s no increased aggression from her She’s not growling at me or anything so that’s never been a problem with her and me When I do the math for how much I was paying for vets plus the prescription food plus all the drugs You know the steroids and the antihistamines and Compare it with how much I pay for meat which I can get pretty cheap it turns out I’m actually probably saving money Because I’m not constantly paying for all of her infections and all of the steroids and everything that goes with that Like factually dogs are carnivores their stomach acid is I think four times more acidic than a human In order to digest raw meats their you know their whole like biological structure is made to Ingest meats, that’s what they were bred from you know wolves who pretty much primarily ate meat the instances of wolves eating vegetables and stuff is Four things you know things like when a dog eats grass because they have an upset stomach That is not necessarily mean that it’s an actual necessary diet like dietary supplements all the research I’ve done on you know, other dogs. They rarely ever get sick They don’t ever really have to go to the vet There’s such a small rate of cancer in other dogs than a lot of people Who have dogs that were on commercial dog foods? That got cancer switched them to Raw Specifically because the health benefits boost the immune system And the dogs have lived way longer than expected, so I would definitely recommend this diet to anybody with the dog It doesn’t matter if you have a Chihuahua, or if you have a Mastiff you know they’re all the same. They’re all dogs There’s meat small enough for a Chihuahua to eat, and there’s meat big enough for a Mastiff to eat They all need the same thing and she you know she’s my best friend She sleeps in my bed with me, but I’m not gonna make her eat what I eat just because I eat it she loves her food It’s gotten her really healthy. I want her to live as long as possible. So you know that’s why I switched her over I’m Sheena. This is Pepper and She is raw fed And I think for any real dog lover out there the health benefits and the research shows that It is definitely worth trying a raw food diet at the least because it has made a world of difference for her

  • Where did this veterinarian go to school? I get it lady you went to a lot of vets and unfortunately didn't find a fix for your dog. However this does not mean that EVERY dog should be on a raw diet because not EVERY dog is like your dog. I'm glad that the raw diet worked for your dog but please don't try to discredit something you don't know about. You speak with such conviction like you're some sort of professional. All the knowledge you have is through your "research" that you read online. Sheena, you're literally telling people don't go to the vet just feed your dog RAW. I'm sorry but if someone takes advice from some random lady online, or just from ONE video on YouTube you really don't love your dog.

  • People will always say to feed your dog raw meat but they never explain how to give the raw meat to your dog properly because the raw meat might have some bacteria or virus in it and can kill the dog, another thing that they never tell you is that how much raw meat and what other meats should I give your dog, for example for different dog breeds you gotta give them a certain amount of raw meats such as chicken, hearts, liver, fish, barf, guts and all that stuff, and since I'm getting another APBT in the future how much raw meat should I give my dog? what sort of meat anyway?

  • A raw diet is the best diet, there's a documentary called pet fooled and after watching that people would agree with me, that documentary will make you angry. My uncle and my grandma, both of whom don't particularly like animals but have them for their kids, were super angry after seeing what pet food companies do to their food, they're liars and scammers. I fed my dog dog food before I found out and now she's on a raw diet and I have a raw diet recipe book that I use to make her meals

  • Has this been proved by vets around the world? I won't be feeding my dogs on raw meat without proof there are benefits.

  • Yeah of course raw food cost will be on par if not lower than the cost of specialized food+ vet bills+ meds. For everyone who’s dog is doing good on dry kibble it certainly wouldn’t be a money saver though lol.

  • Dogs are omnivores not carnivores that is WHY dog food companies include plant material in their food it’s not to decrease the lifespan of your pet or anything like that. From a purely business perspective keeping your pet alive and healthy is better for business!

  • Give a dog a mix of raw and premade food, about 50% being raw food. That's what my parents dog is on, and she's super healthy. It may also depend on the breed and the dog itself.

  • Yeah you know my pitbulls had the same issues. Severe skin allergies. It's an issue with the breed. Know what I did? I forked up some money, fed them a grain free dog kibble for three months. After that, their allergies were gone and never came back. I don't think the raw prey diet is normal. I think it's great if you have a pet wolf. But wolves also didn't evolve eating fatty beef and chicken, who will contain more parasites because of the way they're raised. Dogs are too domesticated to be doing this, and the vegetable content in food is to bulk up their stool.

