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Rishtey (2002) (HD) Hindi Full Movie – Anil Kapoor | Karisma Kapoor | Shilpa Shetty

There he is running. Get him!
They’re hiding somewhere around. Both of them doesn’t escape. Come on. They’re hiding somewhere around. Kill both of them. Dad and son does not escape. Look there. Hey. Just see over there! Your relation and mine. is a thread no one can break Your innocent face. whether someone believes it or not reflects my heart, Your relation and mine. Who’s that man? We hired him just today Seems to be hardworking. And needy too.
– Yes sir. Look dear. This is the place. Thank you. “For a smile of yours.” “I can do anything” “I wish I could be a toy for you.” “When you hold my hand and walk with me.” “I feel as if my life walks with me” “May you smile through your life” “May you be blessed with
the rest of my life” “May you smile through your life” “May you be blessed with
the rest of my life” “Your relation and mine.” “It’s a thread no one can ever break” Dad. What was that? Say that again. Say that again, son. Dad. Dad. Dad. Aunty. Aunty. Aunty come here!
– Yes. Coming. Pyare ji.
Pyare ji. What happened?
– First you come here. Say, what happened?
– Munna called me Dad. Aunty, Munna say first word Dad. So what’s new? He had to call you Papa some day. You’re going to remain a moron. Now, listen.
– When a child starts speaking, the first word he utters is ”Mother”. But this kids first word is “Dad.” You know why? Because he went to sleep
on his father’s shoulders. and awakened in his father’s lap. For him, he’s the father and the mother. God forbid. May this relation never be
affected by the evil eye Munna, won’t you play with Grandma?
Here, take this ball Take. Won’t you play with grandma? Come to me. Come. Come. Hello, Aunty. Bless you, son. You’re late today.
– It was the weather I had to be delayed. Karan… What’s the matter?
You look very worried. I don’t understand this, son. Children of Munna’s age are
already running around. But. But, your son can barely
stand on his own feet. What are you talking about? My son is absolutely all right. Son. Son. let me see you stand. Go on Come to your Papa.
Come to your Dad, son. Son, Come to your Dad, son. Karan. Pyare. Aunty. Mr. Suraj.
– Yes Take your son. Doctor, My child is all right? You said, “Your son was
born prematurely.” – Yes. “In such cases, the growth of the
child is somewhat affected” And your child, is the
victim of one such weakness. What weakness, doctor? The bones in his legs, aren’t
sufficiently strengthened. He won’t be able to walk all his life. Impossible. My son is absolutely all right. He lacks nothing.
He is all right, doctor. I can understand your anguish. But we must face the truth. This child will remain
an invalid all his life. No. God, can’t do this with
small child, doctor. My son will run like other childrens. Medically, that is an
impossibility, Suraj. Science is not an end
in itself, doctor. There is someone who keeps the world
going and He’ll make my son walk too. My son will walk on his own two feet
and lead a normal life He will not just walk… he’ll even run. He will run.
He will run, Doctor. He’ll surely run. “All darkness was dispelled.
A lamp was lit in the heart.” ”When you brought my name
to your lovely lips” ”When I call out to you,
you will come running to me” ”I live only for you,
I have forsaken this world” ”At your feet,
I could lay the world.” ”in you, lies my life” ”At your feet, I could lay the world.”
”in you, lies my life” ”Your relation and mine.” ”it’s a thread no one can ever break” ”Your innocent face.” ”makes my heart tick,
whether someone believes it or not” ”Your relation and mine.”
– Karan. Come Karan. Move, come here. Come here. You can walk.
Come here. Move. Move. Move Karan. Come here. You can walk. You can walk, Karan. You can walk. You can walk. Come on. Come on, son. Well done, son. Parents! Please go and sit down. You just don’t worry.
– The race is about to begin Sir, is this cripple running with us? Shut up.
It’s the Principal’s orders. Running is a far cry, sir.
If this cripple can even crawl there, it’ll be an
achievement for him” This child is absolutely right Mr. Suraj you are making a big mistake. That your son can walk
is enough in itself You’re subjecting him to cruelty
by making him run in the race It could have an adverse effect The child could lose
the ability to even walk. Please, don’t make him run.
– Doctor… Doctor, my son will run
and even win the race Son, You will run. Won’t you? Yes, Dad. I’ll run and win the Ghame. All the best. Everybody get ready. Run, Karan! Karan. Suraj, Your son is running.
Suraj, Your son is running. Son Run.
– Run. Run. Karan run. Run. Come on Karan.
Come on. You can do it, Karan. Run Karan. Run. Run. Run Karan. Run. Run. Our son’s win.
Our son’s win. You makes us happy. Your Karan’s wins. Friends, what we witnessed
here today. Is a miracle and
a lesson for all of us The miraculous part is that
a child who couldn’t even walk… has won this race today. And the lesson is that, should
you have good intentions and be determined enough. no task in the world
is too difficult. I congratulate Master Karan
on his success. And I request him to come on this stage. Come Karan. Congratulations! Here’s your trophy.
– Thank you, sir. We are proud of you.
– Sir, I wish to say something. Sure child. Come on. Speak. We say a prayer in school everyday Which tells us. that it’s God who made
the world. He’s the master of everything He is the master of everything. That nothing is possible
without His wishes That I ran in this race
and won this trophy. is more the result of my Dad’s
efforts than God’s wish. It’s true that God gave birth to me. But it’s my Dad who gave life to me. I love you, Dad.
I love you. Hey, Pyare uncle.
Where are you taking me. Oh, Right now just walk.
Stand here. Look there. Thank you, Dad.
Thank you so much. You like it.
– Yaa. I really like it. You want to drive.
– Yes Dad. Come on sit. Ready. Ok, Come on.
– Yes. Lets go. Yes. Turn, Turn. Well done. Well done. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.
Turned, turned. Come on. Turn, turn. Now, I’ll drive.
– Son, you will fall… Dad, Just leave me.
I’ll manage! No son. You will fall down.
– Dad, please leave me. Should I leave you?
– Yes, please leave me. Ok. Be carefull Karan.
Be carefull. Don’t hit bicycle anyone.
– Oh dude, he will ride bicycle safely. You don’t worry.
– Karan. Come on. Let’s go. Pomfret. Fresh Pomfret . Pomfret. So big from Rawal. Fresh Prawns. Fresh… Where are taking me? Jam the break.
– Where is the break? Damn you ! You’re killing me! Look down. Down. See down there, besides mirror.
Pull the break. – Ok, thank you. Oh My God. Damn you! You’ve
spilt all my fish! I’m not sparing you!
Wait. Come here. Where are you going. Hey, stop.
– Oh darling, please eat. Hey you, where are you running.
