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The Try Guys Try Cringey Couples Halloween Costumes

– I’m actually due very
soon, we’re expecting. – Aaaah! – Halloween! – The time for wizards
and witches to get it on! – Today, the Try Guys
are trying on some of the most cringey Halloween costumes
for couples ever invented. – This is the greatest day of my life. – Every year, you see
people wearing things that you’re just like,
“What are ya thinking?” – Because the industry’s tryna push couples costumes on everybody. – Do I know any cringey
couples? “My wife.” – [Ned] Why did you sound
like Professor Snape? (laughter) (upbeat rock music) – [Eugene] So let’s fuckin’ strip. – Oh, okay. Yeah. (clap) – Yeah! – Now I’m ready for a party – Oh, this is cute, it’s puzzle pieces. – Oh we’re a puzzle, aww! – It’s ’cause we fit
together, in a non-sexual way. – So you fuck me here and
I fuck you in the side. – You’re like my missing piece. – Oh it’s reviving, mmm. – Oh you’re the piece made for me. – We fit together. – These two pieces don’t match. For it to truly be a two piece puzzle, I shouldn’t have any extra dongles, it should be one hole and one penis part. – Is this what being in a couple’s like? – Yeah. Welcome, Zach! – Alright, I’m gonna walk
by like a pretty lady. – Yeah. – Alright. – Excuse me sir, could you point the right way to the toy store? – (makes vibrating sound) – I cannot think of a lazier costume. – Bad puzzle. – [Eugene] Bad puzzle. – Bad costume. – You run to the store and you’re like “We need something quick!
But we have to do it– – [Ned And Zach] Together. – Not sexy. – No, it’s– – It doesn’t make me wanna fuck. – Mm-mm and it’s not an accurate puzzle. – At the end of the day, the only missing piece in this costume is creativity. – Wow. – Hey, is this like a unicorn costume? – No no no no, it’s my two dicks. – Oh nice, I’m the socket. – See Eugene, this is already
looking better for you. – Is it upside? – Get out from under there! – Are you supposed to be– – You know it also comes
like a sperm, right? – A little tail? – Yeah. – Wait is it actually? – It has the slots! – Aaah! – I am a consenting adult, yes, thank you. – Cool.
(laughter) – Yeah, woo. – [Zach] Oh.
– Get in there – Ew, I hate it. This is my first time being penetrated. – I am not the biggest Halloween fan. It always creeps up on me
and I forget to do a costume. I love, yes, this is funny. – Which member of the couple
suggests this to the other? – Oh certainly the man, this is the most male costume there is. – There’s nothing up here, what if I wanna get like, titty plugged? – You could hook up with
that socket down there too, I’d be real jealous. – Hey, girl. – Keith, I’m right here. – Oh, shit, baby I’m so sorry. – You just really feeling
the electricity between us. You’re really lightin’ up now. Plug it in and turn me on, oh. – Next up is the hot dog and buns, or should I say the wiener in the butt. We get it, he’s a dick and I’m a butt. – Where would you put the relish? Is my face the relish?
No, it doesn’t work. – Do I look like a hot dog or do I look like an animal vagina? It’s such a wien vagina.
(laughter) Look, I’m Zach.
(laughter) I have to put my head in his bun flap? – [Keith] Yeah. – Ahhhh! – Oh yeah, cover me with
that bun, I’ll just, yeah. – This is totally an outfit
Lady Gaga would wear. – Hi Cheryl. – Hi. – Thanks for having us,
it’s a couple’s costume. – It’s a couple’s costume, do you get it? – We’re a hot dog! – Yeah. – This is like Applause-era Gaga. I live for the applause-plause, live for the applause-plause. – Was this your daughter,
oh she’s so cute. – How does this look now? – [Keith] Very good, actually. – I’ve done three Gaga
outfits with one bun costume. – Please no photos, thank you. – Girl, a star is born. – Hey, just wanna get
another good look atcha. (laughter) – So nice to see you again. – Bye! – See you next Halloween. – Yes. – [Keith] Deer in headlights. – Dear! – It’s very unflattering, there’s no form to to this. There’s no ass in this asphalt. Ned, would you be a dear
and just fix my back. – This is slightly more clever, the costumes so far have
been insertion jokes. – I could still fuck you if you want – Do you think they turn on? – Wooo! – Now we’re ready to party! Oh god my boob! – I can’t see you – I know, I don’t want
you to see my real face – Hey! – Oh no! – This is just basically
an extending motor boating joke, right? Like he is blinded by my,
yeah, well, he cut right to it. – I’m going stag! – Your horns are hooking
me in the face over here. – Are you saying that I’m horny? You wanna buck? – I wanna tap that asphalt – Your penis is on my butt. – Ooo, I better stay in my own lane. – I think this is actually
the most sexual costume. – Of all the things though, I do think someone is most likely
to have sex in this head and nothing else. – Beep beep beep. – Ow fuck! (laughter) I dropped my glasses they’re
somewhere on the floor. – The bun maker, the costume. – Do people not know what a baker is? – Why I’m not a baker
Kieth, I’m the bun maker. Yes, yes Eugene work. You are
ratatouilling all over this. – I feel like we just
stole this from a Swedish chef costume. [Ned And Eugene] Derby,
derby, derby, derby, derby, derby, derby, derby. – So, I’m guessing that
this costume is like “we’re pregnant”, you’re
the pregnant lady, and I’m the guy that came inside of you. – Would you have sex in this?
