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The £170 Automatic Pasta Making Machine – Kitchen Gadget Testing

  • Well, this turned out to be rather epic indeed… I wanted to give it a fair go…. and we were well fed for the next few days on pasta! If you enjoyed this video check out more individual kitchen gadget testing videos here on this playlist …. also if you would like to consider getting one of these, i've found it on Amazon

  • Lasagne sheets come out if you have the proper amount of moisture to flour. if you change the ratio by, oh I don't know, ADDING A WET PASTE, then you change the ratio and have a fail. Also, if you BEAT THE EGG before trying to pour it in, allow the dough to run THE ENTIRE CYCLE before mucking with it (i.e. allow the machine to reverse so it goes from mix cycle to extrude cycle) and read the directions beforehand, you might have more success at having these gadgets work as intended. I love you Barry, your channel is great, but you really frustrate me sometimes.

  • Techmoan reviewed this same pasta machine in one of his videos a couple of years ago, nevertheless nice vid as always mr Lewis, keep the good work going on and on 🙂

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