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The Try Guys Become Zookeepers For A Day • Try Australia

(gentle upbeat music) – Just a couple bros, we’re just chilling. – Oh my god, oh my god! – We’ve got some carrots. – [Zookeeper] We are going to feed them. (yelling) – If there’s one thing
I know about Australia, it’s got (bleep) crazy
animals and hot-ass people, so I am ready to take on both. – [Zach] We’re here in Australia for a very special four-part series. The country where humans said,
“Screw it, animals you win.” – Wow, look at the nut sack on him. Jesus Christ. – We’re here experiencing everything that makes Australia unique. The food, the culture, the sports. The birds? (bird squawking) And also, our significant others are here. – [Eugene] Oh a duck! – It’s the Try Guys try Australia. – Let’s do it! (victorious music) – [Keith] We acknowledge
that this series was filmed on indigenous land,
and we pay our respects to the elders past, present, and emerging. – [Eugene] We’re here at the
beautiful Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
in Pearcedale, Australia. Australia has a lot of really
amazing, unique animals that only live here. We drove by some kangaroos and I saw some playing with they dicks. (laughing) I don’t know if we can use that footage, and if we can’t use it in the video you can find it on my
Instagram @Keithhabs. Australia is crazy! There are just so many animals here that I think want to kill me,
and they can at any point. – Yesterday I saved Wes
from a magpie attack. A swooping magpie went across the ground and I ducked in front of Wes, and then the magpie clocked me
in the back of the head. As long as I don’t meet
any swooping birds today, I should be okay. – My name’s Britt, welcome
to Moonlit Sanctuary. Today we are going to
be doing some cleaning, we’re gonna be doing some feeding, and we’re gonna be
making some animal toys. – [Men] Yay! (cheering and clapping) So exciting!
– Yeah! – It is a well known fact
that I tend to prefer the company of animals
over other human beings. – You know, being an animal caretaker I imagine it’s a lot
of hugging the animals, giving them small kisses,
calling them puppies. – [Britt] The Moonlit Sanctuary is a home to over 300 native species. We really are all about education and getting people to engage
and connect with these animals; so that hopefully they go
home and want to help them. – My goal today is to actually
be adopted by a kangaroo. I’m gonna try to climb
into a kangaroos belly and if I can’t do that I
will settle for Keith’s. – Let’s go feed some animals! – Oh my god!
– Oh my god! – Oh my god!
– Oh my god! – Oh my god!
– Oh my god! – Yes get on the log!
– Oh yay! – Get on the log!
– Yes! – This is Mary, Mary is a common wombat; we’re gonna hopefully get
her interested in this while we clean her enclosure. People expect them to be cute
and cuddly, but they’re not. They’re big and they
have really strong teeth and a really hard butt. – [Keith] Yeah and they smash
the skulls of foxes, right? – Yeah. – With her ass. – With her butt, yeah. – With that flat ass. – Wow! – I like that. – Some people are ashamed
of their flat ass, you could use your flat ass
to break people’s faces. – [Britt] Mary! – [Keith] Oh my god.
– [Eugene] Just back away? – [Britt] Yeah, so just remember to– – [Zach] Oh my god, oh my god! (laughing) – You said no animals would
try to kill me here and she just went for me. – [Britt] She wasn’t trying to kill you. – [Eugene] Well she told you
to back away from the wombat. – It’s a wombat! Wombat Watch 2k19! – It’s not my fault, my ankles
are so hot and irresistible. – Oh my god. – She is technically nocturnal, but she comes out for
some food, some exercise. And she can dig up to 20
meters under the ground, which is really impressive. So we’re gonna hang it up
and hope that she eats it. Let’s hang it right here. – [Keith] So now that she’s
distracted, should we clean? – Yeah let’s clean Mary’s enclosure. So all we need to do
is put some gloves on. – Wait, we’re gonna pick
it up with our hands? – Yeah. – Can’t we just shovel it? – The poo’s quite small and dry, so it’s easy to just pick it up. – [Ned] You gonna get it all
at once or do you need support? – [Keith] I’ll hand you some poop. – Yup, got it in the bucket! – How do you tell the difference
between poop and dirt? – [Britt] Good question. – [Ned] I found one! It’s like an Easter egg hunt, a ha! – [Zach] Nice dude, way to go. – Oh poop, ew. – What do I do with Mary’s poop? – Oh we’re gonna go tip it on the garden. – Tip it on the garden. – Is that a euphemism for
flush it down the toilet? (laughing) – Time to tip one in the garden. – We’re gonna go tip one down the garden. – Welcome to our koala enclosure. – Ooh, there’s a guy sitting up there! Hello. – [Ned] Ooh, hello, hi. – What’s his name?
