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Rufus Hound’s Message to Ambulance Workers

Hello, I’m Rufus Hound.
I’m not just funny but I’m also incredibly
handsome and slightly psychic – yes by, looking into
my crystal ball I see a future in which Lord Howe
and Jeremy Hunt are playing a leisurely round of golf
at their 68th brithday blowing out the candles, heading to the clubhouse for a few cocktails and a cigar,
paid for no doubt with the money they’ve made from their investments, the money’s coming from the private healthcare companies they both invested in,
that are now weirdly profiting handsomely from some of the decisions they’ve both made!
What I don’t really see them doing is racing around doing four consecutive twelve-hour shifts carrying 42kg bags of kit up and down stairs for next to no money trying to say human lives.
And yet that will be the reality for frontline ambulance workers – the life-saving and caring work that you guys do is as incredibly stressful as it is invaluable to your community the stress you’re under is only going to get worse and worse,
with call volumes actually doubling between 1996 and 2006. In essence you guys are having to work
harder for less money. Yes, the NHS budget has been ‘ringfenced’
but in real terms that is a genuine cut!
What does this achieve? Well, high rates of burnout and injury amongst
overworked ambulance staff results in patient deaths, simply because there aren’t
enough of you to go round. Last week a pensioner in Hartlepool died after having to
wait two hours for an ambulance, and the magistrate up that way actually heard evidence that the
reason was that the ambulance service was completely overstretched. The coroner and the magistrate
then found that indeed this was a sad consequence and a national problem.
So the work of ambulance workers is one of the reasons I’m standing for the NHA – the National Health Action Party. Why a European Election and not a general
election? In essence, because there’s this thing TTIP, it’s an EU-US trade agreement that will basically
lock in privatisation. The privatisation of the NHS is
happening by stealth – seventy percent of contracts dished out since this government came to
power have gone to private companies.
The EU US trade agreement will make that irrevocable – we can’t turn back the tide.
And actually what’s happening and what we know is happening, is that the
results of PFI the amount of debt that the NHS
is now having to try and pay off is having a crippling effect
on what the NHS is able to do. And in fact in terms of the ambulance service –
I’m looking at my piece of paper over here Spending on private firms to provide
999 ambulances has doubled in the last 3 years now is a vote for the NHA a worthwhile vote?
Well yes. In a city of 6 million people we only need to get
200 thousand votes to get one candidate elected to the
European Parliament. I genuinely believe that if we have one candidate
sitting there in Brussels the message that sends to the economic vampires
who are sucking the lifeblood out of this incredible British institution – an institution that
you probably don’t need reminding was recently voted in a poll, as the thing the British people are most proud of. Look, this august institution needs defending. The people within it realise what’s happening to it,
hopefully people on the outside increasingly will also realise what is happening to it. How do we change it? We vote.
It is the one tool available to us to send these sons of… women and men a strong message that we’re not going to stand for it any more. So please don’t lose hope and on a personal level I want you to know
that if I was capable of being anything other than a performing monkey I can see literally nothing of any higher value or higher human calling than doing what you do. I assume that you are met with endless gratitude all the time.
On the odds that you aren’t on the odds that actually your lives are just a never-ending wodge of stressful situations having to fight off
desperate people who themselves are acting irrationally I’m sorry for that, but I am so intensely
grateful to you and to your colleagues.
So, from me thanks, from you, a vote wouldn’t go amiss! So on the 22nd of May please make sure that you are enrolled to vote and vote for the NHA. Thank you for taking what is, probably
by this point, 20 minutes to watch this video!


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