– Shizzle my nizzle! – [Father] Done. (Collins laughs loudly) – What’s up, it’s Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog. And for today’s video, as you can tell by the title, I need a special guest
to join me right now. So everyone please
welcome my little brother, Devan Key. (Collin yells) (Devan laughs loudly) – What’s up? (Collins laughs loudly) What’s up man? This is my friend. (Collins laughs loudly) – This is so stupid. But yeah. Welcome to the Thursday vlog. And now for today’s video Devan and I, we’re going head to head. We do a lot of challenges together, but today we’re taking it to the next… (laughs) Little hair right there
is kind of terrifying me. – Yup – It’s like a little spring
coming off of his head. So if you guys don’t know, Devan is literally my best
friend in the entire world. And this right here is
my other best friend. We’re gonna be going head to head, and we’re doing this sibling test. So our Dad has prepared
a list of questions that we should know about each other and– – Dude! – Basically, our Dad’s
gonna ask a question like, “What color are Devin’s eyes?” – Something better than
that hopefully but. – It was off the top of the dome bro. And then he’s gonna
write down what color he thinks his eyes are. I’m gonna write down what color I think his eyes are. We’re gonna turn around and reveal. And if we get it right
then nothing happens. – It’ll be a lot harder than that. – Yeah. Trust me it will. But, let’s say I get it wrong and I say that his eyes are red. I don’t know why I would say that. Then, the other person gets to paint – Is that– – on the loser’s face. – All right. So that’s
how the challenge works. And also I’m doing a huge giveaway on my channel right now. If you guys wanna enter into that, all you gotta do is let me know by liking (drum sounds)
(laughing) liking this video, comment down below. Let us know what is your
favorite video that I’ve ever posted here on this channel. And also you must be
subscribed to this channel. I’m also taking into account my Instagram and my Twitter for this giveaway. So go follow me on those. Turn on my notifications and be active. Also, go follow Devan guys. Show this little man some love. On Instagram and Twitter. – Oh yeah. Get that promo. – Get that promo! – He’s been waiting
for weeks to be like on Instagram and Twitter. You wanna let ’em know
what your user name is? (laughing) Don’t worry. It’ll be on the screen. What’s that? (laughs loudly) And yo. Without any further ado. What? (laughs loudly) Allright. – I’ve been waiting for weeks? (Collins laughs loudly) – I’m sorry. – Really. Yeah, okay. I’ve been waiting for weeks trying to figure out what I’m gonna say. (brothers laugh loudly) We’re gonna end the shenanigans and get into more shenanigans and let’s get right into the video. – But for real. My name is Devan Key. (brothers laugh loudly) – And it’s DevanKey on Twitter. – Go follow him. (laughs loudly) – [Father] What is Devan’s favorite emoji? Draw it out. – [Brothers] (laughs loudly) Oh! – Okay. Well, I don’t
think I can draw this one. We’ll see. My art skills
guys are not on fleek. That’s for sure. Oh my gosh. It looks like a…
This is not a… Oh god no! It doesn’t look like… How do I make this happier? Three. Two. One. Laughing emoji. Did I get it? – Yeah! With the tears. With the tears. Yeah. – Now look how bad mine looks. (brothers laugh loudly) – Whoo! We’re safe for this round. – [Father] Does Collins
wear boxers or briefs? – This is so easy. You don’t know this? – I’m not sure if I know the difference. (Collins laughs loudly) Three. Two. One. Briefs! Did you get it right?
– Yep – Yep! I’m all about them brief lifes. – Yeah. – I don’t like boxers man. – I don’t either. It’s
too much air flowing. – It’s like wearing a cloud. It’s like wearing a cloud. – And you’d think that
would be a good thing. But it’s not. – It’s not. No. No but it’s like. It’s like a cloud with too much excess. That’s the only way to describe it. Yeah. – It’s just–
– It’s not streamlined. – No.
– All right. Let’s move on to the next question. – Yes. Please. – [Father] What is Devan’s
most irritating habit? – What? – Oh! I know this one. Three. Two. One. – Always having to be right. – Yeah. Being right.