– Holy shit. – [Britt] This one’s name is Malley and she’s a five year old female koala. – Well hello Malley. – [Ned] Hello. So why are they so sleepy? – [Britt] Lot’s of people
have a misunderstanding that koalas are say drunk or
high off the eucalyptus leaves, but the truth is that
the eucalyptus leaves which is their whole diet,
is very very low in energy. – Is this eucalyptus here? – [Britt] This is eucalyptus! – [Keith] Can we feed them? – So we are going to feed them. – [Ned] What?! – [Britt] Yes, it is feeding time. – Malley, Malley, no this is exciting. – Get back to it. – What we do when we
feed our koalas everyday is we take all the food
out or the old food so they’ve eaten what
they want to eat from it. So we’re gonna replace the whole thing. – They didn’t eat any of this there are starving koalas
in Australia (laughs). Give her a fresh one Ned. – This one looks real fresh. – [Keith] Only the best. – It looks juicy. – [Keith] Oh yeah that’s juicy. – [Zach] Oh my God she’s looking at us. – [Ned] Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. – [Zach] Oh my God look
at those crazy paws. – [Britt] They’ve got really sharp claws. – They don’t attack you? – No they don’t attack us, I mean they will use it for
defense against predators or even each other. They can be a little territorial. – Now you said that
Mary also was nonviolent is this nonviolent like Mary, or am I allowed to get as close as I want? – [Britt] No, no she’s
very nonviolent I promise she’s very relaxed. – [Keith] Go for it girl. – Girl! – [Keith] You got this. – All this food you did not eat. What is wrong with this eucalyptus? – [Zookeeper] Hold on
there’s a koala right there. – [Zach] What, shut the fuck up where? Oh my god it was eating it. I didn’t know I’m so sorry! I didn’t know there was a
koala right here. (screams) – [Keith] He’s eating, Zach. – [Britt] So this is Luca,
Luca is 11 years old. – What do I do, do I put it back? Do I put the eucalyptus back? I feel like I’m playing tug of war. – [Britt] No that’s okay. – I’m just gonna get really close so that you can hear it. (koala chewing) – You are the most beautiful
animal in the world and I hope you have a wonderful life, and I know that you’re
gonna have a lot of really awesome times with your
friend Malley over there, but you’re my personal favorite and I love you forever, and I wish I could steal you, but I know you gotta be rehabilitated and I’m sorry that humans are messing up your entire forest and habitat but I know its gonna be better ’cause everyone’s gonna
take care of koalas forever and ever and you’re the best and I love you and okay, I wanna touch you but I can’t but I’m gonna respect you from afar. – [Zach] Lets talk clap. Why do they all got chlamydia? – Unfortunately it spreads really quickly in the wild, it is a different strain
to human chlamydia and I think again a myth is people think that they an catch chlamydia
off being scratched or bitten or touched by a koala but this is– – No only if you have sex with them. – Not true (laughs) even then it is a completely different strain. – I feel like now would
also be a good time to talk about their penises. (laughing) They have two, split right? – [Britt] Yeah, well they have
one with a split at the end. – It’s forked.
– Yes. Because when they breed unfortunately there’s not romance when
it comes to koala breeding. The male has to basically
get on the back of the female and just hold her down for as long as he can.
– Oh God. – So any help he can get.
(record scratching) – This is our food prep room and you can see all the diets on the wall there.
– Oh wow. – [Ned] Its like we’re at a smoothie bar. Do you ever add like a
shot of whey protein? – (laughs) No. – Bulk them up for the kangaroos though. – Yeah for the kangaroos. – Our big man is already bulked up. We’ve got some cantaloupe here. We just need to put one cantaloupe piece in every single tub. – [Zach] You got this Ned! – [Eugene] You got it Ned! – [Zach] Wow yeah! Way to go Ned!