No, because we already did. – Oh can I turn your knobs. – Ooh, I’m turning my knobs, ooh. – If you were actually
pregnant, this completely does not make use of the belly. It like totally hides it. – I resent the message of this costume. I am not the bun maker,
the lady holding the bun is the bun maker. – Thank you. – She’s been slaving over these buns– – Thank you – For nine months, and you’re
gonna call me the bun maker? – I did not drop out of highschool for him to be the bun maker. – You’re pregnant, we get it. – I’m actually due very
soon, we’re expecting. – Ahhh! – Oh, I can feel him scream. – Ahh. – Don’t ruin my Halloween with this shit. – Oh I feel him kick! Oh he’s kicking. – Its pretty ironic that we’re
putting on so much clothing. – Yeah. – We managed to make
nudity extremely unsexy. – What are you talking
about? These nipples are hot. – This is the least sexy way to be nude. – Ah, these nipples are
horrifying. Who’s nipples are solid black? – Yeah are those nipples
bullseye on your nipples? – No they’re way above my nipples. – I think Adam and Eve could
be done really well, but you have to just be naked. – Mine, the apples mine! – I gave you my fucking rib! – The story is that I am
only here to complete you, which okay, surprise,
surprise, and then all the bad shit’s blamed on me. – Have you been fucking with that snake? – Yeah I have! – I’m gonna put this apple on my crotch. – Well now I want a bite. – Bite that apple. – Adam didn’t really have
a lot of choices, did he? – I don’t know if you have
ever read the story of Adam and Eve, but we are going
to reenact it for you now. – Oh, look Eve! There’s
the tree that God said “Hey don’t touch that one”. – Well, I won’t touch it, but
I may go get a closer look! – Okay, have at it. – You know how God told you
you can have anything except for this? – Oh that? – How about you have some of this instead? Don’t listen to God. (angelic music) – Why, why guys? Why are you making- – I’m being a snake. – No you’re- – Have you ever seen a snake before? – I’ve never eaten an
apple before, I don’t know how to do it. – Oh god. – Adam I found this apple
and I thought it’d be fun if I mama birded it into your mouth. – I’m not into it anymore. – God made me without arms. (laughter) – This is quite the tight red dress. Ooh. – This is, oh yeah. – Oh we get capes? – Mhm. – We’re definitely little devils. – No we’re little red riding hood. – No little devils! You can sexualize devils all you want. – Ohhhh – Ohhhhh. – NO!NO! Thay did not do that! – Its the handmaids tale. – I don’t watch this
show, but Becky loves it. She loves it, but then
she’s also really sad after she watches it. – Sold by as a
sexy handmaid’s tail outfit. They got so much backlash
that they took this offline, however we were able to
lovingly recreate it. – So this is handmaid?
This is handmaid tail? (laughter) – This is bad. This is bad. – To’s credit,
they did take this costume down in 24 hours. Against their credit, they
made it in the first place. – Yeah. – The Handmaid’s tail is
about a dystopian future, where women are subjugated to sex slavery. – So we’re not little devils? – No. – God the handmaids tail is so depressing. – We are ofKeith, and ofEugene. – OfKeith? – You’re ofBecky. – I’m ofBecky, because I belong to Becky. I don’t know, how do you
make jokes about this, if it’s apparently horrifying? – Hey ladies, do you feel
repressed by a male society? But also want to look fucking hot? – Do you want to be
topically relevant with funny tv humor, and also show off a lot of leg? – Do you watch Hulu’s award
winning show handmaids tail, and totally miss the point? Well then do I have a costume for you? – You know what? Honestly,
its really the bonnet. – This is okay. This is not. – Take the bonnet off. – Yeah, once I take the
bonnet off you can just be a sexy devil. – Sexy little red riding hood. – Sexy devil! – Little red riding hood. – Little devil girl! – Why do I suddenly have the
urge to play strip scrabble? – I had a lot more fun being
a pair of buns for a hotdog. (laughter) – This isn’t as much fun. I don’t know how to make
jokes in this arena. I need to make jokes about this! – Blessings to you sister. – Blessings to you sister. – We’d make jokes that
we were buns in the oven, there was Adam and Eve with
their horrible nipples. – Do I look kind of cute though? Like if you just take the context away. – Do you want a fun pun
that you can end with? – Yeah I want a fun pun
to end the video with. – We had to make these costumes ourselves. – (crying) Oh yeah, well I
guess this was a handmaid tail. – [Eugene] (slow clapping while laughing) – I think we’ve learned
something today Zach. – All this time we thought
that only couples could be cringey, but really,
anyone can be cringey. – Halloween. Best holiday of the year. So why throw away with
these shitty costumes? – Think about like, would
the try guys wear this in one of their videos? But maybe you shouldn’t. – Be creative, don’t suck. – Don’t suck. (upbeat rock music)


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