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This Dog Surprised his Mom for Mother’s Day | dose.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, I’m Paige,
and this is Waylon. We took a road trip to reunite
Waylon with his dog mom. Because everyone should be
with their mom on Mother’s Day. All right, Waylon, you ready? Five and a half hours, do
you need to go potty now? I’m not stopping. I prefer you go now. Actually I need to
go to the bathroom. All right, we’re at
the halfway point. We ran out of
snacks very quickly. Smooth ride so
far, Waylon’s been a little picky about his music. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC CHANGES] [MUSIC CHANGES] [MUSIC CHANGES] Whoa, that’s a big bat. All right, Waylon, we made
it all the way Kentucky. Tomorrow’s the big day. Are you excited? OK, Waylon, we’re here. Are you ready? Don’t be nervous. You’ve got this. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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