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(SUB)[Japanese ASMR] Bulldog & Binder Clips / LifeLike 3D 色々なクリップの音

Please wear headphones or earphones. Hi, I’m Hatomugi. Today, I’ll record many clip sounds. For the first one, here. It’s a clip of a cat. Looks cute. They have a magnet behind, So you can use it to attach something with the magnet. A black cat. Cats are cute, aren’t they? Clip on the ear. The next one is right here. Ta-da. A double clip that helps you organize your studies. There were some cute cats in this one too so, I had to buy the clips with the cats. It says “CHECK” on it. There are also some cats printed on it. It’s cute. Ok, that was it for the cat clip. Here is the last one. Tada. Round bulldog clip made of plastic. It makes quite a strong sound when it closes. *Click clack* Okay, so for today it was the sound of various clips. Thank you for watching until the end. Let’s meet in other video. Good night.


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