– Yes! (brothers laugh loudly) – Which I have to say is not– – Dude you’ve gotten a lot better though. – No. I always admit when I’m wrong and– – Always is a very strong word. – Oh yeah. When I am wrong. – [Father] I just wanna make a point here. Devan has argued this whole point for him to be right. (Collins laughs loudly) – And Collins does the same thing. – He’s still arguing about being right. – Because it’s kinda true. – [Father] If Collins were
deserted on an island, what are the three things he could not live without? – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. – I said Devan, the internet, and the ability to teleport. – What? (loudly buzzing) – Yeah. What did you say? – I did actual things that exist. – You exist. – The ability to teleport? – Yeah. It’s out there. Bro, I’m sure someone’s working on it. Devan takes the first L. So now it’s time to put some face paint on you Bro. – All right. (mumbles) – We’re gonna go with green. – Oh gosh. (trippy music) Yeah! I’ve always wanted a mustache. – You got a mustache.
– Yeah! – [Father] What food does
Devan enjoy the most? – Oh, I don’t know. Oh, I think I know. – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. – Sushi! – [Brothers] Ice cream!
– Dangit! (loud buzzing) – Ha! Yes! (Collins screams) – That was so loud. You really shouted in my ear. – I’m sorry bro. – I can’t believe I got that wrong. – Yeah! And it’s like the
worst smiley face ever. But still I won so yeah. – It has a tongue like (gurgling) – All right.
– I’m a little bit nervous. – Aw yes. – All right. Three. Two. One. (Devan laughs) – I don’t even know what it looks like. I think it’s a heart. You drew like a heart on my lips. – Sort of a heart. But it’s like those Victorian-like– – Oh gosh! – [Father] Next question. – Yeah. Let’s hit it. – [Father] Who would
Collins say is more messy? – Oh. This is easy. – Me!
– Collins! And it takes to major L’s! (brothers laugh loudly) – It’s so stupid. Okay, there we go. – So true. – Yeah. You’re right. All right. I’m a little bit more messy. Not much. – No. – Not much but just enough. – [Father] What is
Devan’s astrological sign? – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. Aries! – Yeah. – Can Collins whistle? – That’s it?
– That’s it? – [Father] If yes, prove it. – Three. Two. One.
– Uno. Dos. Tres. – [Brothers] Yeah! (laughs) – And then now I have to prove it. Which I don’t know if I can do with this lipstick stuff on. Because normally I would lick my lips but I don’t wanna get
this stuff on my tongue. – Do it. (Collins whistles) – [Father] What is
Devan’s favorite holiday? – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. Christmas! – Wait dude! Did we both do it with an X? (brothers laugh loudly) No way! Dude! Dude! Yo! If that’s not
twinning on another level. That’s pretty crazy right there. – [Father] What would Devan say is his greatest talent? – Oh. That’s hard. – Being right. (brothers laugh loudly) – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. – Styling his hair. (loud buzzing) (brothers laugh loudly) I was gonna say art but you do so many other things. You can act–
– That’s what I meant. – And you produce music. – Because an artist is
considered someone who is so an actor, a painter, a musician. – Oh. Okay. – They’re all artists. – Gotcha. No! I was gonna do this to you. No! (trippy music) (Devan laughs) I’m not happy with this
challenge right now. (Devan laughs loudly) This is not good. – It looks perfect bro. – It’s art.
– It’s all good. – It’s totally art. – [Father] What is Devan’s favorite kind of puzzle? – All right. Three. Two. One. – Girls!
– Mental– (loud buzzing) – What is yours? – Like, mental or brain puzzles. (Collins laughs loudly)` – All right. So Devan gets to write on my face again because I got it wrong. Wee! Oh man. Oh man. Not again. (trippy music) All right. Next question. Let’s get to it.
– All right. – [Father] What song
best describes Collins? – Three. Two. One.
– All right. – A thousand miles.