  • Dog Food as it is today is a relatively new thing… people 70yrs ago didn't go to the store and buy bags of dog food made with shipped in ingredients. Majority of it is trash and just not healthy.

  • My vet actually recommended a fully fledged COOKED meat diet for my dog's gastro issue over a G.I. diet kibble. She said she wasn't 100% against a raw diet, however, not everyone is anywhere near responsible enough to feed their dog this way. The reason being, is that necessary precautions need to be taken into consideration. Say for instance, is your dog around a lot of children or other dogs? My dog is. You run the risk of making kids very, very sick if you dog is on a raw diet – if they lick a child's face or hands, contamination is very easy. If your dog happens to picks up salmonella, cross contamination to other dogs is also very high risk. With a cooked diet, these issues are less prevalent. Now, I'm not saying that no one should feed their dogs raw. It clearly has benefits, especially for dogs who have a lot of skin and allergy issues. However, please be responsible about it, and do your research.

  • Why do you people take time to type your disagreements lol …i dont feed raw but im not against what she's saying either but i have better things to do than bash her lol you people are funny and how much time you guys have to bash someone geez

  • I’ve fed my American bulldog high quality dog food his entire life, and he’s the best looking 14 year old dog I’ve ever seen, he could probably even still breed I’d bet. Anyone who says that you must feed your dog raw and if not then your not caring for them properly, is dead wrong. I understand it makes some people feel better to feed their dog raw, but a dog can live perfectly normal and healthy life with a good quality dog food.

  • Ok but raw diet needs to be suplemented, with meat you should give the dog egg yolk and eggshells, fruits and veggies, fish oil, herbs or give them substitute in a pill form. The dog will be quickly washed out of vitamins if you just give it meat. My dog eats very good dry food that is 70%meat and 30% fruits and veggies like pumpkin, apples etc. No rise, wheat and potatoes. It is still cheaper than raw meat and suplements, I don't have a problem with storage (since my freezer can barely hold my own food) and I don't have a problem with traveling. If you go camping do you take like 6kg of raw meat with you? Cant imagine that or leaving your dog at home. Dry dog food is not bad. Same with canned wet food. Just take a minute and do research.

  • It’s crazy to think dogs have developed to have issues with a raw diet. They should have always been on a raw diet but they are now being bred to only eat kibble. It’s disgusting. Raw is always better! That’s what they are supposed to eat!

  • My dog looks very similar to Pepper… Also a rescue; we started out dog on some "purina healthy weight" kibble and after about a month he started breaking out in what we believe to be hives. He would scratch the hives until they became infected and overtime we went to the vet they would only treat the infections but never attempted to address the underlying cause. We would be left with antibiotics, creams, steroid pills, chlorhexidine shampoo. "Try a grain free kibble with a novel protein". It was a hard year for us and to be honest we almost had to give up on him. Blue buffalo, Taste of the wild, etc. Finally, after making sure to leave the chlorhexidine for 10 min. each time (environmental allergies) and switching to BARF diet (food allergies) consisting mainly of turkey and duck he is doing well. Happy, energetic, well behaved, beautiful teeth, shiny coat are just some of the differences we have noticed. Its not as difficult as it sounds. %80 raw meat/ %20 bones and organs.

  • This is the second video produced here pushing the raw diet like it's the best. For a lot of dogs it's a very good option, and for many yes, it does help many aspects of their health when some commercial diets don't work. HOWEVER, there are a lot of dogs that have opposite results. Did you guys know that?

    Many dogs clear up allergies with raw because the diet is simpler. The rawness itself of the food is NOT what solves the problems, nor is grain harmful for all dogs. The issue is generally that commercial foods contain many ingredients, making sorting out the offending allergen, challenging. Especially since many commercial foods use the same ingredients. And it's not generally the additives that cause allergies, but PROTEINS. When you have food allergies or inhalant allergies etc, proteins are behind them. The #1 dog allergen is BEEF! Not corn, wheat or soy but beef! And that beef will cause the problem in raw, cooked, canned dog food or kibble form, if your dog happens to be allergic to it. That's because the structural formula and molecular components of beef proteins will be the same in any of those food forms. The only exception would be beef used in a hydrolyzed diet, which means the proteins are processed until the molecular weight is so small as to go undetected by the gut immune system.

