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The Loud House – The Pug House / Interesting moments of Pug Family – Nickelodeon

[The Loud House Theme Song – but in Pug House style] Lincoln: All right! I know you’re probably saying to yourself. I’m Lincoln. With 10 sisters, there’s no way you’re going to get to
watch your favorite show, and you’d be right! [Tehnical Difficuties] [Music Playing] Lori: Bobby! Only 12 messages today? but you cared about me! [Music Playing] Lucy: I actually just wrote a new
poem called: Ventilate. Inside the wall, i choose to be alone. If i ever get stuck, please listen for my moan! There writh ”Book of Dugatrp. LOL [Tehnical Difficuties] [Music Playing] Lola: Mirror, Mirror in my hand, who’s the fairest in the land? [Music Playing] Lincoln and Clyde singing: Mama’s little baby love shortening, shortening. Mama’s little baby love shortening Breaaaaaaad!!!!! Ha, ha, ha, Very funny [Tehnical Difficuties] [Music Playing] Lana: Well ,if you get a treat, I want a treat! Lola: Yeah, i want a large princess pie! Lucy: I want blood pudding! Lisa: I could reopen my sodium bicarbonate! Lana: I want dog biscuits! There for Charles. I swear even though they are great for my teeth and my coat… [Tehnical Difficuties] Clyde: Clyde and Lori sitting in the tree, but there’s no room
for dumb Bobby! [Tehnical Difficuties] THE END

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