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SEC Shorts – LSU buries Alabama

*police radio chatter* Oh! Hi there, officer. Wonderful night we’re having. Yeah…uh… What are you…doing? Oh I’m just burying Alabama. *mumbling* Uh huh. What’s with the… Well he was trying to change the national narrative into his favor so… Yeah I should probably hear it from him. Oh ok. Suit yourself. Alright. Listen, guys. Plenty of one loss teams have made the playoffs before These are just facts. You see what I’m talking about? ESPN FPI and Bill Connoley’s SP+ are still very high on us right now. Oh is that true!? Hey can you do me a favor and just scooch over a minute. I think I see a win against a ranked opponent in there. Nope! It’s just dirt. Hey look, guys. Season’s not over yet. Still a lot of football left to be played here. Dispatch, what’s the remaining Alabama football schedule? Alabama’s remaining schedule, Mississippi State, Western Carolina, and Auburn. Mississippi State is a slippery adversary ok? You never know if their quarterback is gonna run it, throw it or turn it over. You gotta stay on your toes! Let’s not forget the Iron Bowl ok? Bo Nix is due to start throwing passes to his own receivers any day now! I mean if we’re being honest, that should really be the game of the century. I don’t know why you’re so upset. You’re still gonna go to the Sugar Bowl. Just finish me.


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