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Stray Kids “Double Knot” M/V

Shake off confused worries in my head Where I should head to doesn’t matter anymore Wherever the steps take me I’m Runnin’ Retie my loose shoelaces Movin’ Now I’m free! Get up
I can go anywhere Free! Get up
I go my way Get out of my way Free! Get out
Wherever I go, never mind Da Dadada Dada Da Da Da Stretch my body after crouching
Walk anywhere Feel a ease I even make a muddy road
Into a bling bling one A dramatic and perfect ending I’m the director
Life as a masterpiece So Tightly tightly persistently Tie harder Double knot Tie harder Double knot I go anywhere Go go I choose as I like Go go I go anywhere Go go As I want to go Da Dadada Dada Da Da Dice without marking Coin without front and back
I don’t care which side is shown Looking at the compass without direction Going Even if I can’t get many things
It’s okay if it’s 1 out of 100 Even if I greedily paint every single color on a blank paper Only black color will remain Now I’m free! Get up
I can go anywhere Free! Get up
I go my way Get out of my way Free! Get out
Wherever I go, never mind Da Dadada Dada Da Da Da I’ve been looking at one thing
Now I have a broader perspective I start to look at many roads Looking at this place divided into many crossroads, eyes wide open Go! Break all the, break all the rules
As my steps go I’m out of breath Tightly tightly persistently Tie harder Double knot Tie harder Double knot I go anywhere Go go I choose as I like Go go I go anywhere Go go As I want to go Da Dadada Dada Da Da Whether I stop or not, Ey ey Wherever I go, ey ey Whether I do something or not I do everything as I like Double knot Double knot Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Double knot

  • You know what ? Let's move on ! It's really sad what happend, but we can't change it. Talk to other stays if you feel sad or depressed. We are one family, so let's keep looking forward and let's overcome it !. We need to be strong, couse we Stays are the biggest present to stray kids and we should make them feel Happy and not sad. Woojin thanks for everything. We will miss you so much and thanks for your hard work. I don't even wanna know, how hard it was to be in a kpop group. Woojin please never ever forget that we stays are always there for you and you are always welcome.

  • #ThankYouWoojin Let's support Stray Kids and Woojin like we always did ❤ Can't wait to hear their next album, it's gonna be very strange to not have Woojin's voice in there but I'm sure it's gonna be a bop 💪#화이팅스트레이키즈

  • I want nothing more than to give all of the members a hug, nine or none we're gonna cross the finish line. I speak for STAY everywhere when I say that we'll support every member until the end. We love you so much


  • Chan is the best leader anyone could ask for stay will always be here for stray kids stay strong thank you woojin

  • gracias por esta hermosa obra de arte que nos reglaron, la apreciamos y apreciamos cada uno de sus esfuerzos y logros 🙂 stay siempre estara con ustedes STRAY KIDS

  • I hate myself so much now. When I started knowing them, I thought Woojin was not as important as the others, even I thought "If he gets out of the group, nobody will notice it". That was before seeing the videos and realizing Woojin's voice, humour and personality. I was happy. I promised myself to go to one of their concerts and scream "Nine or none!"…
    Now, I'm really sad. I can't cry, because I don't accept it. So many promises, so many phrases, songs…
    It hurts. Woojin, I'm sorry. For not being able to wake up and stop sleeping on you.

  • It's been a very hard day for Stray Kids and Us Stays..
    It feels like a very one long hardest day…
    It's not easy to let go..
    It's not easy to accept..
    It's not easy to say I'm okay..
    So just cry… It's okay to cry..
    It's okay to be in pain..
    release all the pain in your heart with crying..
    You will feel relief even just a little if you cried..
    Because we are the same..
    We feel the same way too..
    You're not alone..

    When you are ready, wipe your tears away..
    Double knot your mind and feelings..
    Its hard to face the future, but we gotta move on..
    We know that Stray Kids will be continue their journey,
    And they need us too..
    Together we will run along until the finish line..
    Even if we see Stray Kids as 8 members, our heart will always see them as 9.