– Go away. Sorry darling. Hey you crab! Stop. Oh shit, sorry uncle. Rascal, You stop. Hey you, stop. Where will you go now! You prawn, now you come to my net. Now see, how I peel you. Sorry aunty. Aunty, I’m only 19 years old.
And you called me aunty. Do you consider your mother’s sister. I’ll show…
– Inspector. Where is the inspector?
Where he is, Huh? I’ll tell him. You made me lose.
I’ll not leave you. Oh my god. Save me. I’ll not leave you. Oh my God. Someone save me.
– One second. Listen.
– Don’t touch me. Hey. Why are you beating? Hey. Stop! Stop!
Stop! I’m trying to help you.
– Do fast, I do not breathe. You can take. Relax for a
minute and stand straight. Please take out. Please do fast. How did this pot stuck? Oh my god. These girl get wet. “The clouds have parted
water’s leaking drop by drop” “The clouds have parted
water’s leaking drop by drop” Sorry.
– Why are you sorry? I like it. What happened? You work at Mumbai Electricity Board. Mumbai Electricity Board. When you touch me. I feel
current in my whole body. Really.
– Yes. Dad. Your Dad’s dad… He called you Dad. Yes. He called me dad.
– He’s your child. Son?
– Oh god, he’s your child? Yes, he’s is my son. Oh my God! Oh God! Oh God! I was ruined, Oh God! Oh, just keep quite. Why are crying?
– What should I tell you, Uncle. This tear tell a lot. I don’t any have house. Hey, DiGhambar. Who is she… Why she is crying?
– she is my niece. Vyjayanti. Yesterday
she came from Alibaug. She has a heart the size
of a watermelon I wonder whom she ran into. She has
kicked up a storm in the locality Oh my God.
– Ok. You wait. I’ll ask her. Tell me, what happened?
– What should I tell you, aunty? My love story ended even
before it could start. It was a afternoon…
We both have a eye contact. It’s was eye to eye contact,
Heart- to- heart connection… In between somebody called, Dad. He has a 7 years old, son. Oh my God. Now, this world for me is useless. Vyanjanti’s adolescence is worthless. Hey you mad girl.
With whom you bump, his wife is not alive. What?
How did you know, aunty? I know him very well. He is very good person. Listen… Today is Sharad poornima.
The whole colony come together. He’ll also come. You also come. Now I’ll go. Oh God, There only I’ll
do one, two by four. If he will not dance. Then give this
pill to him. Then see the pills magic. What is this pill, Uncle?
– Kissing pill! If you gave him one pills,
he will take Hundered kisses. Oh my God. In one pill, Hundered kisses. If I gave him full bottle.
– Then it will crash… Oh shit. Uncle see, Like a Kangaroo he
always keep his son with him. How I proposed him? You don’t worry.
I’ll do something. Come on kids. I’ll give you free rides. Come on kids group. I’ll taking kids on rides. You proposed Suraj. Oh uncle. I love you. You want to eat pill.
– Pill? Not a Gun bullet.
Pill of coldness. After eating you will feel good.
You want? If you are insisting me, I will take it. This pill you have take in a juice.
One second I’ll bring for you. Thank you, God.
Thak you. Now I’ll the magic of this pill. Now, where did I get the juice? Hey juice.
– Wait. Hey, where are you going? Hey Suraj.
Suraj, Suraj. Where are you going?
I have bring juice for you. After so long, I have no mood
to drink, Vyjayanti. – Why so? I have bring for you. You have to drink. What is this boil in this juice. When you drink, the boil comes in your
stomach too. Drink, it’s to good. Drink and see. Was it nice? Looks like the pill is working. He’s staring at me. He’s coming for me. God! Seems like today will fulfilled my wish. Hey, Where did he gone? Where are you running? Hold on. Suraj, where are you going?
Just hold on. Suraj. Wait there, Suraj! Where has he gone? Why’ve you climbed the tree?
Get down here No, I’m not getting dow If you don’t get down,
I’m jumping up to get you. Jump. Go on. Why are you acting funny?
Come down, lover-boy. That’s not how you get
your hands on him Swallow a bottle and tell
him what’s in your heart. If I do this then he will come to me. Of course. Tell him…
that he’s the one you want. How?
– Like this. Me.
– Go ahead. ”I want you, I want you” ”I want you, only you” “My eyes… love only you” ”Come into my arms, love.
Take me for your own. . ” ”I’ve been telling you
that I love you” ”I want you, only you” “My eyes… love only you” ”Come into my arms, love.
Take me for your own…” ”I’ve been telling you
that I love you” ”I want you, Paaa… only you” ”You’re the one I’ll love
without a care” ”You’re looking absolutely
dashing today” ”You’re my Prince,
I’m your Princess…” ”we make a first-class couple” ”Let’s find a quiet corner.
Let’s get set together” ”Don’t waste time,
let’s get on with it, love” ”I’ve been saying that
I love you” ”I want you, only you” ”I want you, I want you” ”What net have you cast on me?” ”What’s all this about, beautiful?” ”My heart’s connection
with my brains has snapped…” ”I find myself slipping today” ”Do not create trouble, love.
Do not act smart…” ”mind your cleavage, love,
fear the world” ”Why do you say that
you love me?” ”I want you, only you” ”My eyes too…” ”like only you” ”Come into my arms, love.
Take me for your own…” ”I’ve been telling you
that I love you” ”I want you, only you” Vyjayanti, tell me the truth. Yesterday, what you give me to drink? What you have given to me?
– I have given a pill in a juice. I though, we will have fun.
– You are not ashamed. You are not ashamed to do such things. Why are you here, just get lost!
– Why are you shouting? If Karan’s mother alive. Then
also you shouted like this. My son. No. No. Stop it. Suraj stop it. Sir, Komal has had a stroke again,
she is out of control. Komal. Komal. Komal. Uashpal ji, just one second. Look, The injury on her
body will be cure, but the wound on his heart has no treatment. Now, you say something doctor.
What should I do? I change the house, city. Only because that she forget old memories. But Yashpal Ji does not wound
up by changing the place A mother has lost her child.
And with every passing day… she is a growing her
desire to get her baby. And this passion will kill here one day. Look. If you want your daughter alive.
Somehow bring her son. Otherwise, anything would be happened. Yashpal Ji, I can understand your problem. But, it’s difficult to find your
son- in-law in 100 millions of population. He is not my son- in- law. He is a thief.
He thief my daughter’s son. I understood. But in which city is he.
and in which appearance. To verify this case, we
have to take some time. It’s just matter of time. But you dont worried. We will get him, ok.
