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Thông Qua Việc Loại Bỏ Ve Chó Tôi Muốn Thông Báo Một Chuyện | TQMT Tập 785

today I will remove the tick and report a problem about a dog that has a problem I will work with this dog Today I received a call from the local police There is something important the police want to notify me of The police talked about the local situation and they told me to be on high alert for dog thieves After I got the call, I found out that a dog that had been poisoned was a dog (Bear). At the end of the video I will show you the situation the dog is better but I will take the dog for veterinary use This little dog is very active and wants to have fun The dog only has a few ticks My dog is so much better but I’m scared of thieves The dogs are very happy and do not know what happened wish everything would pass I will take the dog soon God bless you

  • Trời ơi tội nghiệp bé Gấu quá có qua khỏi không đây. Em ráng đi taxi cho lẹ nha .Thấy Gấu đi hổng nổi rồi ráng cứu bé nha Q .Khi chị biết kênh em là lúc chị thấy Heo Chuột và Gấu. 😟🙏

  • what’s wrong with GAU?
    why is she walking unsteadily?

    can someone who speaks vietnamese please tell us what’s going on?
    i do not understand the summary description.

    where is dola?

  • So sorry to hear the dog and cat thieves are again active in your area. You have worked very hard to do all you can to keep your animals safe. I hope they stay safe.

  • Khi những con chó của anh đi ra ngoài chơi anh nên đi theo giám sát các bé để tránh trường hợp các bé bị đánh bã và bị bắt đi. Khi nào có tin tức về sức khỏe của gấu thì a hãy đăng video cho khán giả yên tâm nhá a

  • Oh no Truc, not sweet Gau. I'm crying for her, and hope she pulls through this. I'm sick of these damn thieves, and dog murderers!! Please try to take her to the veterinarian. The sooner they see her, the sooner they could give her an antidote for the poison. I could try to help with the price of the vet. I love Gau, and it hurts my heart that people do this kind of evil. Why are so many people evil? There is so much animal abuse going on here in the US too. Plenty of it, and I hate people who hurt innocent precious animals. I know you are sad, but please try to take care of yourself. I'm crying too much, so keep us updated.

  • The thief’s are gave Gau possion food .he might not make it guys.if I caught them I will chop their hands right away

  • Hi ,Kirstie b.the thief want get the dog so they sale them to the restaurant’s for people whom like to eat dogs meat .

  • I do enjoy this channel but it is so upsetting at times when he loses a beloved pet to poison or theft. These dogs are so trusting and easy prey for evil people. I would be keeping my dogs indoors at night.

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