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The Carbonaro Effect – Puppy Vanishes into Thin Air | truTV

♪♪ If there’s one thing
I’ve learned as a magician, it’s that nothing inspires
a reaction quite like seeing a pet
vanish into thin air or get squashed into a disc
the size of a hubcap. I think I unkenneled
the wrong one. That’s what happened when
we returned to the pet store, where our state-of-the-art
compression kennel left Robin shaking
with nervous laughter. [ Air hissing ] Oh, my God. What? What are you — Yeah,
I had him — I unkenneled
the wrong one. Before Robin, there was
Adriana and her friends, who were equally taken aback by
my cuddly puppy’s transformation into a furry Frisbee. He goes right in there
like this. And then…
get this right. And then
we just kennel him. Like that. Where did he go? There we go. Where did — And then the owner
will come and pick him up later. Oh, my God! Oh, my God. He was so —
He was so good today. Woman:
What is that? Hmm? Oh, my God. Do it again. Can you do it again? Do you have a dog? Can I see it? Michael: Oh, I have him
kenneled already because his owner
is gonna pick him up later. So, are they —
are they alive? Yeah, he’s just —
he’s just napping inside. Michael: It’s like
a compression nap. You know how they like
to be swaddled? Like when
you hold them? It’s a new system
from Japan. We just got it. Are you serious? No,
it’s wonderful because we’re running out
of space in here, and plus, also, when the dogs
mix with each other, they’re barking and — I literally
touched the dog. I touched it.
Yeah. It really keeps them
from getting nervous around the other dogs. What? Are you serious? All right. I should pop him back out,
right? ♪♪ Where’s my Instagram? Where is he? Instagram. I actually —
I got to do his — He was getting nails,
and he was getting — He was getting
his nails done. We also got to give him
a little trim. No, no, wait. Don’t do it.
Don’t do it yet. Wait, wait. What?
Whoa, wait. Hmm? Can I — Hold on. What is this? It’s just a special
compression system. Okay, go ahead. Go get it. This is y’all —
oh, my gosh. Okay. ♪♪ That should do it. There we go. Come here,
Marco. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. No,
what happened? Hey, Marco. It was — The dog disappeared? No, I just got to get —
We’re getting his nails done. He was kenneled,
so I’m gonna get him done. Say goodbye to Marco. Bye, Marco. ♪♪


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