– Ok. One thing I don’t understand, sir. The
child, who you want to kill on his birth. In 7 years, you never
tried to search him… To get him you are
taking a help to police. I can not get it. I’m helpless, Madesh. If we success to kill
the child in hospital. It would have ended. But now, My daughter made me helpless. I keep her alive I must bring her son. And I’ll search him. You did well. You taught
good lesson to Akhilesh. Hey Arju. Chasmouddin is coming.
– Jr. will you bet… In one hit i will drop his glasses.
– From such distance… Yes. Bet for a chocolate. Yes. Kartik, what happened?
– Hit someone. Why did you hit my friend?
– Leave. If he lost his eyes?
– It would be good. He does not have to wear glasses.
– Shut up. You have so much…
– Yes, I don’t eat you Dad. Hey, don’t go to my Dad. Like your Dad…
– Don’t go to Dad. I’m telling you, don’t push me.
– What will you do? You will hit me?
– You push me. One second. Look down. Look up. Will you go to my Dad… Karan, Karan. What are you doing? Leave. Just leave. What happened? Are you mad!
Just tell me, what happened? Dad, he gave you bad words.
– Just forget about it, Karan. Why are hiding behind your Dad!
If you’re a Dad’s son, come in front. Son. now it come to respect… I agee it’s difficult… but you enter. Hey. No ear.
No ear. You hit my friend Sanju.
I’ll call his Dad. Go and call him. Hussain uncle, one boy beating Sanju. You go and stop him. Well done, Karan. O fantastic, Karan. Come on. Come on, Karan.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Well done.
Come on. Come on. He is good boy.
– Hey, he is my son. Look, how he is beating that fat boy.
– That fat boy is my son. Seven year in prison, I was
only breaking the stone… After a long time I get
to break someone neck. If your son defeated my son. After you and me will fight.
Till the end. Son, slowly slowly.
That boy will get injured. He is son of Husssain uncle.
Husssain uncle. If you leave my neck, then
I can change the scene. Give me one chance.
– Now you understand… Go and expalin your son. Karan, listen to me.
Listen to me… Dad, just leave me.
– Listen to me… Why are you wasting your time.
Just go and knock him know. As you command, Dad! You bastard. I’ll kill you. Move on. That bull is behind me… Move on. Hey, Where are you going? Come on. Come on.
– How much will you beat me? More than Hundered!
You just keep counting. One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Now i’ll brust your head. Uncle should I take this chillies.
– Yes, take it. What happened uncle? It’s paining?
– Yes. Take this rose juice.
It’ll give you relief. Drink. Drink. Drink. Drink fast. What happened uncle? You don’t like it?
– You bastard! Hey you wanna… I like this one. You want pink one.
– Yes I want. Here’s the rose-sherbet. You stupid. It’ll make your pain vanish..
We will call the police. Scoundrel! Leave me. Leave me. I will not leave you, kid.
I will not leave you. Dad.
– Come with me. You make me eat chillies. Dad.
– Call your Dad. Dad.
– Hussain… Son, Do fast.
– One minute dad. Easily Karan.
– Dad, you’re great. You have done fabulous fighting!
What a right, What a left and What a kick. You flat him. Dad, Why don’t you left this job
and opened a fighting business. We will earned a lot. Really! You want me to
sleep like this daily. You first heel my shoulder.
– Ok Dad. Take this one.
– Mother. Dad, How was my mother? Was she beautiful! Yes son.
Your mother was very beautiful You love her so much. Yes son. You must miss her a lot, isn’t it? ”You, only you I see everywhere” ”You, only you are the one in my heart” ”I’m so helpless, I can’t
cut one moment without you” ”I want your fragrance
to invade my breath” ”My love, I want you flowing
within me like blood” ”Such is my obsession with you” ”Such is my love for you” ”With the hues of my love
I shall paint you” ”I shall cross all limits in loving you” ”I shall take your sorrows
and give you my joys” ”Don’t ever leave me”
”I can’t live without you” ”You are dearer to me than life…” ”this much you must know, my love” ”I shall even give up my
life for you put me to test” ”Such is my obsession with you” ”Such is my love for you” ”You, only you I see everywhere” ”You, only you are
the one in my heart” ”I’m so helpless, I can’t cut
one moment without you” ”I want your fragrance
to invade my breath” ”My love, I want you flowing
within me like blood” ”Such is my obsession with you” ”Such is my love for you” ”Such is my love for you” ”Such is my love for you” Dad, I’m sorry. I make you remind of mom. I’m really sorry. Karan. Karan. Come on.
We’ll have food. Uncle, take Suraj. Rawas. Where are you going? Sit here.
I have to go… Today, you hold on.
I don’t have work mood. I’m seating here.
What are you saying… Does he stop, while stopping… Vyjayanti, what happened to you? Milk make cream… Hey, milk make curd… Listen, if you become my pair,
then life will be right. Then life will be right. Oh my God. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Oh God. Vyjayanti’s no, Vyjayanti’s no.
No, no, no. Why are you shouting?
What happened? What should I say, uncle? Wherever I see it looks the same. And he is one, when I come in
front of him he never look at me. What is special in you? What do you say? Don’t shout, I’m telling truth! 24 hours, you raom like a fisherwoman. From the body fish smell is coming. When you crossed by, it’s
like Mackerel (Bangda) fish, wearing a kasta
saree just crossed by. If you want his attention
You have to do something special. Be modern. Today’s Meneka… How I become a modern? I know one film Industry trailer. Satish Khulla. He is master of making small
clothes of big stars. I’ll tell him to make a outfit for you. You will set. Oh God.
I love you, uncle. Don’t worry brother.
I’ll take you smoothly. Khabees son’s, make my masculine picture. Otherwise, you are squint from one eye… I will destroy your second eye also. Khansaab, why are you worried? Today, I’ll make your masculine picture… all the men in the world
will feel numb. Wait. Pictures ready or not. Khanssaab, pictures is ready. Look. Oye. You idiot, squint.
I’ll not leave you. Where did he gone?
By leaving pajamas. Where did he gone? Oh my God. Oh… Hey… Save me… Hold me, do not leave me. Don’t know how the rope broke! Sorry. I’m really very sorry. Why are you saying sorry? I like it. Swing with you.
– What? No. I was saying that… How do I look in a modern dress? Am I look gorgeous! Oh my God. He laugh means he like’s me. Now, you’re looking gorgeous! Gorgeous! Means, Now you’re looking beautiful. Beautiful! Am I look beautiful to you? Yes, Vyjayanti.
You are really very beautiful. I… Really… Look beautiful?
– Yes. I… Beau… You are looking very beautiful! You are looking very beautiful! You are really very beautiful! My Heart.
