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The Pug

what’s up guys so today we are going to
be playing with my dog he should have been a few videos that I’ve done I guess
it’s just a couple of videos I did outside and it were he wanting to be in
the middle of everything so this is Korben he is a black pug and he’s
whirring on him I didn’t realize how big pugs actually get now he is fully grown
and I really think he’s such a cool dog I need to try and train him some but
he’s very affectionate and he had a lot of fun
most pugs I’ve ever seen are always a lot of fun like like they’re like the
life of the party I’ve seen some really cute dogs like
where they’re trying to do yoga so maybe we can try and get him to start doing
dog yoga I think that would be really funny
hey so I was gonna talk a little bit about some of the pests that I’ve had in
my life I have had other pets besides just the regular cat his dog it’s been a
really long time but when I was little I had a pet rabbit then we took care of
like a turtle for a little while he ran away
but I do really like cats and dogs it’s been a really long time since I have a
cat I used to have a cat called mittens which of course he was looked like he
was very mittens on his feet but this guy he’s a bit of a rescue dog
and since I’m headed back to California I can’t take him just yet hey Cormac
wants to go explore I can’t take him back with me just yet because the place
that I’m staying it does not allow dogs you can have a cat I guess but they
don’t allow dogs so I’m actually going to be looking for a place specifically
so I can keep him there me he’s gonna be staying with a relative
while I’m looking for that other place and actually due to be headed back
really soon back to California I stayed here in Texas a lot longer than
I thought I was having car trouble ended up having to find some new solutions to
everything but it’s working out and I’m going to be leaving again so it’s such a
long drive gonna be headed back to Southern California and here in West
Texas the weather is so crazy like I’m serious from one day to the next
it’s like freezing and then it’s gonna be like sunny and warm
it’s so weird here I’m really looking forward to getting back to Southern
California well not because I’m gonna be leaving him behind the fun I’m gonna be
finding a better option what I’m gonna be doing over there because I really do
want to head back I love a lot of things about being in Southern California you
know a lot of people are always out walking their dogs you get to see a lot
of different dogs there and it really made me want to get him back to me
because I wasn’t able to take care of you for a little while hey but it’s
gonna be a lot of fun to have him over there seeing all those different dogs
from the beach and how they react to the waves it’s really gonna be interesting
to see what he thinks of it because I have seen some people introducing their
dog like for the first time to the ocean and sometimes they’re super scared and
then you see the other dogs who are really used to it and they are just like
totally playing in the waves like crazy but I do like having a credit in I
didn’t something that really is how much I am like an animal
person because I don’t like having like pet hair on stuff so I mean for the
times I didn’t have an animal around me when I go in and Pat wife like come out
covered in like cat hair dog hair and you’re like well I remember why I don’t
have a pet I’m not allergic it’s just you get them and there’s like you get
pet hair on them and then you have to clean up after them obviously you have
to take care of them and worry about them when they get sick but they’re
really fun to be around I actually really like having him around
he’s really funny and you know how much that he likes to be around people he
really does you know I really like playing The Sims games and I think it
was in The Sims 2 for this Hut they had the pets expansion and you could make
your own pet and it was like you could choose you could choose their
intelligence level and you can choose whether they were independent and not
and it was just like a few other things you could do when you were choosing to
make your pet so it’s kind of fun to have an animal and it’s kind of
independent but still likes to be her own people
she need out he might want to go outside it’s kind of nasty day it was like rainy
and I’m like in the 30s and tomorrow is supposed to get up to like 72 degrees so
the weather is crazy he runs in though he runs out and like does his business
and then he wants to come right back in and I don’t blame him because it is so
gross out there I don’t want to stay outside more than I have to but it’s
gonna be sad to leave him behind I know that he’s in a safe place and
he’s going to be taken care of but I’m gonna be looking forward to being able
to take him back with me you know that’s a long trip
we’ll see how he does in the car for that long I know that driving in the car
for like more than 16 hours is a super long trip it’s basic camera
it is such a long trip it’s crazy she’s getting feisty she has this little
toy and he like rips the leg off put its little alignment I’m like a tennis ball
hey Kanye he ripped the leg off but it has like a little squeaky head thing is
really cute so I need to grab him a few more toys
hey but for a pug he’s the only pod that I’ve ever had so I mean I think that
he’s really fun I like how he looks like really muscular he’s like sturdy cuz I
had a cocker spaniel before and I’ve had like a Labrador and golden retriever mix
it was actually siblings and one look like a black lab and one looked like a
golden retriever so they were really cool but I went a really long time
without having any animals and it is fun to have one again thank you almost like
camera shy and he wants to just look the other direction hey come back
well let me know what do you think about pets what is your favorite type of cut I
know it’s usually in between whether you’re a dog person or a cat person and
I think I’m I mean I like cats cats are super independent and and you know if
they don’t like you they let you know but I guess dogs might be the same way
but some people are most decidedly like cat people and some people are really
really preferred dogs I don’t know I think I’m a bit of both but right now
I’m being a bit more of a dog person so let me know in the comments you guys are
you a cat person person what kind of pet is your favorite
pet Hey Corbin oh and his name is Corbin and that actually in French it means
black like for a name because he is a black pug Anna one of my favorite movies
is the Fifth Element side Agent korben Dallas
oh here he’s being a little camera-shy but I think that these are really cool
dog so let me know what you think in the comments you guys right now oh I got you
I got you calm down like most things they probably have the
same breathing problems he sounds like he’s having a hard time breathing
sometimes but it’s pretty sure it’s just normal
he’s got such a shorts now one of those obtrude specific things anyways thank
you guys so much for watching don’t forget to give this video thumbs up hey subscribe to the channel and let me know
what’s your favorite pet in the comment


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