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Top 10 Things You Probably Get Wrong About Pit Bulls

pitbulls are one of the most
misunderstood dogs with many people seeing them as nothing more than violent
child maiming monsters however this couldn’t be further from
the truth and just like any other dog the environment of the owners have the
most influence on how our dog turns out number 10
they don’t have locking jaws one of the more persistent myths about pitbulls is
they have some sort of special mechanism within their jaws which makes it so they
never let go of their target however this is a rather complete force
they do have strong well-developed muscles in their jaw as well as a large
skull but their grip can still be broken if you know what you’re doing
number nine their ancestors were bred for dogfighting you can blame 19th
century England for this one they were originally bred to combine various dog
breeds including the Bulldog and a number of different terrier breeds to
find the great balance of enthusiasm and stamina eventually due to their unique
blend of qualities pitbulls were used in bear baiting a
sport in which one or more dogs would fight a bear for the amusement of the
crowd and other dangerous activities number eight
their bite is not the strongest among dogs the strength of the pitbulls bite
is another common myths roll around by the uneducated with numbers as high as
2000 C pounds per square inch being casually remarks for comparison a
lion has 600 pounds of bite force however that figure may just be
confusion on the media’s part since it comes from a study that is actually
talking in new terms another form of force measurement number seven they
actually have quite a relaxed attitude the American temperament test society is
a nonprofit organization dedicated to evaluating all breeds of dogs in order
to find out which ones have the best assortment of trays such as
aggressiveness and friendliness as of today the pitbull or American Pit Bull
Terrier as it’s properly known as a passing percentage of eighty six point
eight percent which is greater than some of the more popular breeds such as the
golden retriever or German Shepherd number six
they used to be extremely popular in the early 1900s a pit bull was the most
common dog selected to be a family pet perfect as a nanny dog thanks to its
friendly nature and loyalty that friendliness is one reason pit bulls
don’t normally make good guard dogs they have a tendency to look at an intruder
as a new friend rather than a danger number five they make great therapy dogs
challenging the preconceived notions of many in the world especially the u.s.
pit bulls have become highly sought after as therapy dogs these animals
perform a variety of functions such as helping their patients get some
much-needed exercise but they are mainly there to provide emotional support
number four they are the subject of many unfair laws thanks to the many
misconceptions about them pit bulls are targeted more than any other dog by
lawmakers responding to the uneducated public and their fears a person is smart
people are dumb panicky dangerous animals number three they don’t attack
without warning but common thread in most pit bull attack stories as well as
some of those involving other breeds is the fact that the victim or witness is
often claimed the dog attacked without warning this is unequivocally for cystic
bullies as well as other dogs will give a warning before they attempt to bite
someone number two pit bulls trained to fight can be rehabilitated
most people assume the old adage once a fighter always a fighter when thinking
about pit bulls unlucky enough to have been raised to fight other dogs their
reputation precedes them making potential owners wary of them fearing
and provoked attacks in the future number one they can feel pain contrary
to popular belief which paints pit bulls as monsters unable to feel anything they
actually have a sense of pain just like every other dog however just like those
other dogs pit bulls do have the ability to block
out that feeling if they are focused enough hope you guys enjoy these video
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