My Heart My Heart. My Heart. My Heart. ”those crazy, go mad…” ”they find no peace” ”It’s when you fall in love with love, that you lose your heart” ”those crazy, go mad…” ”they find no peace” ”It’s when you fall in love with love, that you lose your heart” ”You meet someone…” ”who steals your heart” ”The heart then belongs to her…” ”never to come back to you” ”When the breath is held…” ”when sleep eludes you…” ”the agony incites
a sweet pain in the heart…” ”It happens when you lose your heart” ”those crazy, go mad…” ”When the breath is held…” ”it’s when you fall in love with love, that you lose your heart” ”Someone has stolen my heart…” ”and given me his heart
in exchange for mine” ”I pray to God. That our
hearts never be separated” ”When the eyes meet…” ”when his hand is in yours…” ”when things fall in place…” ”It happens when you lose your heart” ”those crazy, go mad…” ”they find no peace” ”It’s when you fall in love with love, that you lose your heart” My Heart. My Heart. My Heart. My Heart. My Heart. Hey, What she is doing here? Come. How does unmarried girl keep
the fast of karwa chauth. That’s is ok. Think, for
whom she has keep the fast. Come let’s ask. She is going to Suraj. Vyjayanti, today really
you’re looking beautiful. I know. You like me very much. Come.
Come. That’s mean, ‘Its for Suraj.” Come. Why to bring me at roof. I’ll tell you. Now, you stand here. Yes. What are you doing, Vyjayanti? I have keep fast… for your long life.
– What? Why what? Today’s Karwa Chauth! Every women keep fast for their husband. So I also keep for you. Are you fine, Vyjayanti? Are you all right? This fast is kept by wife for her husband. And you making a joke of this tradition. You have considered religion as a joke. I swear to God, I kept this
fast from bottom of my heart. Who said you to keep this fast?
What is relation with you? Everything. My life, my happiness. My whole life…
– You are talking like a mad. Yes. I become a mad. I become a mad.
In your love. Everytime I dreamt about you. I accept you as a God.
– Quiet. Its over, Vyjayanti. I believe that you are
a very good girl. You have a good heart, but… But now I make you understand. I understood. I understood. You’re saying no for this reason… that the after marraige
I demand for a child. I swear to God… I will never be a mother. A whole life I become a mother of Karan’s. Only… Do not separate me from yourself. Don’t separate me otherwise I wil die. This is not possible, Vyjayanti.
This is impossible. Why it’s impossible? tell me.
Why it’s impossible? Because my wife is alive. In seven years, no on hear a name from me, but in this seven years for a moment… I have not forgotten her. Vyjayanti, not a single woman
can take a place of my wife. No one can take Komal place. There is one thing, Yashpal ji. Your coming increased the party’s glory. Where is Komal? Was right here, Huh. There she is standing.
– Why she is standing there alone. Komal. Daughter, to get you here our motive is… If you mixed up with people
your loneliness will get less. Dad. You should not bring me here. What are you saying, Komal? Mixed up with people. Come on. Come. Come. Be with people. Come on.
– Please. Stop here. You sit here. I have been signing paper. I’ll back in 5 minutes.
– Ok. Have you been to exhibition. No.
– It was beautiful exhibition. You must.
– Ok. We are going tommorow. You
want to join us. – No You don’t attend exhibition. No. Should I get your coke.
– No. No really thank you. Good afternoon, sir. You.
– I wanted to signed this paper. Oh yes.
– Gupta has called me. He said, “Send paper immediately.” Good should be send by tomorrow. Hmm. Come on. Push up.
– Thank you sir. Karan.
– Yes Dad, coming. Cathch Dad.
– Come. Give me chi…
Come on. Lets go. Suraj. Suraj. Komal. Komal. Suraj. Suraj. Suraj. Suraj. Stop. Suraj. Suraj. Stop. Stop. Suraj. Komal. Are you mad. Have you gone mad. Dad, I have seen Suraj.
He is taking my son. Look there. You are talking about that man.
He is Suraj. He worked at my place. Yashpal ji, If you want I
can take you to his home. Yes. come on, Let’s go.
– you go home… I’ll bring your son.
– No. I’ll also come.
– Komal, listen to me. You go home. Within in half an hour
I’ll bring your son. Go. Stop here. Enough stop here. Thank you, Dad.
Thank you so much for the ball. Bye see you in the evening.
– Come soon. Bye, see you. Come on. Stop. This is the son of Suraj in blue t- shirt.
– What are you doing. Hey you, give it to me also. Yeah. Give to me. Yeah
– Go away. Go away. Come on. Who are you?
– You old woman, go away. Leave me. Who are you?
Where are you taking Karan’s? Oye, just leave me. Uncle.
– Where are you…? Hey, stop them. Where are taking our son? Where are taking our son? Hey, saved our son. Have to tell to the Suraj.
Have to tell to the Suraj. Hey, Suraj.
Suraj. Suraj. Suraj. Hey Suraj.
Listen, Listen, Listen. Some people took your son. They came in big cars. One man from that, his name was Yashpal. Aee… Driver.
– Yes sir. Blow his head.
– Yes sir. Hey, what? Haa! Well done, Dad. Well done.
– Just shut up. Dad. Tell your person to hit me. If they have a guts.
Then tell them to hit me. Dare you to touch my son. Dare you to touch my son.
Put hands on him. Hey, just listen… After beating few people of mine,
you think, you’re are a winner. I’ll come.
Will come again… And I will take your son… Till today, you fight with
your daughter’s husband… Do not dare to fight with a Dad. If you dare to touch my son’s shadow… I’ll do that with you… There will be no body to burn… nor ashes to be immersed. Dad, I know… Whatever you did.
Would have done for my sake. Dad. Why did you get seperated from mom? Mom did not love you? No son.
She really love me. She was my life. My habituate… My inspiration. John Avery is good…
– Hey sir. John is going to win and
you’re betting on him. You stupid, you know my
friend Suraj will be winner. That’s why I’m betting on John.
– You take betting, go. Say, John’s one on ten. Sir, Your tiger fall down like a cat. Hey idiot. Let her come… Then see my tiger will
wake up with a roar. Yaa… Come on. Get up. Suraj I love you. This is your victory money. Keep this. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. My Rs. 5000 on John. Come on. Come on.
– Come on. Come on.
– Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on John. ”I want to take you for my own.” ”I want to hold you to my bosom.” ”I want to take you for my own.” ”I want to hold you to my bosom.” ”in your arms, I want to die” ”I want to take you for my own.”
”I want to hold you to my bosom.” ”in your arms, I want to die” ”I want to take you for my own.”
