Dog Cyst Surgery with a Cyst Popping

Cutting. Big lump here. Gonna have to go And a little spot here where we put some lidocaine. Hopefully, it’s just a cyst. Cutting. Alright So We use a combination of blunt to section. Blunt and sharp to section. Cutting. Cutting. Just cut it out. And there it is. Big blood vessel. I was looking […]

Sesame Street: Song – Walking the Dog

[MUSIC PLAYS] BOB: [SINGING] Walking the dog, it’s fun out walking the dog. Looking around at all we see. ELMO: [SINGING] On our street walking the dog. WOMAN: [SINGING] Folks we meet walking the dog. BOB: [SINGING] There always sure to hi, while wandering by each lamppost and tree. ZOE: [SINGING] There all out walking […]