Bulldog Story: Ashlyn Childs

I’m Ashlyn Childs and this is my Bulldog Story. I always seem to be the black sheep of the family. My mother was amazingly supportive over any little big thing that I decided to do. I grew up as the baby. I was the toddler being held while we went to my sisters dance recitals […]

Dog Cyst Surgery with a Cyst Popping

Cutting. Big lump here. Gonna have to go And a little spot here where we put some lidocaine. Hopefully, it’s just a cyst. Cutting. Alright So We use a combination of blunt to section. Blunt and sharp to section. Cutting. Cutting. Just cut it out. And there it is. Big blood vessel. I was looking […]

Bulldog Story: Kylie Hogan

My name is Kylie Hogan, and this is my Bulldog Story. I was born and raised in Lansing Michigan, specifically Grand Ledge. I did a lot in high school with art and theater and dance, and I really just wanted to feed my passions. My mother is an alumni of Ferris, so that kind of […]

Yuki The Giant Wolf Dog | BEAST BUDDIES

Brittany: You probably would attack someone if given the right circumstance. Yuki is a high content wolf dog. He is about 87.5% grey wolf. I was nervous the first time going in with Yuki. Yuki can be dangerous. I believe it’s either five or less volunteers that we have that can actually interact with Yuki. […]