”I want to hold you to my bosom.” ”The more I look at your face, my love.” ”my love for you increases
that much more” ”You have filled
my heart with love.” ”thank you so much
for accepting me” ”Listen to what my heart says,
my love. . ” ”this relation of love,
we must honour together” ”I want to take you for my own.”
”I want to hold you to my bosom.” ”in your arms, I want to die” ”I want to take you for my own.”
”I want to hold you to my bosom.” ”I’ve lost my heart ever
since I have desired you.” ”I thought it belonged to me,
but it went out to you” ”Strange are the ways
of love, my love.” ”in the loss of the
heart is the victory” ”You are my love, you are my mate.” ”in love, my love, we must
transcend all boundaries” ”I want to take you for my own.”
”I want to hold you to my bosom.” ”in your arms, I want to die” ”I want to take you for my own.”
”I want to hold you to my bosom.” ”in your arms, I want to die” Sorry. Hi. What the hell is your problem, Huh? What you want?
– Relax. I was just dancing! Don’t try to act smart! Girl’s like you I know very well. Don’t do such moves again. I break your hand.
– Komal, What are you doing? Just leave her hand.
– Get lost. What are you doing, Komal?
– Who the hell she think she… Komal please. Komal relax.
– Just leave me. I’ll… not tolerate this.- Komal relax. Relax.
Let’s go outside. Come on. Just leave me Suraj. What the hell she think herself.
– Come on, cool down, Komal. I said, “Leave me”.
– Ok Komal. Cool down. I know this kind of girl. I know, what she was thinking? I can’t tolerate this. Someone see at you… I can’t tolerate that. Suraj, I’ll live in any situation. Will bear any loss of life But the day you provoked my faith… That day will be last day
of our relationship. Who have a loving girl friend… why he will see the extinguished candle. I mean it. Tomorrow is your birthday, isn’t it?
– Yes. I talk to your Dad
about your relationship. Your presence grace the party. One minute. What is this Kothari’s sir? Your glass is empty. Hey, waiter. Come here, you idiot. How you are taking care of the guest? Why his glass is empty.
– Sorry sir. Thanks a lot for coming. Hi Suraj. Sir, he is the one, I have
told about you yesterday. Happy birthday.
– Thank you. Come with me.
– Where? Dad, meet him… He is Suraj.
– Hello sir. Dear, what you have wear today. On the ocassion of your birthday, I
have brought you a beatuiful dress. Just go and wear it.
– Dad, this is fine. Come on dear. Just go and change it.
Come on. Ok. I’ll come in few minute. What did you tell your name?
– Suraj. It’s a good name.
– Thank you. Sir, The cake has come.
– Very good. Come with me. This is Komal’s birthday cake. You will never see such
a thing in your life. Today I’ll feed you. What are you doing, sir? I am sweet your mouth. Come here. This is the world’s best alcohol. You will never even smell. I’ll make you to drink.
Drink. Drink.
– You’re crossing the limits, sir! Cheapskate! You hold my daughter’s hand and walk into my party? Leave me.
– Stop it. Do not take his silence
to be his weakness, Dad. If he’s quiet, it’s only
because you are my Dad… And let me tell you something. Suraj is your future son- in- law
and my husband- to- be! And a place where my
husband is not respected… I will not stay at even for a moment! Let’s go, Suraj. You are one who rules my heart. You are the one who lives in my heart’ You mean the life to me.
You are one… who rules my heart. You are the one… who lives in my heart. You mean the life to me. I desire you with all my heart… I seek you with all my heart… my life I could lay down for you,
my love You are one who rules my heart.
You are the one… who lives in my heart. You mean… the life to me. 500 bucks on Suraj.
– Very good! You are amazing Suraj! People sweat it out to earn money, and you shed your blood for it. Here’s your rightful share. Take it, Suraj. Thank you Manikbhai. Thank you. “This relationship between hearts” “this bond between hearts” “this union of lives…
culminates in our coming together” “Just one desire in my heart.
A promise too” “I will love you more
than my own life, my love” “With you, I will live.
I will never go away” “I take an oath, my love.” “You are one who rules my heart.
You are the..” “one who lives in my heart” “You mean the life to me” “He will be the sun during day,” “a star by night” “our darling son” “will be the most lovable” “My heart beat says” “And also says this mind” “that our childhood” “is returning to us.” “Come, let me embrace you.” “Let me merge with you… I want nothing more, my love.” “You are one who rules my heart.” “You are the one who lives in my heart.” “You mean the life to me.” “You are one who rules my heart.” “You are the one who lives in my heart.” ‘You mean the life to me.” Ready? I wish for you with my whole soul. I devote this life to you, My love.
What’s that, madam? Can I come in sir?
– Come in. Is everything all right, doctor?
– Yes Can I have this?
– Sure. What are you looking at, doctor? Such injuries are commonplace
in our profession. In fact, we are paid
for the injuries. There’s no cause for concern,
I hope?’ Cause for concern, there is. You’ll have to be very careful. See your brain- scan? This portion of your brain is badly hurt Because of this injury, you will have to give
up this profession. I’m afraid, you’ll never be able
to enter a ring again. But why, doctor? Because if by any chance, you sustain another injury in the same place… you can suffer a brain hemorrhage or even have a paralytic stroke. Or you could even lose your life. It’s a very serious matter. You have to take care. I understand that, but… but I have a request to make You don’t mention this
to Komal. She’s pregnant… she’ll be upset for no reason. All right, Suraj. But you…
– I’ll take care myself. Thank you.
I’ll leave now. Coming. One second. Hi baby.
– Hi. How are you. Looking nice.
– Thank you. What’s that? Vitamins. Eat vitamins and be
fit like I am Listen, what did the doctor say? He said, “I’d live for a hundred
years and sire eleven children” Suraj. Suraj, give up this profession. God forbid… if something happens to you? One moment! Strange! Your son’s
saying the same thing! When the mother and son get together.
What’ll poor Dad do? No more fights! Promise! This is an invitation to Anita’s
wedding. You’re going, aren’t you? No. Why not? Dad, will also be there. And I don’t want us to come face to face. Don’t be silly! You’re going to the wedding and
I’m booking the tickets tomorrow, Ok. Ok. Ok. Congratulations! Komal, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you here today. Where’s your husband? He had some important work.
So I came on my own. He insisted that I attend… So you wouldn’t take offence.
– So nice of him! You’ve travelled so far. Your baby must be hungry. Go and eat something.
– No, we’ll eat together. Don’t be so formal. Go ahead.
I’ll join you later Go.
