Chinese Cricket Fighting!

One of the most highly prized pets in China is – in fact – a bug. Crickets can get quite tame but you’ll have to work fast they only live about three months. it’s a thousand-year-old tradition royal concubines once kept crickets to ward of loneliness. They’re also believed to bring luck, good health, and […]

Shih Tzu Facts

The Shih Tzu’s anscestors were very close genetically to wolves. According to legend, a Shih Tzu would sleep at the edge of the Chinese emperor’s bed as Tzus were almost extinct! In 1930, there were only 14 Shih Tzus left Shih Tzus do not shed as much as other breeds, but still need daily brushing […]

Características completas de la raza Pug

BREVE RESUMEN HISTÓRICO: Existen ciertas conjeturas sobre el origen de esta raza que parece ser que ha llegado desde oriente. Su país de origen es catalogado como China, dónde perros de nariz respingada eran privilegiados. Encontró su camino hacia Europa con los comerciantes de Dutch East India Company y ya en el 1500 eran admirados […]

Dining on Dogs in Yulin: VICE Reports (Part 1/2)

I’d say we’re about 50 meters from where all those live dogs are being sold, and just down here you’ve got this. [NOISE] I’m just watching a bunch of people roasting their dogs. Oh my God. [NOISE] [MUSIC] The Annual Dog Meat Festival upsets practically everyone who isn’t taking part in it.>>[FOREIGN].>>[FOREIGN].>>Animal rights activists say […]