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Sembrava morto… Cucciolo salvo per miracolo!

Dil looked dead… A car had hit him leaving
him dying on the pavement When the volunteers approached they
thought there was nothing more to do the head injury was very serious… but his little heart continued to throb… Only a miracle could have saved the puppy. Dil remained in a coma 48 hours… when he regained consciousness he was
unable to move and above all to eat. Fortunately there is no neurological damage… Dil will only need a rest
and a lot of love… Three days after waking up… With dedication and love,
the volunteers helped him recover… The pace is still uncertain… One week later… The worst is over… Dil can only thank his angels
by waving his tail happily. After another bit of rehabilitation
Dil is finally healed! All is well what ends well!


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