– Ok, See you later. Bye. This is the ideal couple. For a beautiful daughter… you
have found a great son- in- law. And I’m not so lucky, am I? Uncle! What’s this uncle? You meet your daughter
after all these days. and you are so indifferent? You wanted Komal to be happy, didn’t you? And she’s happy. Very happy. And perhaps you don’t know… She’s pregnant. And you’re going to become a grandfather. I’m sorry, Dad. I have hurt your feelings. Please forgive me. I must leave now, my child. Look after yourself. Dad What’s this? You come this far
and won’t come upstairs? No, dear. I don’t have the courage to face Suraj. I’ve been very…
– Dad. Suraj holds no grudge against you. In fact, he’ll be very happy
to see you. Come on. I won’t take no far answer.
Come on Dad. Come on.
– Ok. Come dad. He doesn’t even know
I’m returning today. He’s going to be surprised to
see the two of us together. Come on in, Dad. Give that to me. Sit down. He must be in there. I’ll give him a surprise. Sit down. Yes, I’ll sit down. You? How dare you get into my house? And how dare you to wear my nightgown? Oh come on! You talk of sharing
a house and the nightgown? I’ve even shared your husband. I’ve slept with him. Komal! What are you doing? I’ll kill you!
– What are you doing? leave me, dad.
– Komal, come in senses. Komal, Have you gone mad? What is the matter?
– I won’t spare you! She says, She has spent the night with my husband! Leave me.
– Komal. What happened, Komal? You’re asking me? First tell me
what she’s doing here! What are you doing in here?
– Wow! Why put on the act
when you see your wife? When you can have fun,
have the balls to admit it. Tell your wife that, “You’ve
spent the night with me.” What rubbish are you talking? What rubbish are you talking?
– You’re the one talking rubbish! Suraj, tell me the truth. What is the truth? Komal, What’s happening here?
How did this woman land here? I don’t know a thing, Komal!
– No! You’re lying… What’s this? Where did you
get this lip- stick stains from? How did you get this lip- stick stain? Komal, I don’t know.
I swear, I don’t know anything. I don’t know. Tell me. Now, tell me that you know nothing
about this ear- ring either! Tell me!
Tell me! I swear it on you!
I know nothing! Listen to me, Komal
Hear me out! Why did you do this to me?
– Hear me out. Why did you do this?
– I did nothing ! Nothing! Listen to me, Komal.
Listen to me. What did you do this?
– Listen to me, Komal. Listen to me.
– Why did you do this Suraj? I have not done anything.
Please listen to me. Komal. Don’t touch me. Are you mad! Komal.
– Don’t touch me. I’m sorry. I’m…
– Don’t touch me. Our relations are finished. I’m dead for you! I’m dead! Komal. Komal. Lay off, scoundrel! You have ruined my daughter’s life! Hear me out, Komal. Komal! My child! Someone send for an ambulance! That man, for whom I left you, I forgot the whole world… He was the one who betrayed my trust. He has defiled the
husband and wife relationship. I will never forgive him. Never! Congratulations sir! It’s a baby boy. You become a grandfather. I don’t want this child to live.
– But why sir? The relation which I had broke forever. Today the link to that
relationship has born. And I will not allow this
relationship to be reconnected again. Go Madhesh, kill him. Madesh! See that. Suraj, your wife doesn’t trust you. Your father-in-law want
to kill your child. If you want to see your child alive… then please take your
child and run away Suraj. What are you thinking Suraj?
Take your child and run away. Suraj take your child and run away. Run away Suraj. Run away. I have lost everything. I have lost everything. I have been living for the last 7 years only for you. Father, they will not
separate me from you? I can not live without you, Dad. I can not live without you. I will ask you, who gives you an
advice to behave like a fool? Who told you to do all this. We have a “Law” in our country. He cheated on his wife. He ran away with the child. Just like that, I will cross Suraj
with all the blames in the court. My name is Adv. Katre. And he can not win after my case crossing. But you have to do as I say. Because there are allegations and
counter allegations in the court. Sometimes, you’ve to speak truth. Sometimes, you have take support of a lie. But Mrs. Komal, I believe… you are ready to face any
situation to get back your child. I don’t want to listen any excuse. Yashpal Chaudhary is a
financer of our company. I can not hire his enemy at my place. Mr. Netaji, clear his accounts. Aunty, I heard that Suraj lost his job. Yes dear. Whenever problem comes,it
comes from all the sides. His house is scattered. There is no drinking water in his house. That’s why I’m storing it. Aunty, don’t worry. I’m there. I’ll do all the household chores.
– No dear. Leave it, aunty. I’ll bring it. Madam, the front house. Anybody inside? Who’s there? You…
– Where is suraj? You’re Mrs. Komal, right? Suraj used to talk…
– I asked where is Suraj? Everyday, he come from work at this time. He must be on his way.
– Why are ypu standing? Have a seat.
– It’s ok. I’m fine. Do you live in this house? Assume it. By which relationship do
you live in this house? There is no relation. Do you know, if a woman lives with a
man without any relation; then people call her prostitute. In modern times, if people call Krishna’s
Meera as a prostitute then yes, I’m a prostitute. Leave my hand. I have not come here to
see your love story. I have come here to
return your court summon. I’ll take back my child from you. I’ll see you in court. Komal… Your honour, Today’s hearing is the
unique hearing in the history of law. This is not a robbery,
murder, mugging case. but it is a case of a
unfortunate mother whose child was kidnapped by someone
immediately after his birth. That someone who has done
this despicable act is not one other than her husband
and her child’s father. Your honour, to prove this despicable act I want a permission to present a nurse
named Bilkis Banu in front of the court. She was the one who were there
in the hopital that night. Permission granted. What did you see that night Mrs.
Bilkis Banu? I saw, This man punched Mr. Yashpal’s right
hand and ran away with the child. I screamed. Security
had tried to stop him. But he punched them also. Thank you.
-Yes sir. Your honour, he had a major intention
behind the kidnapping of a child. He wanted to make money from a billionaire’s only child. Because personally he is infamous, unkind and inebriated person. This is all fake your honour.
-This is all truth your honour. And to prove this truth I have a solid and complete evidence. Husain Bakshi. Husain Bakshi. How did you and Suraj become friends? We have common interests sir. Whenever we used to drink,
he always said one thing. What did he say? My son is my wealth. And the day when my wife
will come take back my son I’ll recover the money from her. He is babbling a shit! He is my enemy sir. Forget about a drink, I haven’t
drink a glass of water with him. He is corrupted. They bribed him. He is not corrupted.