    There MAY be a tiny teensy percentage of dogs that have a problem with a preservative, etc, but it's extremely rare and unlikely.

    Statements like "If you love your dog you SHOULD be feeding him…" any X, Y or Z food only, is a guilt loaded, overly broad statement that can lead to problems. This person is clearly not looking at the greater picture or the medical or scientific details behind dog biochemistry and their digestion. This is the simple, introductory dogma that a lot of new raw converts love to spew. And that speech about how raw fed dogs do better if they have CANCER and that few raw fed dogs even HAVE cancer is extraordinarily misleading and dangerous. There is no concrete, reproducible evidence that this is the case.

    I know many dogs that did very poorly on raw diets, or fared no better than when on commercial. In fact if anything, not getting the nutrient balance and calorie count right can cause serious problems down the line.

    I'm not against them. I just think this whole push as if it's good for all dogs and is a cure all, has a lot of problems attached to it. If you're seeing more and more disease in dogs you may want to consider how inbred so many dogs are today.

    If you're really that concerned about your dog's nutrition, consult a person with a proper education on the subject from an accredited university, and with experience in the field.

  • I can definitely see that when it comes to taking this raw diet for dogs, It varies between different owners. I've had certain occasions when I had to feed my dog a few years back a certain kind of Dog food (which I wont say the brand here) and my dog would automatically not like what he's eating. He would literally hunt/eat mice & birds out in the backyard instead of eating the food from his bowl. EVERY now and then, We do tend to feed him raw meat once in awhile but not everyday. I would definitely ask for a Vet's Advice if I were to consider in taking this diet for my dog officially.

  • Dogs have the stomach acidity to kill bacteria found on raw meat. Vets are taught what dog food companies pay to be taught and are therefore not taught about the nutritional benefits of a raw diet. There is also very little funding for research on raw diets which is why there is very little information on it. Not all dogs take well to changing their diet immediately and you should try transitioning to a raw diet slowly in small portions. There are plenty of websites and books about a raw diet that can help you plan a diet for your dog depending on their size and breed. I used to feed my dog a variety of kibble (purina, chow chow, etc.) he is 12 years old but doesn't look or act like it though, perhaps the variety kept him healthy. I have changed his diet to a mixture of quality grain free kibble and raw meat, his coat is shinier, falls out less and his teeth look better than ever. I think the lesson that should be learned from videos like this is that us as owners should take the time to do research for what we believe is best for our dogs. Don't simply say "ok," and put a big slab of meat on your dogs plate the next day. All kibble isn't terrible, a handful are, but we should not discredit them because many dogs are healthy and fed on a kibble diet (which is better than them being hungry). Always ask a vet before changing your dog's diet and monitor your pets closely for change in health.

  • Dog food is absolutely no good for your Dog! It will only give them problems and cancer! Raw meat is what they are meant to eat! Plain and simple.

  • Feeding raw isn't for everyone.

    I've met some raw feeders who are very passionate of how their dog eats and immediately tell whoever they encounter that raw is the only way: no, it is not the only way… there's kibble, vegan, cooked— we can abuse our animal's capacity to stomach things it biologically isn't supposed to eat, but they'll still survive.

    I thought it mean when an owner fed their facultive carnivore pets vegan, but sometimes, there is some logical reasoning behind, and not just some maddened force of personal ethics; in an instance, a comment section had a quick series of replies from a person who feeds their dog vegan, and a frustrated raw-believer.

    Apparently, the person who fed her dog vegan answered that her dog was allergic yo meat, in which case, it is acceptable to feed a purely-plant based diet as long as it can sustain the animal properly.

    However, it's infuriating to find people forcing their dogs to eat yogurt with a green seaweed mix because they don't think its alright to kill animals… please get a rabbit.

    Feeding raw is a big decision, although considerably easier than cooking.

    I'd personally opt for something that's the most convenient to you— you can feed raw? Go feed raw. Can't feed raw? Give them high-quality kibble. Not comfortable feeding them raw? Feed them cooked.

    So long as your dog gets all the nutritional requirements she needs, it's awesome.

  • Pepper is very luck to have you! My in law in Taiwan they even fed their dog fish bones and she lived to be 18. BTW she was a mid size dog.