  • guys we might be jumping to conclusions but there are so many clues on why woojin might've gotten kicked out instead of leaving for his personal problems. (note, this is just what i think and what other people think, it doesn't mean it's true but it's definitely possible)

    he didn't show any signs of being uncomfortable, hurt, down, or anything, and he seemed completely fine. plus, why would he want to leave a group that he's work so hard for? stray kids is doing really well all over the world. i would get it if he had mental problems, but he showed no signs or clues.
    dispatch and naver are always fast on these types of things, but they were awfully quiet when it happened. jyp's message was also very short and concise, compared to his other messages when other idols left his company. they removed woojin from their website fairly quickly as well.
    terminating a contract also takes a lot of time and money from the idol themselves. it's extremely sketchy that woojin just "left" so quickly.
    if he were to terminate his contract, why would he still have a comeback with double knot and soon another comeback. their next comeback was delayed because they already had planned everything out with woojin, but if he wanted to leave, wouldn't they have just excluded him in general? Junhyeok was kicked out of Day6 because of an apparent rumor, and he was not given a goodbye statement.
    terminating a contract can basically take months. plus why would he want to waste so much money to terminate his contract, when he was doing perfectly fine with a growing group? it was also his biggest dream to stay together as 9..

    this is just the basics of it.. we're on to something.

  • HEY! The Cover for the video they copied from BTS DNA When ther were tied up holding hands! 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 REALLY!?

  • I'm so sad about Woojin leaving…but no matter what, he is still part of the Stray Kids family. Nine or None Forever <3

  • I think the fault is from JYP.
    Woojin never Was to get out sudden, stays know how woojin Love this group and the other members, i think JYP didn't have careful with our bear, no, i don't think, i have SURE
    Thanks JYP, u made the worst think ever
    Stays gonna support u forever

  • i honestly cant believe woojin left but if it was his decision then we have to respect it. i hope woojin will continue to show his talent to the world. he will always be a part of stray kids no matter what. we started off as 9 and we’ll finish of as 9

  • Now most people are pointing out what Woojin lacked in SKZ such as getting less attention, less lines and so on and saying that's the reason for his departure. Well JYP this is what happens if you do not tell people what's really going on.

    I'll miss you Woojin,but wherever you're I hope you're happy.

  • I'm very new to straykids and I'm being a stay for the past few days but what hurted me is that one member left… We miss you woojin, we respect your decision because we don't know your point of view or your problem is… As a STAY, I will never forget you🤧 you will always be in our hearts

  • I was starting to really get into stray kids, and now I find out that woojin has left😭 I am so sad that we won’t see him again😭

  • Stray Kids – the strongest group you're ever heard of
    "we're gonna cross the finish line"
    and we're gonna do it with 9 stray kids, n i n e, WITH Woojin even if he's gonna cross it from home
    there's no 8 kids, always will be 9,

    and jyp won't change that

  • This song, just like all of their others songs, with no exception, is blowing the house. I don't know why they are getting the hate they are getting, but the songs and choreography are always on point. And I am a really picky listener. I've been listening to this group since their debut and the hardships they are going through are tearing me apart at some point, but I only wish success to everyone, incl. Woojin. I just don't want the boys to give up, because their music is like a therapy.

  • Let’s put all of ur negative emotions to use. V0T3 for stray kids on AAA popularity award. We are leading with 1st place. Keep going stays.

  • V0t3 for stray kids on aaa popularity award!!! It’s just primary v0t3 and we’re already doing SOO WELL! KEEP THIS ENERGY AND MAKE STRAY KIDS PROUD

  • PLEASE READ !!!!!!

    I’m so sorry for Minho. He got the worst birthday present, Woojin leaving, not nominated for mama, no vlive, and no posts.

    I’m so sorry for Chan because he always put the blame on himself when clearly he cannot control this situation.

    I’m so sorry for Woojin because as a fan, I’ve only seen his idol image. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. I hope he’s happy.

    I’m sorry for the rest of stray kids members. They deserve the whole world. They must be so heartbroken losing their oldest Hyung.

    Let’s make them happy and give them that AAA popularity award by v0ting stays. Str34m this MV and get it to 22M

    And no, I’m not sorry for Jyp.

  • why is October depressing? asdfghjkl woojin left straykids, and just a few hours ago wonho from monstax STAY STRONG STAYS LIKE A DOUBLE KNOT :((

  • Stray kids please don't listen to anything the haters say they only envy with you and talking nonsense you must remember you have us who always support you no matter what
    We not gonna leave you

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