Tiger and Dog Are Best Friends!

00:04 GOOSEY: My name’s Goosey Fernandez, Panjo is a Bengal tiger, he’s eighteen and a half months old, and becoming a big boy, he’s becoming a big boy, he’s 145 kilos at the moment, and he’ll become double that size when he’s fully grown. 00:22 GOOSEY: When he was two days old, his surrogate mother […]

The Tallest Parents In The World

WILCO: I’m seven foot tall. KEISHA: I’m six foot six. WILCO + KEISHA: We’re the tallest married couple in the world. WILCO: We got married in 2001, six months after we were engaged. KEISHA: It’s a bit more difficult being tall than being averaged sized in terms of finding clothes and just having to adapt […]