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Hello beautiful woofers! Who doesn’t love dogs?! Dogs have been our friends and companions for a very long time. The dogs we know and love are descended from wolves. Scientists estimated that dogs were domesticated, or made pet-friendly, 15,000 years ago. Wow! That’s longer than humans have raised farm animals, and certainly longer than humans […]

【パグ犬】縦動画で振り返るよもぎの日常 #001~まだ迎えて2週間だけどいろんな事がありました

Pug dog YOMOGI channel! This video is… Introducing short vertical videos shot with smartphones! Start!! YOMOGI biting a hedgehog toy YOMOGI chewing mom’s clothes after barking twice YOMOGI that can be sweetened by your favorite dad YOMOGI, the second favorite mom YOMOGI chewing a rope toy YOMOGI is aggressive from the perspective of the camera […]