You’re corrupted. And to prove this truth, I want
your permission to present Mrs. Komal in front of court your honour. Permission granted. Mrs. Komal, did Mr. Suraj demand an amount
of money to return your child back? I’m asking you Mrs. Komal. Did Suraj demand 2 lac rupees
to return back your child? Mrs. Koma, why ain’t you answering? Did Suraj demand an
amount of money or not? Without legal proceeding you
can not get your child back. You will never get back. Did Suraj demand an
amount of money or not? Yes. My husband had demanded
an amount of money. Mr. Suraj, do you have
anything to clarify? I’m asking you Mr. Suraj. Do you want to clarify anything? All the aspects of this case have been
presented to the court. And one thing has been proven, that what was the intention of Mr. Suraj to kidnap his child. He has played with the relation of husband and father to recover the money. The child has no future
with such a self-centred man. That is why the court orders the child
to be handed over to the mother. It’s truth that god has
given me the birth. But father has given me a life. I love you dad. I love you. In a matter of moments,
what has my life come to? I wonder whose evil eye has
affected our relationship I will always miss
your innocent face When you go away,
who will call me Papa? What does God make relations. Why does He break them? Karan. Karan. You haven’t eat anything since last night. Come. Come. Eat something. Please. You’re not willing to eat from my hands. I’m your mother. Do you love my father? Do you love my father? if you don’t love my father, then you can not be my mother. Go away. I don’t want to eat anything you made. Just go away. Just go away. Just go away. Leave me alone.
Just go away. Just go away.Just go away. Just go away.
Go away. Who has broke a mirror of my house? Who has broke?
– I broke it. Tell me what will you do? Are you gone mad? I have lost my mind. But you have lost your morality. How much money did you
get to lie in the court? How much money did you make by
separating a child from his father? I’ll do as I wish. Who are you to edify Hussain? You call yourself Hussain. Do you know, who was
the Hussain used to be? He was a grandson of prophet. He lost his life.
He martyred. Because of the truth and justice. And you… You have dishonoured his name. You have accused your religion. You have to repay for this. You have to repay for this. The credit of this celebration
goes to you, Judge sir. Our lawyer is saying a truth. If you had not given your
verdict on our side then, One minute Mr. Yashpal, I had not
given my verdict on your side. I had given my verdict on
the basis of evidence, witness and truth as well. Well said sir.
– Well said, sir. On this note, let’s have a drink. Thank you, but I don’t drink. I just came to celebrate your
happiness only because you insist. As you pleased.
– Excuse me sir. Sir just a minute. Excuse me.
– Please. What happened Madesh?
Why are you disturbing? Sir, Suraj came to meet you. How did you dare to come here? Get lost. I’ll go sir. I’ll go sir. Please allow me to meet my
son just for 2 minutes. Have you come to ask? Then ask like a begger. Sit down on your nees. Sit down on your nees. Now join your hands and beg. And beg to meet your son. Didn’t you heard? Beg like a poor. Please allow me to meet my son. Please allow me to meet my son. You will not receive a
charity from this house. Get out. Get out from here. Out. Well done sir.
You taught the right lesson. He wanted to argue with you. You made him a begger. He doesn’t know that whom
he was dealing with. Where is class of king and
where’s the class of pauper! Come on sir, let’s party. This guy’s gonna smash everything ! Oh no! Hey, what are you doing? Commissioner, Yashpal Chaudhary here. A goon has entered into my bungalow. And he is destroying everything. Please send police force
as soon as possible. We all are in danger. Please send them fast. Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan!
– Dad, dad! Karan! Karan! Karan! They snatched you from me. Dad, please take me with you please. Yes Karan. Come on.
Come on. Dad. Dad. They have arrested Suraj. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Please don’t hit my dad. Leave me. Leave me. Grandfather, they will kill my father. Grandfather, please save him.
I beg you. Please save him. Your father is Basterd. Better let him die. Got lost. Dad! Karan! Dad! Dad! They have arrested Suraj. Brother Suraj. Brother suraj. Well done sir! Well done sir! He is a culprit. Tomorrow, he will be in your court again. And you gave a sentence to death. Give him a sentence to death. His only fault is that he loves his son. He will do the same mistake until he is alive. Relieve him of his suffering. Give him a sentence to death. Give him a sentence to death. Come on, you’ve got bail. Mr.Suraj. The law is like the blind traveller
who finds his way with the help of witnesses and evidence. Whatever evidence and witness
presented in the court, I had delivered a verdict
against you. But yesterday I got to know everything. Please appeal to reopen the case. I assure you, I’ll try my best to give you justice. I’m asking, on what basis this
case is going to reopen, whereas the verdict of the
case has already be justified. What’s the farce? Mr. chaudhary, you’re trying to
interrupt the court proceedings. But your honour…
-If don’t keep quiet then it will be considered as
disrespect towards the court. Mr. Yashpal, please keep quiet. Suraj has came out of jail. Do not let it happen that
they could lock you up. You may proceed. Thank you your honour. I seek permission to summon
Mrs. Komal in the witness box. Permission granted. I now seek permission to summon
Master Karan in the witness box. Permission granted. Mrs. Komal, Please oath under the name of your son. that your husband asked for a money
to return your son back. Are you listening, Mrs. Komal? Please oath under the name of your son… that Mr. Suraj asked for 20 million
to return your son back. I’m asking you something Mrs. Komal. Please oath under the name of your son. Tell the court that how much money did Suraj ask to you. Tell me! I don’t think I need to explain
anything more than this to the court. That’s all I have to say, your honour. Judge sir! I want to say something. Permission granted. I admit that a mother lied to have her son back. Evidently, you may hand over
the child to his father. But ask him to accept a cheque of 10 million
along with the child. Because Judge sir, This man is no capacity to give the child a good upbringing. I have raised my son for seven years, And I’m able to take care
of him in future s well. I don’t need this man’s charity. Oh yes, why would you need charity? You have your own tank, don’t you? Your honour, everyone knows
what his status is. Even his house is under litigation. And he can be thrown out at any time. He has already lost his job. It is Sir’s kindness that he
is giving you some charity. Have you the ability to deposit 1.5 million in court for your son’s upbringing? Why? Why your lips are sealed? Speak up! Say you can’t
take care your son! Yes, I can take care my child. Did you hear that?
I can take care of my child. Really? As a security, can you deposit
1.5 million rupees in court? Yes, I can! Judge, he himself says that for the upbringing of his child he can deposit 1.5 million
rupees in court as a security. If he fails to do that, I genuinely request to the court that The child should be
entrusted to his mother for his better future. ‘Do you agree?
– Yes, I agree. Mr. Suraj, are you saying this with all your senses that you will keep your promise
within a given period of time? Yes, sir. According to the promise,
Mr. Suraj has given 3 months to deposit 1.5 million rupees
in the court as a security. If he fails to honour
his commitment. the child shall be entrusted forever
to the mother. By agreeing to our condition in the court, you have distanced yourself
from your son forever. Forget raising 1.5 million in 3 months, You can’t even raise it in 3 lifetimes. I’m sorry to say this, Yashpal Chaudhary You’re fond the victory, But you don’t know how to play the game. 1.5 million is nothing, even if you asked for 150
millions for my son. I’d have thrown it in your face. All the best dad! All the best! Ranjeet’s 50 and Rohit’s 500. Bet for 500, bet for 100. 1000 on Raheem’s name.
