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The Everyday Items Rice Krispies Master Jessica Siskin Can’t Live Without

– Ooh, I’m all over the
place, I’m all over the place! I’m kinda hoping that there
is a mound of Rice Krispies in there or that you’ve
made a Rice Krispie Noodle. Comment below if you want
a Rice Krispie Noodle. That’s our engagement plan. If I was stranded on a desert island and I didn’t have anything with me and this was my life preserver. Wow, this is badass. And that’s what I know
about cast iron pans, so you are so welcome. There we go! (cameraman laughing) Hi, thank you so much for watching! My name is Jonathan. You’ve gotta look at the camera. This is Noodle, and this, all of this, is Tools of the Trade, the show where we find out what tools everyday entrepreneurs need
to get through their day. This week, we are featuring a box curated by Jessica Siskin. Now, Jessica is this
absolutely amazing woman who founded Misterkrisp. You can look her up at
Mister_Krisp on Instagram. It is a Rice Krispie business. If you look at her Instagram
or you go to her website, you will see all of her
beautiful, beautiful creations. And it’s one of those
things where you think, “It’s a Rice Krispie. I’ve
had a Rice Krispie before. “Those were pretty casual. “I wonder how you could make
a business out of them.” Do yourself a favor and
look at her Instagram. She’s also the author
of “Treat Yourself!,” a book that details a bunch of different Rice Krispie projects that you can make at home. We’re so excited to be going
through this box today. Jessica, I cannot wait to see
what you’ve prepared for us. What does a Rice Krispie
savant need in their everyday? I’m kind of hoping that there
is a mound of Rice Krispies in there or that you’ve
made a Rice Krispie Noodle. I think it would sell really well. Comment below if you want
a Rice Krispie Noodle. That’s our engagement plan. Okay, so let’s see what’s in this box! I’m already into it. I am gonna dig these, ’cause
I just needed to pick these up after work today. (laughs) So the first item we have
in the Jessica Siskin box are Swiffer WetJet
replaceable mopping pads. I love these for a couple of reasons. First of all, they are
just like wonderful. If you guys have not WetJetted
before, let me tell you, there are very few things as soothing as really, really getting
through gnarly grout on your kitchen floor. But I love that these are
here because I love the idea that, I mean, making Krispies, you’ve gotta stay clean, right? You’ve gotta keep your kitchen clean, you’ve gotta keep your
work environment clean. I don’t know if Jessica
herself is like a neat freak, but I know that I can be in
certain rooms of my house and I would literally,
literally be dead without these. Okay, the next item I’ve got
in the Jessica Sisken box is, what’s this? Oh, it’s about this. Ooh! Oh my goodness. It’s called an Ajnamat
pillow, an Ajnamat pillow. Ooh, it’s organic,
sustainable and beautiful? Right? Am I right? Is this just a pillow? What’s going on here? Awakening the Ajna opens realms
of possibility and beauty. You discover you are more than you know and even more than you
imagined you could be. I could use that. Our mats are spiky but that’s
what makes them so good. Always ease yourself into positions wearing a thin layer of clothing. Oh! Oh, so this is like a quasi
acupuncture kind of thing. Yeah, wow. This is badass. Okay, so guys, I had to
really figure this out. This pillow, you know, they’re flowers and I kinda love that they’re like ooh, it’s pink and they’re
flowers and it’s kind of nice. Bam! It’s like a weapon, right? You could use this buh-jah! Right at someone on the subway. I do believe it’s aromatherapy as well. This smells bomb. So this just seems like a therapy pillow. It says when you lie your
face down on it to be careful. I just love when pillows
come with a warning, so let me just, let me just… Oh wow. So do I have stuff
on the side of my face? So this is one of those things where they do feel kinda sharp. When you put enough of your body on it, it distributes it so it
does feel kinda good. She’s on her feet all day making Krispies. Do you know how hard it
is to stir those vats of hot marshmallow and Krispies? I bet she’s get a full body one that she just kind of flops down on and then they have to kind unfurl her from after the next day. But I do, I really like this. I’ve never seen one of these before. I’ve never seen one of these before, and I hope that people who do use these absolutely love them. Jessica, you are a badass for this pillow. Somebody just asked what
I think Noodle would think of this pillow. And he likes comfy things, right? So even if he didn’t like this
part, we just flip it over. He could put his sweet
little achin’ bones on this and he could put his
sweet little head here. And I could sleep on the ground. The next item we have is… It’s a very small copper pot. I was informed by my producer, she put a very small copper pot in here to symbolize a larger copper pot. So it’s very clearly
what’s important to her is her cookware. I also think this is adorable and I’m gonna put it right by Noodle, like he’s cooking a very small, maybe like a succotash or something. I really do, I love this. Because, once again, she wasn’t able to send a massive quart copper pot to us. Just the fact that she
makes all of her products and she’s so thoughtful with the way that she crafts these, right? It’s not just that I’m gonna make a burger or something that looks like a burger. It’s I’m gonna make something
that looks like a burger and the onions look like onions and the pickles look like pickles. This woman really, really