– Crazy– – (laughs) Crazy frog. (laughs loudly) (loud buzzing) – A thousand miles? – Da na na na na na na And I need you – [Brothers] Da na na na na na na And I miss you – Da Yeah. No I was just joking. But like crazy frogs is like actually– – Crazy frog. – But you didn’t get it right. It’s a bummer. All right. Here we go. And you’re gonna have to close your eyes for this one. – No.
– Yes. – Oh!
– Yes. Close your eyes. – Dude, this is gonna be awesome! – Close your eyes! (laughs) (trippy music) – Darn it! I literally thought
you were doing the eyeS on the eyelid. So every time I would
blink it looks as though– – Oh no! – So I was like “This is
is gonna be so awesome!” Like Pirates of the Caribbean! – Nope! And then now you look like… Yeah, you look kinda crazy. – Yeah. Well. Yeah. Okay. (brothers laugh loudly) – [Father] Next question! – Yes .
– All right. – [Father] What celebrity does Collins most resemble? – [Brothers] What? – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. – Queen Elizabeth! (buzzing loudly) (Collins laughs) – I said a random guy from Tron. Like the main guy in Tron. I mean like two people in my entire life have been like, you kinda look like
the main guy from Tron. – All right. Devan got
this one wrong so… Yep. Let’s do this. I’m warning you guys. This one is gonna be very, very mature. Turn towards me. There we go. (Collins laughs loudly) – Did you just write poop on my forehead? Did you? – I don’t know. – Oh my gosh. (Collins laughs loudly) – [Father] If Devan had a super power would he be invisible or be able to fly? – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. – Fly!
– Neither! Cuz he’s a basic bro. (buzzing loudly)
(brothers laugh loudly) – Let’s see who basic
after this face painting? (Collins laughs loudly) (trippy music) – It’s hard to tell what you’re writing. (trippy music) Can’t figure it out. – (laughs loudly) Who’s basic now bro? (brothers laugh loudly) – All right. Next question. Let’s go. – [Father] What is Collins’ spirit animal? – Oh.
– Woah. Yeah. – It’s actually recently changed though. – What? – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. – A squirrel.
– A monkey. – Was what you wanted to be until, I guess, now a monkey.
(buzzing loudly) So yeah. – This isn’t supposed
to be my spirit animal. Do you know what a spirit animal is? – Yeah. Sort of. (brothers laugh loudly) So you basically just wanna fling your poo at people? Got it. – All right guys. So this one is one
piece but it takes place on multiple parts of your face. (trippy music) All right. (brothers laugh loudly) All right. There you go. – I’m sure I look crazy. – No. You look great Devan. – Aw. Thank You.. – [Father] What’s the name of the first non-celebrity girl Devan had a crush on? – Do you even know this? – No. But you know the features. – What? Wait. Hold it. You can’t just like leave me the features. – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. – The baby sitter.
– The girl with– – The baby sitter? (loud buzzing) Who did you say? – I dated the girl with
the super long hair. Do you remember her? – Yeah. I remember her. – She had hair down to
her knees or something. – Yeah. No. No, I had a crush on her too. (trippy music) – That’s about it. Yeah. – [Father] If Collins had
to choose his favorite social media platform, what would it be? – Oh. That’s hard. – [Brothers] Three. Two. One. – YouTube.
– Snapchat. By the way, ya’ll should add me. My Snapchat name is called CollinsKey. – Get that promo!
– No way. – Yes. Snapchat for sure. – Really? – Yeah. – Really?
(loud buzzing) – Yes. Dude, Snapchat is so much fun. We’re going with a very special color. Pink for this next one.
– Pink. (trippy music) – All right. This will
do it. (laughs loudly) – [Father] Does Devan sleep on his back, side, or stomach? – One. Two. Three. – Side.
– On the left side. – There was left or right? – Yeah. (laughs)
(loud buzzing) – What?
– I sleep like this. – Do you actually have
a side you sleep on? – Yeah. I find myself
that I sleep like that. – That’s crazy. – Oh!
– No! (trippy music) – Oh! It tickles. It tickles so much! – All right. Now it’s time for the big reveal. So Devan, open up Snapchat. And on the count of three, we’re gonna double tap,
turn the camera around. Here we go. One. Two. Three. Go. Yeah!

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