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Top 8 Mountain Dog Breeds

This independent breed guards their family and will stay close by. If you have your heart set on a Tibetan Mastiff, know that a lot of exercise will be required. However, this breed can be destructive, and as puppies mature, they can become aggressive. Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are definitely not for couch potatoes as they need quite a bit of exercise. Originally a herding dog, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs can be good with children they’re raised with, but are usually not friendly to other children that come to the home. Perhaps one of the best-known mountain dog breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dog has historically been a watchdog on farms. If you think you’d like to add one to your household, you’re not alone. This breed has varying exercise requirements, with some needing 30 minutes per day, but others need much more. If you’re searching for an active companion, plan to have a lot of room for a dog to run and are already an experienced dog owner, an Appenzeller Sennenhund might be on your list to consider. Whether it’s housework like gardening or herding on the farm, this breed wants to be involved. Though the Appenzeller Sennenhund can be difficult without effective leadership, they also have many endearing qualities. Usually good with kids, this breed is friendly, gentle and laid back. They need to be part of a family and are often good therapy dogs. They love water, which includes playing in their water bowl and often splashing it all over. They will play in water or mud, and track that in the house. If you are the type that likes a spotless home, a Leo is probably not the right dog for you. A large breed, they require a lot of grooming. This breed generally needs little exercise to be happy. Pyrenees tend to be independent and therefore they can sometimes resist following commands. Saint Bernards are a popular family dog and generally good with children. Adult Saint Bernards can be laid back and sleep a lot during the day. They do not need a lot of exercise but enjoy a short walk when it is not too hot. Puppies like to play. It is important not to over exercise a puppy or young Saint Bernard. The Kuvasz breed is an old breed, and these dogs were originally livestock guard dogs. Few owners want the breed for that purpose these days. Instead, people are drawn to the breed’s beauty, sturdiness and independence. Kuvasz need some exercise, but are generally content to keep watch over their territory. These dogs are good with agility are usually not well-suited to a city environment.


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