Canine IV Catheter Placement

Hi, I’m Megan today we’re going to place an IV catheter in a dog many get started with all my equipment first I’m going to tear some tape we’re pretty particular by the way we tear tape for our IV catheters just so that we know what to expect if we ever need to remove […]

Crochet Dog Sweater

Welcome back to Red Heart , as well as The Crochet Crowd, I’m your host Mikey. In today’s tutorial we’re going to work on this fabulous little dog coat available in small, medium, and large. There’s a free pattern for this particular pattern – but you should know that I’m not sure exactly what small, […]

Pug Nails

Hey everyone. This week’s design is supposed to look like adorable little pugs, and if you want to learn how to recreate it, then stay tuned. To start off you’re going to create the head of the dog with a beige or tan polish. Next, using a dark brown polish, you’re going to create the […]

My Dog’s Never Eaten Pet food

– Guys, I’ve had a lot of people message me lately going how’s little baby Gustav going? This is little baby Gustav, he’s now four months old. Hello, baby. And he’s doing amazingly well. He’s ridiculously good-looking, obviously. And I just wanted to update you on his, yeah. He’s being fed everyday on premium quality. […]