(cheering) – One left! (cheering) – Pound it. (cheering) ♪ Put the nanners in the nanner tub ♪ ♪ You put the melons in the melon tub ♪ ♪ You put the nanners in the nanner tub ♪ ♪ You put the berries in the apple tub ♪ ♪ No in the berry tub. ♪ – Now you–
– Who gets the carrots? – Oh God.
– Who gets the carrots? – Are they heavy? – Australian football, rugby. In the bin.
(mumbles) (screaming)
(laughing) – [Britt] He’s done it. (cheering)
– Wow, wow! – Three points for Gryffindor! (laughing) – And I thought Ned didn’t care at all. (laughing) – This is the hardest try we’ve ever done. – Do you guys wanna come
and meet some snakes now that we’ve done all this? – Actually I think the people
that wanna meet the snakes the most are the try wives. (murmurs)
– They’re running away. (laughing) – So this is Pug and he likes a hug. There’s a bit of a trick
to telling a python from a venomous snake a general rule is the
shape of the snakes head. So if we have a look at Pugs head he has got a triangular shaped head. See that bubble there, this generally means that
because he doesn’t have fangs he’s got lots of extra
teeth to help him grab on to his prey. (murmurs) Extra room for those teeth there. You just keep your arms kinda like this he will just make himself comfortable. – Oh I got his head! Oh God! – [Britt] This ones named Charles – [Zach] You got this. – No Matt save me, Matt no! – [Becky] He’s super chill. – [Keith] Oh he’s gonna kiss Becky! – [Britt] Its okay just chill. – Oh my God his head is really next to me. – He feels the vibration. – No, No! – [Britt] You want me to take him off? – You got this Maggie, be brave. – I’m just gonna wait ’til he moves. – [Britt] Remember he’s
super, super muscly he can crush his prey
just by squeezing it. But this means that he can
actually move over you guys really, really easily so don’t worry. – It looks like an accessory. – Matt’s totally–
– Yes! – Right. – [Eugene] Matt knows how
to handle a giant snake. – [Crowd] Oh my God. (mumbles)
(laughing) – All right so we are going to feed Silky and he’s gonna eat this little rat here. So all you have to do is put
the tongs in the enclosure in front of his face. When pythons kill their prey they don’t have any venom to inject, they strangle their prey to death. (screaming) – What fun, oh God! – [Crowd] Oh my God. – [Britt] Once he’s satisfied
he’ll uncoil himself and then dislocate his jaw and start to slowly walk
his mouth down that rat. – Oh my God. – There’s no way in hell people are gonna wanna
see this on YouTube. – [Keith] Its just kind
of like a muckbang. – But also–
– Stop. (funky music) – So Gordon is a five year
old male Tasmanian Devil and he is in here by
himself believe it or not these guys only live to
be about six years old. So he’s an older dude this is his retirement village. – Do you wanna drop it Keith? – See my egg. – Put it out little bit
further so he comes out. – [Britt] Nice and close. – [Zach] Oh yeah girl,
get that fucking, oh. – Shh. – [Britt] Should we move
the egg a little closer. – [Zach] He’s turned his butt to us. He’s not interested in the egg. – Gordo come on look
you’re embarrassing me. Gordo! Gordo! Gordy come on! – [Britt] Maybe we’ll have
to use a bit of rabbit. – [Zach] Ew that’s flesh. – [Britt] Nice and drop it
nice and close to the opening – Gordo, I’ve got some flesh for you. Oh hell yeah. – [Zach] He’s smelling the egg. he’s captured the egg. (laughing) – Come on Gordo! How could you not come out? Bring the egg back at least. Let us see you eat the egg. – [Zach] The egg is just in there. – [Eugene] He’s not even eating the egg. – The egg is–
– Come on! This is so embarrassing you’re
supposed to be the devil. He’s not even eating the egg! He just has the egg in there. Gordo! A birds gonna eat that rabbit! – Its okay, its okay I don’t think birds do that. – I can’t believe this. (upbeat music) – Oh my God there’s
another one are they dating are they wife and husband
or husband and husband. – They are girls, two girls. – [Eugene] Lesbians. – [Britt] Yes. – [Eugene] Lesbian kookaburras. – [Britt] Pretty much. – [Eugene] Aw lesbian kookaburras. Well lesbians do love to nest. (laughing) – [Eugene] These are the ones they laugh. – The call they make sounds like someones
told a really good joke and then they stick their
heads back and go hahaha. (birds sqwuaking) (laughing) – You have that song. ♪ Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree ♪ ♪ Merry merry king of the bush is he ♪ ♪ Laugh kookaburra laugh ♪ ♪ Kookaburra gay your life must be ♪ – You sure we don’t need eye protection? (birds chirping) – [Ned] The beaks do look large and the talons do look sharp. (dramatic music)
(loud bang) – We have Wafer and Pretzel. – [Crowd] Aw. – [Ned] I’m back on board. (screaming)
(laughing) – [Britt] She wanted to land on your head. (screaming)
(laughing) – You okay? – [Keith] That bird flew right at Ned. (laughing) – [Britt] All right,
so if you guys present your left hand nice and flat. Good girl here you go. – I’m a mothafuckin’
Disney princess bitch. (shrieking)
(laughing) – Yay well done!