Don’t get upset. Hey Suraj! Suraj! After all these years! My brother Suraj! Where have you been? Where? Where have you been?
I was looking for you since many years. God ! Am I glad to see you today!
My brother! My brother! Are you gone mad? You’re thinking to get
into this profession again? Even a tiger forgets to hunt prey
after being in a cage for seven years. And you’ve been out of touch
with fighting for seven years. Why are you endangering your life? Why brother? Why? Manik Bhai, I’m not talking about
common betting fights I’m talking about the fight that
takes place only once in a year. The winner gets 2.5 million
for winning the fight. You’ve gone nuts! You’re out of your mind. One minute, You had hurt on your head?
And… the doctor has forbidden you
from fighting too. ‘Don’t take this risk, my brother. You’ll die. You’ll die. Anyways I’m dead after being
separated from my son, Manik Bhai. If you wish to see me alive, then help me to get my son back. I can even give my life for you, Suraj. But I don’t have that much money. Who will sponsor for your preparations? Who will train you?
– I’ll train him. Yes Suraj. I have committed a grave sin by
separating you from your son, Suraj. Give me this opportunity
to do a good deed. Maybe I’ll be able to
face my God then, Amazing! This is terrific news, Madesh! Suraj has decided to enter the ring again! But this time, He should not go back alive from the ring. That’s what will happen, sir. Look over there. Madhesh. Bribe this person! And tell him. Just don’t win the fight,
He has got to kill Suraj. Victory is a part of my personality. And I’m going to win this
battle against Suraj. I will win. Yashpal Chaudhary. God, protect my father. You are the Lord Ram. And yet, Your brother and Your wife
were with You in exile. Suraj has been through the exile
for seven years on his own. To fight with the demon, You had an army of the apes. But… He has fought with the world alone. Your justice is being
put on test today. Help him, Lord. Protect him. Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram-Seeta! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram-Seeta! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram-Seeta! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram-Seeta! Suraj…Suraj! Suraj! Suraj! Suraj! Suraj! Suraj! Suraj! Why were you calling Suraj?
Who are you? I’m the woman who ruined this man’s life. I’m the one who had him
separated from his wife. And God has punished me for my sins. I was proud of my body. Now it becomes like this. My husband left me. I started begging door to door. I’m living only because I want to fall on his feets for forgiveness and apology. You’ve come to the right place. Come with me. Come. Komal. Komal. Komal. Komal. How you dare to come to this house? Get out from here. Get out. Get out! Wretch! Whom did you call a wretch? Mind your tougue. You think only you can get angry? I’m also lost my mind today! Enough of your blabbing.
Now listen to me. Do you know her? Look, you know her right? You talk about sharing a house
and the nightgown? And I’ve already shared your husband. I slept with him. You?
– Yes! She’s the one who lit the fire between
you and your husband. She’s the one who ruined your family. Tell her the truth.
Why did you do that? Clear her doubts. Tell her. Nothing had happened between
your husband and me that night. It was part of a conspiracy
to poison your mind. Your husband is innocent. I was given a pair of stolen
keys to get into your house. I was the one who applied
Lipstick marks on Suraj’s shirt. I was the one who hooked that ear-ring. To make you believe that your husband had spent
the night with me. To ruin a happy family, to commit such a grave sin, the man who paid me whatever
I asked for was no one else, but your father. You’re a rich man’s daughter, aren’t you? But I haven’t seen someone as
poor as you’re in my entire life. You have neither the
happiness of being a wife nor a mother. A husband and wife’s relationship
is based on love and faith. And you… you did not trust a man whom you loved. Men never lacks women. A million girls would die for Suraj. I was willing to die for him! I was! But he never even looked at me.
You know why? Because you’re the only one whom he loves. There’s just one woman
in his life. and that’s you. The son for whom you’re
being too emotional, you
couldn’t even have seen his face. If Suraj had not escaped with him
from the hospital, Because your father was bent on
killing the symbol of your love. He wanted to kill your child! This bridal necklace you wear… it proves that you haven’t been able to forget
Suraj in these 7 years. You still love him and consider him to be your husband. But… you will wear that necklace for just half an hour more. For the sake of his son, Suraj has
chosen to walk into the jaws of death. He won’t come back alive from there. Only you can save him. Go and save your husband. Save your Suraj. Save him. That scoundrel mustn’t survive. Listen carefully to what I say I’ve just received
information from Madesh that Suraj’s nerve to the right
of his brains, is damaged. Just gun for his right temple. Like I’ve thrown him out
of my daughter’s life you must throw him
out of this world! Just finish him off! I want to see him dead. Do you understand? I
want to see him dead. My daughter slapped me? My daughter? No. You were slapped by the woman who gave false testimony
against her husband in court. You were slapped by the wife who could not preserve the
sanctity of her bridal necklace. You were slapped by that mother who could not feed her child
with her own milk. Komal… Komal!!! Komal!!! What have you done, my child? What have you done? I’ve punished that daughter who hit her own father. Yeah!!! Yeah! Yeah! ”God, have mercy.” ”God, protect him.” ”Protect him, Lord.” Scorpio. Scorpio. Scorpio. Scorpio. Scorpio. Don’t waste time. Hit him here. Here. Finish him. Finish him. Scorpio. Scorpio. Yeah, ho!!! You’ve got to win, Suraj. Scorpio! Yeah! Hit me! C’mon. C’mon. Hit me. C’mon. Hit me. Hit me. Hit me. C’mon. Hit me. Hit me. Suraj, clobber him! Harder! Hit him, Suraj! Come on. Come on. Dont leave him. Come on. Come on. What are you doing? You go from there. Suraj, You’re the winner! Suraj, you win. He is my tiger! Go to your, Dad. Go on Dad. Dad. Dad. ”Suraj, my son… I had never accepted defeat in my life” Winning had come to be
part of my nature But your honesty
has defeated me. ”I today understand the significance
of the word ”father” ”Here’s a father, who defied death for the sake of his son” And I… I gave my child nothing but sorrow I won’t ask you to forgive me I don’t deserve that even in charity You’re running scared of punishment? You’re surely going to be punished. Whatever punishment you give me… ”I will face it, my child.” “So go down on your knees” ”Go down on your knees, I say” Embrace me ”Embrace me, grandfather”


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