Sesame Street: Song – Walking the Dog

[MUSIC PLAYS] BOB: [SINGING] Walking the dog, it’s fun out walking the dog. Looking around at all we see. ELMO: [SINGING] On our street walking the dog. WOMAN: [SINGING] Folks we meet walking the dog. BOB: [SINGING] There always sure to hi, while wandering by each lamppost and tree. ZOE: [SINGING] There all out walking […]

We Fostered Rescue Dogs For Two Weeks • Ladylike

– Oh my God. I’m just showing y’all his big old balls. (funky upbeat music) – This week Ladylike is fostering doggos. – We are partnering with Dogs Without Borders to foster dogs for the next two weeks! – The organization will provide and pay for all the dogs’ medical needs and food needs and […]