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This English bulldog’s bucket list and fight to live are inspiration to ‘keep going’

[MUSIC] We think that she fought hard because
she knew that so many people loved her. And so many people need her and
she wanted to be back with our family. [MUSIC] Well, in that 33 days, Ronny and
I, we didn’t know what to do, and when you’re up against the wall,
you either give in or you push forward. With Katie,
having that many risks against her, we just thought that we
had to do something and we had to do something that was making
her see that there is a tomorrow. [MUSIC] With that bucket lift, it was like
a lifeline that kept us directed over there on with a positive
instead of the negative. And then we didn’t want her to
feel that we have given up. [MUSIC] When she went up in the helicopter,
she looked like Tom Cruise. She was looking down at me, and it was
like, you’re flying, Katie, you’re flying. And I mean, she just had that professional
look on her, like I’ve got this, mom. [MUSIC]>>I’m Daniel Boley, Mayor of City of
Smithville, do hereby proclaim the week of August 11th through 17th, 2019 as
Fighting for Katie Week, to help bring awareness to liver disease and/or
birth defects in children and adults. So proclaimed this day,
13th day of August, 2019. You get a whole week.>>We’ll look back in the years
to come that they would know about a little dog,
a little puppy that almost lost her life, asked the Mayor to do something
that it’s kinda outta of the rim, but it was so important,
and it’ll keep going on. [MUSIC] She’s a normal little puppy right now. A happy little puppy that feels good. [MUSIC] A lot of times,
people don’t think about things like this. They kinda just take it as is and
then they think it’s over. Well, it’s not over. And you can keep going as much as you want it to happen. [MUSIC]

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