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Top 10 Most Talkative and Vocal Dog Breeds

– Dogs can bark, growl,
howl, yelp, yip, whine. There are plenty of ways
how dogs can communicate with the rest of the world. In this video, I will tell
you what are the top 10 most talkative and vocal dog breeds. (playful instrumental music)
(dog barking) It’s guessing time. What do you think, which
one of these three dogs will be listed in this video as one of the most talkative and vocal. A, Greyhound, B, Basset, or C, Great Dane. There are five groups of dogs that are the most talkative of all. The attention seekers who will bark at you so you
go out and play with him. The brave guards who
will growl at everyone, because they want to protect
everything around them. The nervous dogs who will whine just because there was
a strange noise outside. The bored dogs who will
be excessively vocal out of the boredom. And the dogs that are vocal just because they are
goofy and they like it. Now let’s jump into the list
of top 10 most talkative and vocal dog breeds. Number 10, German Shepherd. GSD is not a big barker, but they are known for whining a lot. Whining is a normal behavior
among German Shepherds and it’s exhibited by almost all of them. Some people hate it, some people love it. I think the most important thing is to teach your GSD when
is the right time to whine and when it’s really inappropriate. Number nine, English Coonhound. If you have neighbors
who do not like barking, do not get coonhound. They are big barkers and the reason why they bark a lot is that they were bread to be hunters and when they were hunting, they bark frequently to
communicate with their owners. Number eight, Beagle. Beagles are not only barkers, they are known for a specific sound. They are doing long baying howls when they are on a scent. It’s very typical sound for a Beagle. Funny fact about Beagle is that if you start howling for fun, they will most of the time start howling as well with you. Number seven, Alaskan Malamute. Malamutes do not bark, or they do, but it’s very unique. But they really like to talk and howl and they are very expressive in their communication. Malamutes are also known for yodels, yips, rambles and grambles, snorts, and few other sounds. They really have very rich vocabulary. Number six, Bloodhound. Another hunter and great sniffer. Bloodhounds, just like Beagles, are known for baying, but they have different type of bay. It’s more deeper and resonant. Bloodhounds are known for
being stubborn and independent, but also affectionate and sensitive. Number five, Chihuahua. One of the smallest breed is also one of the most protective one. Whenever they feel they are or someone from their pack is threatened, they start barking. Chihuahuas are known as a big yappers and their yap is pretty shrill. Number four, American Eskimo dog. Another pretty small dog, but with mighty bark. Thanks to their bark, they are often used as a great watchdogs, but they are not only barking as a result of guarding your property, they are also barking out of boredom and they are bored quite easily. So if you have a work a lot and you don’t have much time for a dog, then definitely don’t
get an American Eskimo. Number three, Pomeranian. The smallest of all Spitz type of dogs, but they think about
themself as much bigger dogs. Pomeranian is fun to
be around, clever dog, and even though their barking
is not very loud and strong, they are pretty hard to stop from barking. Sometimes it’s even impossible. Number two, Basset Hound. Bassets are great hunters, but they are also pretty
slow and calm dogs, but even those calm dogs are capable of very loud barks and howls, especially if they are bored and they get bored quite easily, just like American Eskimo, because Bassets are very social animals and they want their family
around them all the time. Number one, Siberian Husky. Just like other Spitz’s on this list, even Huskies have a lot to say. They will fill your life with
dog to human conversation full woo woos, howls, barks,
yips, whines, and other sounds. Huskies are very energetic dog breeds and they definitely like to communicate with almost everyone around them. Tell me in comments what dogs do you have and how talkative it is. And if you are new on this channel, consider subscribing,
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