  • Iv here of people feeding their dogs raw meat especially Rottweiler breeders! Yes I have been is skeptic about blood thirst in dogs! I have 2 beautiful Rottweiler a male and female! They are excellent in temperamental! I just have the dry skin problem! How much raw meat would you advise to feed 130 lb dogs daily? What about when you start getting old and they don't tolerate things is much like bones?

  • Normal Veterinarians don't recommend raw because Veterinarians sponsor commercial dog foods…And all animal nutrition knowledge is from Commercial dog food companies…and If you don'
    t keep your hands clean you can become ill from handling raw meat and Veterinarians don't want to be responsible for that. Raw diets are amazing you will see great improvements for your dog, cat and ferrets. Why feed baked foods that don't give the dog all the nutrients it needs when you can give fresh raw meats, fresh vegetables and fruits?

  • Feeding your dog a natural diet that they have been eating for thousands of years …..vs feeding them processed meats, fruits and veggies that they don't really need in their diet…and that there is proof feeding your dog A raw natural diet will lower the risk of your dog being diagnosed with cancer. I've had my Pom-chi on processed for 8 years! and I'm telling you her teeth are horrible so much tarter build up she always had open sores that she kept biting at and she always smelt bad…I'm sick of having to spend $400+ on getting her ointments…(And no I'm not saying not to take your dog to the vet) But I'm telling you that raw diets will improve your dog from the inside and out…Improves their immune system to prevent sickness.

  • ( I highly recommend they have lot's of research

  • This is a great video and the interviewee gives a detailed account of her experience. However, stating that "REAL DOG LOVERS FEED THEIR DOGS RAW MEAT" in the title and promoting that this is the only good way to feed your dog is completely ridiculous.

  • We can tell that she is well taken care of and that her owner truly does care for her. I have to say that while a raw food diet is optimal for pets, I believe that dry food, quality dry food, can be good and possibly even the better choice for some people. With raw food, there is usually more prepping that must be done, it is more time consuming, raw food can possibly be more expensive, and there is a larger margin for error with raw feeding. With dry food, the food is already made and formulated with clear feeding instructions. The main problems with dry food are the lower-end foods that do not have the ingredients that dogs benefit from. Many lower-end foods are made with fillers such as corn, wheat, and soy (foods that are actually said to be responsible for allergies in pets) and less of the meat that dogs thrive on.

  • Wrong if you want to over spend on food then yea sure but dog food these days is so advanced now that raw really isn't necessary

  • I cant believe the ignorance of some people.. "raw makes them aggressive" "the bones aren't good for them" "they'll get sick" go fuck yourself

  • Thanks, for sharing. Raw meat diet cures many canine ailments, especially food related allergies. Enzymes are denatured when food is heated and chemically processed into dry kibble. Dogs now have higher rates of cancer due to processed feed. I attribute many ailments and poor health to processed kibble diet. Humans are healthier when processed food is eliminated from our diet.

  • I’m all for featuring different types of dogs, owners, and perspectives – but this title, as well as the adopt don’t shop title, are offensive as they come off as preachy and put down others who aren’t adopting or feeding raw. A different title would go a long way.

  • And also, just for anyone interested, prescription diets aren’t made for healthy pets, they are for chronically ill pets. This means they contain ingredients that may be different than what the average dog needs. I tried raw with my sick dog. What finally saved his life? Hills prescription diet.

  • Love the way she put raw diets!
    Our dogs were literally throwing up their kibble, and it was also "high quality" dog food. We even switched through different high quality kibble brands and it did not help. We did research (don't start any diet without researching first!) and finally decided to switch. They havent gotten sick since, their fur is healthier, and their not overweight (nor underweight). Many people fear the price of raw but its actually the same price as a large bag of dog food. Two years earlier our vet, who had never suggested nor had a dog do the diet, was shocked at how healthy they were and still are.

  • raw eliminated my dogs allergies. he also had chronic vomiting when he was on kibble. not he has none of that. he's been on the diet going on 3 years and is extremely healthy. it even helped his performance in sports and made for easier conditioning.

  • My dog had the worst food poisoning from eating raw. He's also allergic to basically everything. No problems with The Hills vet sold Z/D.

