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Teddy the Pug Lookbook

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to my channel,
I’m Jazzy and I’m a Deaf YouTuber who uses BSL (British Sign Language). I’m here to film… Teddy’s Lookbook! I’m filming something different, I’ve never seen anyone do this video. You probably wondering who Teddy is, that’s my pug dog. I thought it would be fun to film my dog getting dressed up as I’ve got a lot of clothes for Teddy like Christmas or Summer clothes. I thought it will be cute
and funny at the same time. I’m really excited to film this video,
something different, why not! I hope this video will go viral so all YouTubers will film their dog’s
lookbook… I know it sounds a bit weird, but I think it would be so cute
if they did that! I thought why not film it. Give this video a massive thumbs up if you think Teddy looks cute in her
costumes. Don’t forget to subscribe! I hope you enjoy this video, Let’s get on with the video! I have all Teddy’s clothes here… she’s really excited. I have two massive bags with me
that are full up with her clothes. I lost count. Which should I start with… *fun music* I hope you enjoy the video! Thank you for watching,
I hope you have a lovely weekend. Bye bye!!


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