– Yes! I’m a mothafuckin’ Disney princess bitch. (laughing) – [Britt] That was so
much less convincing. (laughing)
– [Keith] Birds know. – Welcome to kookaburra tricks part two this here’s the headshot. (laughing) (screaming) – [Zach] A dab. a protective dab. – Here we go! – We are in our wallaby walk. So our kangaroos and wallabys
roam the entire park free but this is their sanctuary. This is where they come to rest. Anything lower than your hip is a wallaby and anything hip height
and higher is a kangaroo. All right lets go for it guys. – [Zach] Guys I’m freaking
out this is crazy. – [Britt] These are all females. Then we have our alpha male right on the left-hand side laying down. – [Keith] Hey bro. – His name’s Arnie. we named him after Arnold Schwarzenegger. – [Ned] Oh wow. – [Britt] Because of his mass muscle. – They use their tails as another leg? – [Britt] Yeah their tails are so muscular they can actually lean
their entire body weight back on that tail. – [Keith] Come here. – [Britt] They might like this. – Oh my God. – Oh my God. – [Britt] That’s awesome guys. You can pet them anywhere
down their back as well. – Oh yeah look at you you’re tall. – They’re soft. – [Keith] You’re so soft and sweet. – [Britt] They always travel in mobs. So when there’s one there’s always more. – [Zach] My kangaroo’s got a posse. – [Keith] You ate all my corn. – Now if we see one on
the side of the road probably don’t do this right? – Yes definitely don’t. These guys have been used to people. They’ve been in captivity
their whole life. So they’re very friendly, but you do have to be very
careful driving around in Australia especially at dawn and dusk. – Arnie come on. Come on. There you go buddy. Oh Arnie great job. – [Zach] You’ve tamed the alpha Keith. – Well he and I understand things. We both have huge biceps. – [Britt] He’s quite a romantic Arnie. In the breeding season he spends a couple of days on every lady instead of just going
from one girl to the next. He spends some time on them. – That is so sweet Arnie. – Hi sweetie. (soothing music) – [Britt] Over here we
actually have what we call a tammar wallaby, and it has got a tiny
little joey in its pouch. You can have a look over here. – Oh and the joey is here.
– Aw, look at the baby. Oh my goodness. (laughing) Did you just see that? – [Ned] He just jumped right in. – We’re holding hands. – This was the single greatest
Try Guys video in history. Never before have I felt
so emotionally fulfilled. I guess I did come out recently. This is the second most
emotionally fulfilling Try Guys video ever made in history. – [Keith] Eugene got to have
the bird land on his hand. Zach got to hang out with a little joey, and see the joey jump in the pouch. Ned got to be attacked by the bird. And the tasmanian devil
wouldn’t even eat my egg. – [Ned] Props to all of these zookeepers and care takers out there. There’s a lot that goes into making sure these animals are healthy. – Conservation is so important because the animals affect everything. A lot of the animals that we lose have an affect on other animals which have an affect on the environment which have an affect on us and also I want my kids in
the future to be able to see the incredible animals that we see today. I just don’t want to lose
anymore that we already have. – I’m dead, bury my in
Australia ’cause I’m dead. These are so fucking cute. We have so much more on this
special Australian series so stick around and let us know what your favorite animal was
in the comments down under. Also my boyfriend was in this video. Bye! (laughing) (rock music) – Fuck you Gordo. Never needed you. Arnie’s all I’ve ever needed.


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