I’m not hurting my dog.

That Was a Lot to take it Calm down bro What’s your deal okay fuck come on in jesus as Usual my pets are freaking Around Bugs Just This Morning Matt What’s good fam No, Ma’am yeah i’m not gonna lie though gang I’m a Bit tired This morning Feelin a Bit slow but there’s […]

Strong Like a Demon – Escape the Night S3 (Ep 5)

male announcer: Previously on “Escape the Night”…Joey and his friends find the next artifact.Matt: It must be the Statue of Era.announcer: And face off against the Man with No Name to cleanse it.Joey: This just proves that the carnival masteris extremely powerful.announcer: Teala is slain in the final challengeand Ro returns with new purpose.I’m a […]

I Opened a Restaurant for Homeless DOGS!

(gong reverberates) – Here we go, yay! Welcome to Dogihana, the first ever restaurant for dogs. Dogihana is a hibachi style Japanese-inspired restaurant where we’ll serve, salad, soup, fried rice, chicken, even doggy ice cream. But just as important as the quality and deliciousness of the food is the experience of Dogihana. I’m gonna show […]