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The 20 day old puppy can walk when he opens his eyes. He looks like a bear and grins, but he is not

Small. Don’t look at their small temper. And I’ll cry. The two fight first. Take one down first. See who’s the boss. Hello everyone. I’m Xiaoqiao. We have seven babies in our family. Well, after 20 days, I’ve opened my eyes. Can walk already. How lovely. Don’t look at it small. But the temper is not small. It’s terrible. Walking is not very stable. But there will be fights. Come on, line up. Queue up. Six. Seven and one more. Baby. Come here. It’s too fierce for you. Grinning. You see, the other dogs are black. But there is only one. This one is different. This one is a little bit like a white one on my mother. It’s so fat. It’s like a bear. Fat. Hi, shivering. I’ll wag my tail. I’ll wag my tail. I’ll wag my tail. I’ll wag my tail. I can’t walk steadily, and my tail is too cute. Come here for dinner. Come here for dinner. Come and have a meal. Come here for dinner. Because dodo has no milk. So let’s see if they can eat dog food. Come here. You see these puppies are hungry. But dodo has no milk. So she didn’t do it for him. Don’t be cruel to her. You see they all stand up and drink. Oops, oops. It’s so fragrant. Ha ha ha. Look, ha ha ha. They will eat dog food. So 20 days baby will eat dog food. Now I can’t even see the basin. It’s like we’re going to give them. Transform one. Bowl. Or they’ll be a little bigger in this basin. I can’t eat it. How lovely. Don’t eat first. I’ll make it for you. You see, they can’t even put this basin down. You’ll have indigestion if you soak it up like this. Dog food can be chewed after being soaked. You don’t even have teeth. Wow, it’s delicious. It’s really delicious. It’s really delicious. Well, they like it better when they soak it like this. These puppies are really growing fast. It’s only a couple of days before we eat dog food. And wagging his tail. Although walking is not very stable, you can still fight. It’s so cute. I hope you can eat more. Grow up fast.

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