SUB/래브라도 리트리버에게 친구란- 블랙랩 봄이 절친 쿠크를 만나다 Labrador Retriever Meets Friend

Today BOM came to see a friend. Would you believe if your dog had a best friend? A friend decided by a dog rather than a friend decided by the owner. As a result, the owners became friendly with each other. This dog is COUQUE Labrador Retriever. I didn’t believe it at first. I’m only good with one friend. However, I was surprised to see that BOM and COUQUE played with time and gave up toys. It’s not easy for the BOM. Concessions. BOM make a lot of concessions because spring is older, but I also COUQUE a lot. The ball gives way to BOM, plays with something else and plays with the ball again. It’s so nice to play like this. It’s safe to play with friends around the owner without any trouble. I play crazy and relieves stress, it is good to exercise. Neither people nor dogs are friends.

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