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yellow ah cute Brax Bryce is the
smallest kid on earth Wow you guys want to go walk forward with
drop and I thought you guys are the guys see there I’ll be down my go come one
plus now laughing one one plus one five five five hot pot – I did coupon Melissa
what’s that what’s up okay because I got you by seconds off schedule and for your
answers rock thank you want me to watch The Lion King see when I hold down my ski lodge gig
no I got a high price what’s that worth good night boy okay we kind of meet
painting together figure 5 kitchen – just your yellow ah cute Braxton Rex
just the smallest kid on earth Wow Wow good sheets yeah well damn what’s up my girl from
San Diego oh it’s nothing really I’m here
what about your CS career well you don’t care enough my was writing me off the
list MIT well actually well actually according to my statistics well is that
Perry listening to right now 600 standing still your chemistry come up a
flashmob Oh Igor :
okay I got to keep one knee come back through it okay nice this is urgh go to
the trailer shop there and glad we’re friends yo thanks to the flash back to you mr.
Foster and thanks for later thanks for that screeches laughs you want to know
much first interactional ordell yeah it’s pretty cool let’s hear it ha ha
tell us your story no I stay in the same – so – cemetry am and afterwards luck an
hour after my Master’s hour or suffer he was done you I do did you steal – Howie
GSR I left it there tell them yes you did that’s like yeah everything bein in Rockland hey okay
kiri PC fine all right rock rock rock rock pushing me pushing
me pushing me pushing me up zombie rock 100% on your first day
hundred percent on the tears you’re insane watching over the door well
Reggie on that is – 21st I appreciate you appreciating me
appreciating that appreciating you I mean that’s all Oh shove thank you oh I can’t see a marquise marquise why
is he skipping across the screen pre-cum what is Josh he hasn’t said a word man
all right do you also miss Josie Lisa got me there
l zone then why would I be mad 27 years old
cool I don’t get I don’t get mad at little thing just 487 right you mean
again that angle you called me low that’s like so I’m iris I mean let me
simulate you Irie own up here let’s cover swing it up to her I’m gonna walk
through the door and play about you might be it he walked the room he walked
the realize I walked towards Eva trip he’s on the APC I’m so blind
good luck you can have on Molly there’s one and there’s several of these
want me to Conor McGregor give me weather don’t me I’ll be on second but
one one long before say it I’m lit you’re dead
thank you goodnight it horrible very a key rush there’s a Romy what a clever little can’t believe they’re young baby Omar
what no stop no snacks next with the PG area
Oh snacks with a 1000 I put a lot out there sounds quick on a little toast back to say okay come back with Becca hi
Stuart won’t work about never ended I got it
give oh god I can’t hold it cool of you to preview that we lost
oh so in financing real that hasn’t been real fun he’s about to get three 100 no
idea for good to get to got two long ones up mid ramp mid ramp up doors
Walmart e1 why is this kid on a PC and this lady’s like 7 years old to me oh I’ve seen you when these actually really
know where he is a PC whoa whoa George yes my brain but it still works at one
point it works on ivory once it’s 800 dpi what’s happened here
oh my gosh is common wasn’t ready stem look what’s the car you got here come
you gotta do one on there because he put together man fresco watching on fuckin
all day three Maalik milling check this out
drop it for connector knockdown not now okay that’s one no how do I miss okay
okay tear drop so clutch room yeah I think he’s down drop axle yep oh
that was a mistake that wasn’t a state-owned yeah bucks to inflow get him
no no why did I do that no and before and carefully no I saw the
one tap from Sean I saw the one talked to that’s why back to everybody PP you
got to change somebody’s here James keep them oh you did about a tan you sir you’re sitting in the stands flawed bro here going on drop run whatever is on
them a lot more one more one more homeboys in through your hamachi oh
there’s a vet in care you trust I did not miss everything’s fine I’m
gonna draw up early can y’all window cookie I window coming
coming James do it one bottom it off imperio that it I’ll be stopping bottom
and I’ll be in middle D open thank you my picture I know what window be i’ll be
i’ll be here anyway beautiful stairs like right oh nice nice
good straight one where I’ll be and when I just killed I killed the coop and I
know you do then he’s website now my wife saying okay Timberlane you look in
the site but could be in the smoke Jerry yeah I was holding cam rapping dude look
cubby cubby in the cup going through I’ll possess Alba’s ass Oh in three
clauses and like five feet area so hopeful you real my thing is I’ve been
gone for a while no you were never here oh we were never a year you never know
for a while or I was never here


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