Search for missing N.L. man so far unsuccessful

Alright, 10-4. [Reporter] Their task is incredibly challenging but they are determined to cover every inch of the rural, rugged terrain. They’re using snowshoes, snowmobiles and helicopters. My son is out there somewhere. He’s most likely cold. Hopefully, he’s hung up into a shelter. [Reporter] 26-year-old Josh Wall left home in the middle of Friday’s […]

Going back to the origins [Turbo Pug!]

Welcome back, to Turbo Pug. Ahh, Back to the old days… First videos on YouTube… Its a Game about concentration. Should have Double Jumped. Sometimes the lightning helps you, Sometimes it doesn’t That part always gets me Alrigh… Alright I’m gonna turn off commentary. I just have to say one thing… This soundtrack is a-mazing! […]