  • maybe they will start selling it in pet shops soon or its kind of a hassle ..
    I'll do pretty much anything to give my dog the best life possible, but I kinda doubt any of this research is very true ..
    way back before tv and all this they gave dogs everything and they lived long af. included my grandpas dog.

  • Nice video, i really wanna know how to feed a rottie, I've been researching all the time about this breed and im in awe because of the intelligence of the breed

  • Remember your dog's need more than just raw muscle meat they need Raw BONES and Organs to make a balanced diet …if it's not properly balanced it can do more harm than good…since raw bones and Organs supply nutrients needed in a dogs diet

  • I️ completely understand and love the idea of feeding your dogs raw meat but can’t it be dangerous for the owners since raw meat can cause disease in humans and dogs love to lick people? I️ don’t really know so don’t attack me.

  • A lot of dogs from the bull breeds have allergies to beef as weird as it sounds they do just feed your dog lamb and rice it will go away. Where in rice is not that expensive. Even if I have a dog that is not from the bull breeds I give them lamb and rice it is better for their coats.

  • My staffy eats raw chicken quarters and he loves it skinless! He would choke sometimes on the skin so now i take the skin off and give it to him and he loves it!! I take the skin and fry it DRYED OUT in an airfryer natural no add in and i dry it out and give it to him as treats and he LOVES IT! His coat is very soft and bright!

  • I used to feed them raw but fucking Wal-Mart stopped selling their family value chicken packs and it was the only affordable choice around here. It's too expensive everywhere else

  • I wish I knew about this when I had my first pitbull years ago. I spent lots of money on vet visit and meds that didn't help at all :/
    But now I know 🙂

  • a few thoughts- I have an autoimmune disease, I cant really handle the extra risk of cross-contamination by feeding my dogs raw, but i feel kibble is rubbish- so i feed them cooked meat and veg (using vet recommended recipes). This may be worth considering for some people who may be in a similar situation.
    Also, as far as expense: said autoimmune disease has me disabled/unable to work. Honestly, even on my extremely tight budget, feeding my dog this way is cheaper. It's actually cheaper than even the cheaper dog food brands. I'm not feeding them filets! But with coupons and a freezer/crockpot, for me I've been able to save a ton.


  • Great video on the Raw diet. I subbed.
    Once you go raw, you never go back or even consider kibble.
    Another benefit of feeding raw with bone, is a dogs teeth remain clean without any service from a vet. My German Shepherd at 10.5 yrs old still has all of his teeth and they are white, strong and healthy. Edit to add: Poop, dogs who are raw fed have tiny poop that are pretty much odorless. They also turn white then to dust due to the bone in their diet.

  • Right it's a dog 🐕 eat meat people along with bones fat and everything else that comes with eating meat duh people get over yourselves

  • Vets recommend kibble so your dog gets sick and so they make money from you my dog eats raw meat and bones with blood and i can't even remember last time i took him to the vet

  • I fed my pittie raw chicken after she turns two months old then she grew really well. Later on like a month or a month and half she started having loose stool and blood stained. I took samples of her stool and went to our hospital lab and examine it. Alot of coccodia and occult blood. Im a fan of raw meat diet and if any one of us here have experienced this, please tell me something it and more so, raw meat preparatio as in freezing or half boiled or some meat treatment to kill infective organisms, I will be very thankful xp

  • It's very off-putting, when those that feed raw diets to their dogs, make outlandish and insulting statements like, "If you love your dog, you should be feeding him/her a raw diet." I feed my dogs Orijen Tundra and Large Breed Puppy, supplemented with apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, marine phytoplankton and hemp seed oil. The dogs I have now, eat better than any dogs I have ever owned; but it's not because I love them any more than my previous dogs. It's because I know more, I earn more money, and all of my children are out of the house. You can educate people who are interested about the benefits to feeding YOUR dog(s) a raw diet, WITHOUT being self-righteous and judgmental. I own 7 dogs. They are ALL loved and well cared for; and they eat kibble.

  • Been to 3 vets with my bully pits and they tell me to stop feeding raw bit say they ate the best looking dogs they see and coats so shiny when i ask why they say they do not get all the vitamins then need just think my dog can't cook so why give her dog food that has a year self life finally found vet that agrees with me she cost more but its well worth it

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