cares about her art, and anyone, once again,
anyone that’s in any kind of restaurant business or food business, you’ve gotta love your pots, right? I got a cast iron a year ago. So did you guys know about
cast iron pan maintenance? Yeah, you’re not supposed
to wash cast iron pans with dish soap, God forbid. You’re supposed to clean
them with salt and a rag and then you’re supposed
to also case them in oil every now and then to keep them seasoned. And that’s what I know
about cast iron pans, so you’re so welcome. There we go! The next item we’ve got in
the Jessica Siskin box is… Oo, oo, power bars! Peanut butter power bars. These are Lenka power bars. What I love about these is
you’ve gotta stay energized throughout your day. She’s a Rice Krispie maven. Can you imagine you’re in
the middle of a kitchen, you are leaning over a
vat of molten marshmallow and you start to droop
and you start to doze, oh my God, no… You can’t do that. You can’t compromise that. Not in front of molten
thing of marshmallows. You might never be Mister
Krisp again after that. So what you have to do is make sure that you’ve got something
to keep your blood sugar up, to keep your energy high! And I love keeping
peanut butter bars on me, especially ones that are
made with organic granola and pure clover honey,
and that you also know what you’re putting into your body, right? She works in food, she’s very transparent with obviously all her ingredients that she uses for Rice Krispie treats and I think it’s also really important to take care of yourself and to know that, if you need to snack throughout the day, that you can go grab a piece of chocolate or eight Rice Krispies, or you can do something
a little more sensible. Like my favorite snack
in the middle of the day is a granola bar like this. And Noodle’s favorite snack
in the middle of the day is like half of a rotisserie chicken. Anyone in business, keep something on hand that’s gonna help keep you
energized throughout your day, because coffee’s not gonna do it. It will do it, but you
will crash at some point, The 3 o’clock hump is real. The next item we’ve got is
ooh, a portable charger! Ah, yes. A portable charger. This is one of my absolute
favorite, favorite, favorite things I’ve gotten
in the past couple of years. It’s a big one too. It’s got five times extra battery life. So this is perfect for anyone on the go, which I imagine is kind
of anyone nowadays. If you’re traveling a lot,
if you even travel a little, it’s so nice to just have
this accessible to you. The only problem is you have to remember to charge it. (laughs) So that’s something that I
have to keep telling myself. Just because you have
the portable charger, does not mean it will charge anything. You have to charge it. But this is a super practical thing. I can understand why this
would be useful to Jessica in 100 different ways
and to anyone as well. If you enter to win this box, obviously you get one of these. If you don’t have one, you should run out and get one
right away. They’re fabulous. Okay, the last item we have in
the Jessica Siskin box is… These are called “Bluets.” “Bluets?” “Bluets?” Oh, it’s about blues music. Wait, oh it’s for a lifelong
obsession with the color blue. Okay, so this I’m kind of trying to still figure my way through. It’s called “Bluets,” or
“Bluets,” by Maggie Nelson. It winds its way through
depression, divinity, alcohol and desire, visiting along the way with famous blue figures,
including Joni Mitchell, Yves Klein, Leonard Cohen and Andy Warhol. The narrator sets out to
construct a sort of pillow book about her lifelong obsession
with the color blue. I think what this is, is that
it speaks to her artistry. I think that what’s really
cool about this book is it speaks to how thoughtful she is about the kind of work that she creates. And I don’t know if she’s made
an Yves Klein Krispie yet. But, I do love the idea that, even with sort of an art form
that’s so unconventional, like making a Rice Krispie sculpture, she still takes the time to
really immerse herself in art and in culture and in color theory. Noodle would also enjoy this book, and not just because
we’re working on reading and this looks like a kind of thin one that I know he could get through. Dogs, everyone thinks they’re colorblind. Dogs are not actually colorblind. Dogs can’t see every
single color that we can. They cannot see anything
on the red spectrum, but dogs can see everything on
the blue and yellow spectrum, so the “Bluets” could
mean something to Noodle. He could read this and
he could go, “Ah, yes,” and he would understand it
because he can see these colors and absorb the impact of them, which I think might be why he’s sort of in this kind
of posture right now. Maybe he cracked into
this book a little bit, he got a little too deep into Andy Warhol and he’s just feeling a little like okay, you know, the weight of the
world was a little too much for a genius at that time. Wasn’t it, Noodle? Okay, that’s it! That is the Jessica Siskin box. I’m so excited to be able to
share this box with you guys. If you would like to win this box, all you have to do is
follow GoDaddy on Instagram and tag a friend and you’ll be automatically
entered to win. If you liked this video and
you wanna see more of it or content like it, please
subscribe to our YouTube channel and ring the bell to get notifications when new content goes live. If you’re interested in
learning more about Jessica, you can look her up on
Instagram @Mister_Krisp. Her work is absolutely stunning. But for Noodle, for me, honestly, and for the
legacy of Billy Holiday, thank you so much for watching.

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